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SWEETNESS ( 2019 ) 2019/12/20

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Oh how I wish  that I could fly

Above the dark  clouds in the sky

Into that  place where dreams are made

And raindrops  taste like  lemonade,

Where children  laugh and play and shout

And  no one has to do  without,

Where  God above has room to share

With  anyone who visits there !




TIME TO SHARE ( 2019 ) 2019/11/07

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Oh, how  I pray that I  can  hide

These  tears  I shed  on the inside

For  all  God’s  children  that I see

Who  dwell in  abject  poverty.

They  never  really had a  chance

For  all their dreams  to be  enhanced

Or  find a  safer path to  take

That  guarantees  a better  break.

Our  Lord  is just  and answers  prayer

He  comprehends we all  must share

It’s  left to  us  to learn  and  teach

The  world we love  to  kindness  reach !






HERE’S MY HEART ( 2019 ) 2019/07/31

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Feelings of old pull at my heart

As I’m praying my life must start

Too long have I been pausing here

While waiting for love to appear

By now I am expecting nought

For in the process dreams get caught.

I’ve wished so hard to find the way

To take a chance and longer stay

Well here’s my heart, please help it heal

Teach me God’s love and how to feel !


ALL ETERNITY ( 2019 ) 2019/07/25

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So often that I’ve wished to be

The star upon your Christmas tree

A candle on your birthday cake

And privy to each wish you make.

I prayed quite hard that you and I

Would be together by and by

And now my world is part of yours

You’re my umbrella when it pours.

There is  a  God who watches o’er

His children that He does adore

I’m positive He loves us all

And picks us up ere we should fall

I’m sure He knew that we might be

In  love for  all  eternity !





SATAN’S MOB ( 2019 ) 2019/04/30

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There is this silence that I hear

It rests so peaceful on my ear

My heart is quiet, all’s at rest

I find this part of day the best

The streets’ deserted, all is calm

Please welcome in the morning’s charm.

Another day, another chance

To perhaps take a second glance

Discover what the world needs now

Let’s do some good, some way, somehow

For if we don’t, who’ll fill the job

Some volunteer from Satan’s mob ?






I LOVE TO DANCE ( 2019 ) 2019/02/10

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When I was young and oh so fleet

I loved to dance on magic feet

We’d do the rhumba, cha cha too

The fox trot, waltz or boogaloo.

Today the kids don’t dance at all

Most times they lean against the wall

Or couple up out on the floor

And seem to sway, but nothing more.

Once dancing used to be an art

With rhythm coming from the heart

I sure do wish we could return

To yesteryear with kudoes earned !




SHARE YOUR GIFT ( 2019 ) 2019/01/25

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Be still my heart,  I hear your beat

Sounds like a drummer on the street

What message is it being sent

That seeks a refuge in God’s tent ?

Oh blessed Lord, please help me find

Peace in this world that acts unkind

And teach me how to share this gift

With others who could use a lift !





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