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IN THE WILDERNESS ( 2014 ) 2014/11/30

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A child of God he walked my way

I bid him come he could not stay

The lamb he held its fleece was white

The coat it glistened in the night

Where do you go with tethered lamb,

“To find out who it is I am

With this my gift to sacrifice

I beg my God give his advice

Long time ago I learned that He

Forever was my destiny !”


TO LIFE BE TRUE ( 2014 ) 2014/11/29

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There was a child who wandered far

To chase that bright elusive star

He jumped and leapt to catch the light

That paled the shadows of the night

And took his heart to worlds beyond

With meadows lush and mystic pond.

He sallied forth in vesture grand

To greet each day with outstretched hand

He took the chance to dream anew

To open doors, to life be true

While all the time the hope grew strong

He’d find the spot where he belonged !



NO PHOTOS ( 2014 ) 2014/11/28

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There is a book of memory

That lately keeps me company

There are no pages written down

No photos, slides or CD sound.

My book remembers days gone by

Where I have laughed or I did cry

Lost faces that no longer are

Have left to visit God afar.

We all must make that trip one day

And could use help along the way

Until the moment we are done

Those memories are what we’ve won !


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA. ( 2014 ) “RAGAMUFFINS” 2014/11/27

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EXCUSE me, do you remember RAGAMUFFIN parades ?  They occurred on Thanksgiving Day, after church services but before dinner usually at 3 PM. Yes, we did go to church in the old days !  Then ran home to quickly change into our raggedy outfits needed to do our begging, remembering the obligatory shopping bag ! The proper question as friendly doors opened, “anything for Thanksgiving ?” Remember this was the 30’s, the Great Depression and hunger was common in the streets. Believe me this was so, but it made us LEAN and tolerant and kind ! The goodies we received were homemade and unwrapped, cookies, muffins, cupcakes along with apples or raisins and Mary Janes or other. This was all about food, silly ! However in better off neighborhoods, you might receive  nickel or dime ! You carried a shard of soapstone to mark the sidewalks or front gates of generous donors. Soapstone the chalk of choice used to draw HOPSCOTCH boxes on cement sidewalks culled from city dumps like hundreds of other items we rescued ! While railroad tracks played a large part in some economies, collecting coal from between the rails to fuel the black iron stoves at home needing only a container of sorts and work gloves !  We scrounged in small groups after school, most trains ran on coal-fed engines.  There was NO racism in the debris-field of my early years ! The Great Depression was the equalizer among the masses.  And we all loved our Eleanor, I believe we still do !   Happy Thanksgiving !    Sincerely,     Claire B.



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Our country’s heart is in a vise

This should not come as great surprise

I’m sad we are a nation lost

With no truth to compute the cost.

The principles that we once had

Have lost their way and turned to bad

The wolves have clad themselves like sheep

While foxes now the henhouse keep !

When Moses prayed upon the Mount

The people fled, their gold to count

They sinned and all their idols cast

But God knew best, they came in last !


THE FAMILY ( 2014 ) 2014/11/26

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When I think about all the old tales that I’ve told

I remember my aunt with the heart of spun gold

As she and great grandma shared the same tiny bed

I’d often thought they should use a pull-out instead !

When the mail would arrive we sure got a big thrill

For each card that she sent held a five dollar bill

She wrote penny postcards to us all every week

No one had a home phone upon which we could speak.

That way we could know just how the family was

As we lacked the means to give each other a buzz

Well by now it’s too late and I’m left all alone

How I wish I could call them today on God’s phone !



REBIRTH ( 2014 ) 2014/11/25

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The winter winds that spewed unrest

Will shrink and swell within the breast

They swallow air and gasp for breath

Like symptoms of impending death.

How shall we rise from ashes here

This phoenix lost must reappear

It was and once consumed by fire

Revives anew its past expired !


REQUIEM ( 2014 )

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The door of life now slowly closes

Where I am gone please send no roses

For on the stem they live must be

Their petals strewn their fragrance free

To float upon the air or breeze

To swirl or stay where’er they please !

Then place no stone upon my face

I crave no words to mark my space

But on the wind my ashes fly

To seek my God who bides on high

Let no one come to mourn for me

From life’s impact at last I’m free !




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The muffled sounds rise from the street

Loud voices raised midst running feet

Mankind has truly lost its way

How shall the children learn to play ?

What kind of anger fills the air

What would you do if you were there ?

There is a God who sees all clearly

Time is come we shall pay dearly

The truth of all it makes no sense

Trust in God’s law our last defense !



TO TOUCH THE STARS ( 2014 ) 2014/11/24

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The wind moves gently through the trees

And strums a tune sweet as you please

Some melody the angels sing

When joining in a gathering.

The heart can hear what ears cannot

Remembering what’s been forgot

Sweet memories long lasting are

They reach from earth to touch the stars !


ONE TINY THOUGHT ( 2014 ) 2014/11/23

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This tiny thought does grow and grow

When all is done where shall we go ?


MANY THANKS ( 2014 )

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The God I know is just and fair

Enfolding us in loving care

He’s kind and good and always there

Accepting of our smallest prayer !




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In some dark corner I know not where

Awaits a time of our deep despair

A time to tremble or runaway

While praying this action may delay

The ultimate end that will befall

Causing our earth’s vast ceiling to fall !

I can’t imagine that this will be

But our world’s steeped in hypocrisy

Do you think there really is a chance

For man’s nature to change and advance ?

I certainly hope that this can be

I don’t want ceilings falling on me !




THE BIRTH ( 2014 ) 2014/11/22

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The stars shine bright

The moon’s aglow


The sheep bleat baa

The cattle low


The camels rest

The birds are still


All is quiet

Upon the hill


A brightness floods

The skies above


As we received

God’s gift of love !



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I hear the songs of angels clear

Their phrases falling on my ear

All through the day into the night

Their voices raised so clear and bright

The promise of great joy to come

Inviting all not only some.

I’d like to stand in that long line

With wishes that we’ll turn out fine

I pray I have the strength to wait

And beg of God I’m not too late !


HE CARES ( 2014 ) 2014/11/21

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There is a God we know He cares

He waits for us somewhere upstairs

I’m not so sure that it’s a rush

We mustn’t make too big a fuss !

We know He will not go away

It’s really us who tend to stray

We’ll guide our lives as best we can

And thank our Lord with heart in hand !


A WORLD OF STONE ( 2014 ) 2014/11/20

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Oh sad Medusa left all alone

Your entire world has been turned to stone

It wasn’t your fault, why should it be

You couldn’t escape the King of the sea !

Your rape therein Athena’s home base

Was your maiden fall and great disgrace

The beauty that you did once possess

Was the cause of all of your distress !

How sad that anger made you the waste

Victim of a cruel goddess’s haste

Ironic that your end does now yield

Your image upon Athena’s shield !


IT’S EVERYWHERE ( 2014 ) 2014/11/19

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There’s so much left for us to see

God’s awesome world and majesty

That it would take a thousand years

To see the sights and fill our ears.

With miracles to smell and feel

Both those hidden and those revealed

From alpine heights to desert sand

Please let me take you by the hand !

The hills that rest beside the sea

The valleys wild and rivers free

Vistas that will amaze your sight

And skies that come alive at night,

These are the gifts which we all share

Everyday beauty, it’s everywhere !



DEFENSE ( 2014 )

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The demons that we cannot see

They’re our immortal enemy

They own the stage it is their act

I wish we’d get our mojo back !

But we must walk on tippy-toes

Because these devils are our foes

They’re bound to keep us on the fence

God is our help and true defense !


GREAT AUNT OLGA ( 2014 ) 2014/11/18

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I had a great aunt she was Olga by name

Her generous nature, the root of her fame

I was told she was born in May eighty-eight

Although it seems that no one knows the right date !

She had the same job for the whole of her life

Sadly she never became anyone’s wife

Though it was not because she had not found love

But the boy she admired was not approved of !

Her Rudy he worked as the baker downstairs

While she sold his bread from the counters up there

Her mama, she followed the old fashioned ways

Dictating to Olga for all of her days !

I know that lives were so different back then

I’m sorry that she died a childless woman

But she brought so much joy to all of us girls

What a blessing she was with her Marcel curls !

She bought us those gifts that no one could afford

Hats, coats and shoes from Mister Macy’s big store

And took us to places we only dreamed of

She filled all our cups with her unselfish love !


GLAD TO SHARE ( 2014 )

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I’m sure I heard an angel voice

Reminding me I had no choice

That soon their choir needed me

To join in this epiphany !

I know that it’s a magic time

Rewarding us with joy sublime

Inviting all to hum along

Part of the chorus of His song !

I wish my voice was not so old

And that my hopes have not grown cold

In spite of this I’m glad to share

Our God’s sweet love and gentle care !


THE PATH TO FOLLOW ( 2014 ) 2014/11/17

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I have travelled the road and seen the light

In the early dawn or on darkest night

I have wandered far from the common way

And wondered where was it I’d gone astray.

Well I pondered long and I queried hard

And the answer I heard was a mixed card

The truth is always about the right take

God teach me how not to make a mistake !


SNUGGLE UP ( 2014 ) 2014/11/16

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Sometimes I think that I might fly

Up to the moon and touch the sky

What would I find once I got there

A cold cold place with thin thin air !

Now that’s not such a happy thought

Imagine all those chills I’d caught

Perhaps I’d settle for a spin

Above this space that I live in

And snuggle up to some warm fire

Until this cold spell does expire !



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This legacy I leave to you

Before my words and breath are through

It’s that you learn to live with joy

Treasure the tools that you employ

Give thanks for gifts that you receive

Above all else in God believe !


IN THE BEGINNING ( 2014 ) 2014/11/15

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There was a time when man was free

He knew where lay his destiny

The needs were small and simple too

His feelings ran both deep and true !

That empty space now lonely waits

For dreams our hope anticipates

To fill our lives with God’s great joy

Time and patience must needs employ !

What shall we find beyond the bend

Of this long road that has no end

Escape to God’s reality

Reach out for His morality !


NO COMPLAINTS ( 2014 ) 2014/11/14

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The willow weeps the nightshades fall

The evening breezes softly call

From faraway a bird takes flight

And flies aloft into the night !

My heart is full it overflows

My eyes tear up the sadness grows,

I wish I knew which path to tred

My errant star glows overhead !

But who am I to make complaint

My soul is lost and lacks restraint

What e’er I do will be okay

For God alone does guide my way !


ROLLER-COASTER ( 2014 ) 2014/11/13

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The wind and trees and clouds and breeze

They welcome winters early freeze

The birds are silent, quiet grown

All seeming wait till night has flown !

The early morn awakes in fear

The chill and cold grow ever near

The year moves closer to the end

Where old and new are forced to blend.

There is no option to decide

This is God’s roller-coaster ride !



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My heart would pace a million miles

To catch one glimpse of your sweet smiles

And wait for days upon a line

To learn that you were doing fine !

I miss you still and always will

Like all the plans we can’t fulfill

Until the sun deserts the sky

The moon and I bid sweet goodbye !


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