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RELY ON GOD ( 2020 ) 2020/01/24

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Sometimes  the ones we love the best

Are  those who put us to the  test

They  try our  patience or our  purse

We’re  never sure  which is the worst.

We  carry on  with fingers crossed

And  pray our purpose won’t  be lost

No  matter how hard it all seems

Rely  on God to save our dreams !


IN HOPE ( 2019 ) 2019/12/03

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These  final words  that I recall

“A happy time  was  had by  all”

Too  many conversations  heard

Repeat  the very  selfsame  words.

So  blest  are we  remembering

The  greater joy  families  bring,

The  love and  care that  we receive

Help  all once  more  in hope  believe !






MY LEGACY ( 2019 ) 2019/08/29

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To those I’ve known  and loved before

Whose  memories my heart has stored

Here in the  reaches of my mind

Midst  joy and  feeings ever  kind,

Remember that  I’ll miss you all

And  pray the Lord is at your call

While  angels spread  their wings above

And  bathe you in God’s constant love !






WOUNDED WARRIOR ( 2019 ) 2019/08/06

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A little child  did pray to God

“Please bring my daddy home to me

Without him here our lives are hard

He fought a war to set us free “.

This message went upon its way

Just hoping  that none will forget

To send that daddy home  to stay

Before their  joy  becomes regret !


AND USED TO BE ( 2019 ) 2019/01/26

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There are these photos on the wall

Of folks I barely know at all

There’s a few I had never met

And others that I shan’t forget.

Familiar faces from the past

All precious images that last

As life once was, grateful to see

When all were young and used to be !


LASTING MEMORIES ( 2018 ) 2018/08/30

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When I  reflect  o’er my lifespan

And try hard as I ever can

There are these things I greatly miss

The sweetness of my mother’s kiss,

The pleasure of my father’s smile

He made my life a world worthwhile,

The treasure of each tiny tot

Whose hugs and kisses meant a lot,

Such moments cannot be erased

Nor somehow get to be replaced.

I know all this is from the past

These memories I pray will last !



A HUGE GOD BLESS ( 2018 ) 2018/07/05

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Sometimes I dream ’bout long ago

And all the joys we used to know,

I miss that world so very much

Too sad we couldn’t keep in touch.

Seems now as though I’m in the past

Perhaps one that’s surviving last

Oh how I wish that I might spend

A day or two among my friends.

Well I’m no fool, that is a fact

We cannot bring the old times back

And need to bargain for much less,

Let’s settle for a huge God bless !




GOD’S SOLUTION ( 2017 ) 2017/11/13

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I’ve grown through all these many years or so

It seems there’s really no place left to go

There’s no way yet to thrive in outer space

In truth it’s not  a safe or happy place.

I’d rather be stuck in a cardboard box

Or forced to walk without both shoes and sox

Than sacrifice the pleasures that I’ve known

Among my family and friends at home.

At this stage of life I find I’m confined

By the strings of our love and joy combined

I believe that I’ll simply hang around

Until God’s solution at last is found !


FAMILY TREE ( 2017 ) 2017/10/18

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In a garden long, long ago

In a special place I don’t know

Lived someone related to me

Long, long ago in history.

Perhaps one day we’ll get to meet

On a corner of heaven’s street

And if we can’t I will not mind

There will be others I shall find

For we are one huge family

And a part of that selfsame tree !



THIS GREAT FAMILY ( 2017 ) 2017/08/09

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I know that God is everywhere

He hears my thoughts and every prayer

I am so glad He’s on my side

From start to finish, He’s my ride

How sweet it is for me to be

A part of His great family !



HOW MUCH I CARED ( 2017 ) 2017/04/05

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There’s a special place that I do recall

Quite a long time ago when I was small,

A large clapboard house on a country road

My great uncles built for their mom’s abode.

She’d been born in June eighteen-sixty-one

To a life one could guess was not much fun

At fifteen she married the stablehand

Oh, so far away in a foreign land.

This is a small part of their history

And the story of  how they came to be,

As I look back on all the joys we shared

How grateful I am and how much I cared !


GOOD FRIENDS ( 2016 ) 2016/10/02

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We’ve been good friends for many years

Through smiles and laughter, doubts and fears

We have been up, we have been down

Hugs and kisses, at times a frown

I’ve often thought what shall I do

Without a pal who’s just like you ?

It’s been so long that I’ve forgot

What life would be if you were not

And so today I want to state

That we are buddies soon or late

Whatever else may chance to be

I’m here for you when you need me !


CONTINUUM ( 2016 ) 2016/08/28

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I here the ticking of the clock

It speaks to me, “tick-tock, tick-tock”

The time is slow, for time is vast

As lives slip by, all image passed.

I see the pictures on each wall

The times we lost I’ve seen them all

How sad that we too soon grow old

And leave the safety of the fold !





FACE YOUR FEAR ( 2016 ) 2016/04/30

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When we were young we learned to share

Those early years taught one to care

For lives sometimes can be quite brief

Each bears some semblance to a leaf

That’s born upon the family tree

And tethered there for all to see.

While some may shrivel and grow sere

Still others flee from life severe

As those who cling to that last hope

Within the darkness try to grope

The time is soon, the need is clear

Take hold your roots and face your fear !


THOUGHTS OF HOME ( 2016 ) 2016/04/29

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There is a place we all yearn to be

It’s not across some far-widened sea

Nor over hills or great mountainsides

And not where malice or anger hides.

It’s not under trees that reach for sky

Or where the eagles and buzzards fly

It’s just a place around the last bend

Of a lonesome road that seeks its end,

To that spot where most lives got their start

And have left behind their lonely heart !


I RECALL ( 2015 ) 2015/03/26

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Those images that I recall

So long ago when I was small

My father’s laugh, my mother’s smile

Sweet memories held by a child

The smells, the sounds that filled the air

The joyous times that we all shared.

Oh how grown up it was to be

Included in their company

Such love held fast both now and then

And glowed as I remember when !


FAMILY BUSINESS ( 2015 ) 2015/02/03

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My Pop he was my mother’s dad

In life he gave it all he had,

My Pop he was so ever sweet

He was a favorite on the street.

“Hey George” they’d call with hearty voice

“What’s new today, what is our choice ?”

He knew that they would come to eat

He’d nod his head and tap his feet.

He’d do a jig to make them smile

Still taking orders all the while,

He swept that sidewalk every morn

And worked that store from early dawn.

My Nana she came in at noon

It seemed that never was too soon

And after lunch was almost through

He made the bank by half-past two

He never was a minute late

And walked with happy spritely gait !

One little man in woolen cap

He’d head on home to take his nap.

When Nana died in sixty-two

We thought his storekeep time was through

It came as one complete surprise

He joined me in my enterprise !




HEREDITY ( 2015 ) 2015/01/30

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In homage to my dear grandpa,

I know his grave’s not off too far

But going back won’t help at all

My memory is still enthralled

I was a girl of twenty-five

When grandpa he just up and died

With wrinkled face and gentle eyes

Too late for us to say goodbyes.

Who ever thought that I’d recall

Those yesteryears when I was small

When I was young I used to sit

On grandpa’s lap and rock a bit.

I can remember that old chair

It sat beside the fireplace there

Like some carved wooden rocking thing

With all the joy those mem’ries bring

And when my children were so small

That rocking chair could hold us all.

My grandpa built that rocking chair

With his own hands and love to spare

Now that was very long ago

The time has flown but this I know

All that I am or hoped to be

Are part of my heredity !








INNER CITIES ( 2014 ) 2014/12/01

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I’ve wandered in this distant place

And seen the fear that strangers face

I wondered how the human race

Could live and work midst such disgrace !

I can’t accept that they should be

Lost victims of indignity

To bear all this with family

And have no exit strategy !

Instead of blasting music loud

And sidewalk lounging in a crowd

Strive hard to make your children proud

Reach out to God, your faith avowed !




THE FAMILY ( 2014 ) 2014/11/26

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When I think about all the old tales that I’ve told

I remember my aunt with the heart of spun gold

As she and great grandma shared the same tiny bed

I’d often thought they should use a pull-out instead !

When the mail would arrive we sure got a big thrill

For each card that she sent held a five dollar bill

She wrote penny postcards to us all every week

No one had a home phone upon which we could speak.

That way we could know just how the family was

As we lacked the means to give each other a buzz

Well by now it’s too late and I’m left all alone

How I wish I could call them today on God’s phone !



GREAT AUNT OLGA ( 2014 ) 2014/11/18

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I had a great aunt she was Olga by name

Her generous nature, the root of her fame

I was told she was born in May eighty-eight

Although it seems that no one knows the right date !

She had the same job for the whole of her life

Sadly she never became anyone’s wife

Though it was not because she had not found love

But the boy she admired was not approved of !

Her Rudy he worked as the baker downstairs

While she sold his bread from the counters up there

Her mama, she followed the old fashioned ways

Dictating to Olga for all of her days !

I know that lives were so different back then

I’m sorry that she died a childless woman

But she brought so much joy to all of us girls

What a blessing she was with her Marcel curls !

She bought us those gifts that no one could afford

Hats, coats and shoes from Mister Macy’s big store

And took us to places we only dreamed of

She filled all our cups with her unselfish love !


PRAISE ( 2014 ) 2014/11/07

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I’d love to be a child once more

And welcome daddy at the door

To laugh and smile and play some game

Or hear my mother call my name !

We’d spend an evening by the fire

Reading chapters meant to inspire

Our hearts to learn the proper ways

To love our Lord and render praise !



EMPTY NEST ( 2014 ) 2014/10/20

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When I was young I fell in love

What was it I was thinking of

The curly hair, the handsome face

A trip to some romantic place !

Before I knew it children came

It made me grey and changed the game

We grew up fast it had to be

But oh such joy, a family !

The years rolled past now all are grown

Those children gone their seeds are sown

While old age creeps upon the stage

This empty nest is all the rage !


MY GRANDCHILD ( 2014 ) 2014/10/17

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You’ve been my love since you were small

I’ve watched you grow to be quite tall

I’ve followed all your childhood dreams

Though some were silly now it seems.

But as you grew along the way

You didn’t hesitate to say

The thoughts you held close to your heart

I sensed that you were kind and smart.

The time has proved I was not wrong

You’ve turned out good and wise and strong

How glad am I that you and me

Are part of the same family !


PARENTHOOD ( 2014 ) 2014/09/14

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A tiny child arrived today

He is too young to learn to play

We’ll have to wait a little while

Ere we discern his darling smile.

Sweet baby born so innocent

May fill our lives with true content

When sleepless nights that fade away

Bring greater joy from day to day !

Our love will grow and glow and flow

Into the future parents know

As God sees us in manner like

He is the Parent to each tyke !


MY DAD ( 2014 ) 2014/06/15

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When but a girl I lost my dad

I could not know the gift I had

I watched occasions pass me by

All those precious years time did fly.

Days that he didn’t hold my hand

When my achievements turned out grand

No one there to cushion my fall

And walks we never took at all,

Especially down that long aisle

When dad and daughter cry and smile,

And here am I at my trails end

Still missing him, my next best friend !



DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “WAKE UP” ( 2014 ) 2014/01/13

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TODAY is one of those days, remarkable and reassuring, a day to renew my connection with American values!  A day to believe that we can rise above the chaos of our declining society with unfailing faith in our humanity.  I have spent a number of hours in the last few days in the company of what I found to be a cohesive  family, gathering for a wedding.  How comfortable to witness old fashioned affection !  It brought back memories of my childhood and those wonderful family togethers by the lake, by the beach, in the park.  Doesn’t everyone recall one magic occasion ?  What is the fascination with immediate gratification of all of our senses when we leave no opening for that spectacular surprise or chance occurrence.  Where did we lose anticipation ?  Oh, Santa will you become the next victim of expediency ?  As a small child, Christmas Eve filled our home with varied relatives, there would be rapping on the front window, a jingling of sleigh bells on the porch and as the curtain was pulled aside, the sight of a jolly person in a red hat waving a big red sack !  It took a few years and a new home before I realised that it was my cuddly and chubby aunt in a homemade costume who came calling, I know, I know, Alice in Wonderland !  I believe HER family WAS dysfunctional !  But aren’t we all just a bit, who wants to be perfect ?  Such a heavy burden to bear !  I found it delightful to wake up to a brief spate of normalcy these few days in the Sheraton on the Hudson.  HAHA !!                                                           Sincerely,                                                            Claire B.



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EXCUSE ME, but where do I register to vote ?  My first official act upon returning to HOBOKEN in the 70’s was to sign the voting register.  From that day to this I don’t believe that I have missed even the most insignificant election, if such a thing exists !  I have come to the conclusion that in a democracy there is nothing of insignificance about our freedom of choice.  When we originally migrated to Hoboken I was referred to as a “New Yorker”, my knowledge of  New York somewhat limited to Macy’s, the Museum of Natural History, South Street Seaport and Balducci’s !  A friend commented to me the other day “You’re beginning to sound like old Hoboken”.  At last, ACCEPTANCE !  The remark was prompted by my observation that I had not seen a familiar face in a popular eatery the whole evening, I’m not sure that I enjoyed the feeling !  However I concluded I’d been cocooning since the last election, unable to decipher what changes would mean to me.  I was going to miss the Old Guard just when I was beginning to agree with them !  Having spent too many years in suburbia, I had come to expect politics to be a quasi-part-time occupation indulged in by retired CEOs to perk up leisuretime.  How little I knew !  Today I was being replaced by new blood and differing concepts, time to go with the flow.  I still haven’t  quite accepted the fact that Pollyanna has moved on !  Who would believe one could achieve anonymity in a one mile square area where everyone still stoop-sits ?  Progress, as media are crying, “loss of privacy”.  Excuse me but I need to put my name on my doorbell !              Sincerely,               Claire B.


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