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TRY TO SURVIVE ( 2020 ) 2020/03/26

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Dear Lord above please set us free

From much of life’s indignity

Please teach us now how to survive

These terrors which all seem to thrive

Be thoughtful of each act performed

And to the rules try to conform.

Be kind to those who are alone

And left to linger on their own

Beg God remember everyone

Whose suffering is not yet done

Protect us Lord from daily fright

With rising sun to closing night !


TEACH ME HOW TO PRAY (2020) 2020/03/25

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Take  a good look around and tell me what you see

The  beauty that is God’s and life’s  infinity

Please hold me by the hand and  teach me  how to pray

Help me to love God and to worship Him each day !





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Outside the window the world awaits

For the Lord to raise the pearly gates

And for all the clouds to disappear

Before we have spent half of the year

The time has arrived and gone away

To leave us bereft and in dismay.

Dear Lord above forgive us our sin

Open our hearts and welcome God in

May we forever live in the glow

Of every wonder God has to show !


UNDERSTANDING ( 2020 ) 2020/03/24

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Oh little child who dotes on sweets

With dancing shoes attached to cleats

Black patent taps that click away

And to the world new steps display.

This child to theatre newly brought

With skills and talents often sought

Hear now the sound of tapping feet

Proceed to stage, steps and the street.

How shall we serve our Lord the best

Accepting every sort of test

And understanding as we do

That all we are belongs to You !


FREE ( 2020 ) 2020/03/23

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So  many words spring from the pain

That  is attacking  me again,

Oh,  how I wish  one day to be

From  all of this  forever  free !


JUDGEMENT DAY ( 2020 ) 2020/03/22

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Oh wind that breaks upon the waves

And breeze that shares each morning’s gaze

Teach me to chant a pirate song

That I to seafaring belong.

Oh save my heart from lonesomeness

While all my handicaps confess

Help me to strive for constancy

And all my weaknesses foresee.

Hand me the light that I might shine

It’s endless glow on yours and mine

God let us put our toys away

Make ready for our Judgement Day !


BORN TO DIE ( 2020) 2020/03/21

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My  heart calls out His holy name

And  searches for  the way He came

To  Calvary onto  the cross

To suffer there man’s  greatest loss,

But  who am  I   to question why

The  Son of God was born  to die !



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