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TEACH ME HOW TO PRAY (2020) 2020/03/25

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Take  a good look around and tell me what you see

The  beauty that is God’s and life’s  infinity

Please hold me by the hand and  teach me  how to pray

Help me to love God and to worship Him each day !




OLD REFRAIN ( 2020 ) 2020/02/23

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There  is a thought  hums through  my brain

Reminds  one of an  old refrain

Familiar  words  I’ve heard  before

What  is it  we are waiting  for ?

Our  Precious Lord  and  Sacred  Dove,

The  Prince  of Peace from  up above

Fulfilling  promises  God gave

To  save us  from the  Final  Grave.


IT’S POLITICS ( 2020 ) 2020/01/20

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Some  days may start with  smiles and grin

Before  life’s  problems  do begin

Somehow  we never  seem to know

Which  way each  season’s  wind will  blow.

We  take our chances,  pray a lot

Make  do the best with what we’ve got

Remember  how the people care

The  kindest are more  prone to share.

Today  the nation’s  full of fools

Believing  they make up  the rules

And  follow any path  they choose

Without  a threat of  win or lose.

How  sad that  we are come to this

Peace  destroyed by a ” Judas ” kiss !





ALL MUST ANSWER ( 2019 ) 2019/10/08

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This  heart of mine  cannot erase

The  image of that  gentle face

I’d  noticed oft  how kind you were

To  passerby or  some stranger.

The paths we trod as each grew old

Echo  our values  wise and bold

The Lord above  shall  judge us all

And we  must answer  to His call !



CALAMITY IS HERE ( 2019 ) 2019/09/22

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Well  here we are at God’s front door

What is it  we are  waiting  for

An  invitation  to come in

A smile, a kiss, a foolish grin ?

We’ve  not much time,  let’s hurry up

And place  our futures  in  His cup

We  cannot  fail to  understand

Calamity  is  close at  hand.

The world  is crumbling  as we wait

For  destiny to  crash  this gate

Oh,  Lord above,  do heed our  plea

Open  our eyes  and set us free !


GOD’S JUDGEMENT DAY ( 2019 ) 2019/09/11

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How often is it  that  we think

This  world of ours  is on the brink ?

What  e’er occurs  within our  sight

No matter if it’s  left  or right

Should  savour all  despite  the fear

God’s  Judgement Day  moves  ever near !




DAY OF JUDGEMENT ( 2019 ) 2019/07/22

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Oh blessed Lord, help me to find

The path that does to heaven wind

I want to aid and clear the way

For all of those who wish to stay

I can’t believe the time grows near

The day of judgement soon is here !


NOAH’S FAITH ( 2019 ) 2019/06/26

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The storm,  it thunders all around

With ne’er a silence to  be found

The  light’ning   crashes in the  dark

Illuminating  all  in  spark

Its odor makes the air smell sweet

As rivers flood through every street

I  wonder if  old  Noah  feared

The wrath of God when it appeared,

Those moments when the clouds did burst

Do you  believe  that  he felt cursed

Or was his faith  in God so strong

He held no fear his whole life long ?







EXCITING INDUSTRY ( 2019 ) 2019/05/09

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From my front window I can see

The most exciting industry

All of God’s creatures hard at work

With not a single one who’ll shirk

How marvelous that it must be

Assured our God provides for thee.

Tis true that neither you nor I

Have  the  ability to  fly

But we are charged by destiny

To help His creatures remain free

This has been so since ages past

Let’s help the system work to last !




HE IS NOT BLIND ( 2019 ) 2019/04/06

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Good morning world, I’ve come to say

The Lord gives us another day

A day to do what e’er we choose

A day to win, a day to lose.

And if we’re smart we’ll use it well

That others may His story tell

And so it moves us closer to

His day of judgement tried and true.

It matters much our real intent

Like how our wisdom has been spent

And have helped our fellow man

The best as many of us can.

Our God is fair, unerring kind

But to our faults He is not blind !


THE SEARCH ( 2019 ) 2019/04/02

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There was a road that we once saw

What was it we were searching for

God’s  invitation on our door

To help us find  oh, so much more !


THE ESCAPE ( 2019 ) 2019/03/24

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Far in the distance I can hear

The sound of all the passing trains

The wail that echoes loud and clear

Repeating its wistful refrains,

Across this world the trains hold court

With language we can’t comprehend

In climates cold or damage fraught

Or crises we don’t understand.

Oh sad the trail of distance brings

To circumstance beyond our reach

It is the sound of dying things

The skill of God will soon impeach !


NO CHOICES ( 2019 ) 2019/01/28

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Regarding all life’s pain and ache

I’ve found my heart close to a break

Select a path which each must choose

And for this once walk in my shoes

The complex part aft all’s been done

Is sadness that does one o’ercome.

However long this life may be

There’s but one judge of thee and me.

Tis true for those who’ve gone away

There is no option leave or stay !


INTIMATION ( 2018 ) 2018/08/14

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I cannot bear the tragedy

That is about to o’er take me

And wills my life to sadder be

From now until eternity !


THIS IS HIS SHOT ( 2018 ) 2018/04/22

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An early light knifes through the dark

The air is still and calmly stark

A silence rises from the ground

One can’t discern a single sound.

Before the morning does begin

There is a chill that settles in

Starting at toes, it makes the trip

To limbs and then to fingertips !

How much longer must all await

To learn the judgement of our fate

In truth we know what we have got

God is the Judge, this is His shot !



INFALLIBLE ( 2017 ) 2017/10/28

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I sight the sunrise o’er the hill

It’s vision sends my heart a thrill

How wonderful it is to see

A world wrapt in God’s symmetry.

I hear the rustle of the leaves

They whisper in the morning breeze

What is it they all preach to me

Regarding God’s infinity ?

I feel the impact of His power

Increasing with each passing hour

The mark He leaves, indelible

Because He is infallible !


THE FIRST STONE ( 2017 ) 2017/06/21

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Now I have trudged this rocky path

With angry crowds so full of wrath

I really don’t know what to think

Seems sanity is on the brink

There’s not much left to make great sense

The climate has become intense.

Participants are so inclined

Pretending to be dumb and blind

But stop before one does the deed

The rule in hand all must concede

The Lord demands that he alone

Who sinless be, cast the first stone !




TIME HAS RUN OUT ( 2017 ) 2017/04/17

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The dawn has risen, oh Lord be praised

The tomb is emptied and passion raised

One more prayer as the fest has begun

How shall we know tis over and done,

For each must choose his separate way

If one is to reach the judgement’s day

The table’s been set, the places laid

Time has run out and the piper’s paid !



DESTINY ( 2016 ) 2016/05/06

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Of all the words we’ve left unsaid

Both true and wise before we’re dead

Too few are worth their final breath

Aft all is done we still greet death !


WARNING TO ALL ( 2016 ) 2016/02/21

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I hear the wind move through the trees

There sounds a voice that speaks with ease

I sense my name, I halt and heed

For I’m a child of God indeed.

The world about doth now resound

And trembles with a fear profound

The earth it rumbles neath my feet

Anon God’s plan will be complete

Warning to all, the heavens vow

His time to come twill soon be now !


RETRIBUTION ( 2015 ) 2015/11/22

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All deeds once hid deep in the dark

Will come to light under the sun

While God sees all and strikes His mark

And patient waits till all has done !


RETURN TO EDEN ( 2015 ) 2015/06/21

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I see the shadows on the walls

Shadows that roam aft nighttime falls

I hear the sound that grips the air

But when I search there’s nothing there.

I feel a shaking all around

But there’s no movement to be found

I sense a trembling ‘mongst the trees

But there’s no wind amid  the leaves.

While underneath the seething grows

The mountains lift, the lava flows

The desert spreads, the oceans rise

This earth’s preparing for reprise !


PROLOGUE ( 2015 ) 2015/06/19

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When I was young, a wedded bride

I loved my home it was my pride

Soon it was time for motherhood

Expectant life felt as it should.

The love a newborn baby brings

Can warm the heart and give it wings

Each greets the world with that first yelp,

Those early years need all the help.

While in between weighs take and give

One learns to grow and how to live

Seems joy is but the simple way

To judge achievement in our day.

As I do age my needs become

Just one more chore that must be done

And all this wisdom I have learned

Adds to virtues I may have earned.

Here at the end it all appears

Our lives are full of smiles or tears

But who will be the one to test,

The one to know which is the best ?


JUDGEMENT TIME ( 2015 ) 2015/06/16

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The winds of war rage at the gate

And tell us now our time is late

We’ll know no peace until it’s done

For we have reached our kingdom come !


THE PATH TO FOLLOW ( 2014 ) 2014/11/17

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I have travelled the road and seen the light

In the early dawn or on darkest night

I have wandered far from the common way

And wondered where was it I’d gone astray.

Well I pondered long and I queried hard

And the answer I heard was a mixed card

The truth is always about the right take

God teach me how not to make a mistake !


FIDELITY ( 2014 ) 2014/05/04

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Sometimes we dance in different shoes

Why is it that the pair we choose

May not fit well first time around

Yet proper size can still be found ?

Shoes help us pace life’s hidden things

They come with laces and with strings

Some that we like or might have known

With soles of cork or leather sewn !

A shoe is meant to tread the ground

To help us keep the path we’ve found,

Along some lane or lonely street

Who dares to walk with barefoot feet ?




JUDGEMENT ( 2013 ) 2013/04/23

The swiftly graying darkly coursing sky

Does play upon my fickle inner eye

And bares a mystery both stark and bold

That speaks to me of long lost dreams untold.

These dreams I thought had flown so far away.

Yet seeming near, had somehow lost their way.


Some fringed and faded shadows left behind

Shedding aged reflection as they unwind

What had once been I recognised anew

And purpose wrought with aim and course so true.

The passion in my heart that won’t decline

A hungry yearning that I can’t define

The dreaming in my mind that cannot fade

A hard decision that I have not made

The longing in my soul that will not wane

A quest for meaning that I’ve failed to gain.


And there among the past that wastes away

Find sad remains of yet another day

One unknown force that placed the founding stone

Has willed this legacy to us alone.

There in the night with truth possessed and sown

Who by their fruits at last shall they be known.


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