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AWAKE ( 2015 ) 2015/04/30

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Reach out, reach out, I cannot grasp

I feel my life escaping fast

Hold on, hold on, your turn is near

To face the Lord pray without fear.

Awake, awake, the hour has come

This journey long will soon be done !


GOD’S WATCHDOGS ( 2015 ) 2015/04/29

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Sometimes I think I hear the angels sing

Quite like the sound of gentle whispering

I’ve never heard the flutter of their wings

Though it might add to our imaginings !

I do not think I’ll ever get to see

Those angel faces watching over me

There in the shadow of our ecstasy

Where they are veiled in anonimity.

I am prepared to trust they are all here,

God’s helpful watchdogs with their mission clear

To seek and find as each last path appears

The journey follows without mortal fears !


THERE WILL BE FEW ( 2015 ) 2015/04/28

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Close up the door turn out the light

The fire rages through the night

The world is mad it’s lost its way

There’s nothing more that one can say.

The mob has turned into the norm

Their anger has become the storm

Like Sodom was so long ago

The story told, who does not know.

Why have all been so very blind

There is no answer left to find

It’s too late now life’s gone astray

The end is here you’ve had your day.

Begin again as all must do

With millions gone there will be few !


REMEMBER WHEN ( 2015 ) 2015/04/27

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I have learned so many things

Bout a circus with three rings

And the seals whose flippers clap

Underneath the canvas flap.

Acrobats who ride a horse

Doing tricks around the course,

Circus master in his hat

Strongman and the lady fat

All of this it used to be

When the west was wild and free.

Caravans were part of that

Cowboys with their lariat

Indians in native paint

Daredevils made ladies faint

Such a thrill it must have been

To be there, remember when !


BLOSSOMS ( 2015 ) 2015/04/26

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The smell of springtime permeates the air

That promises our weather will be fair

I cannot wait to see the lilies grow

With yellow daffodils tall in a row.

Soon all the crocus blooms are fled away

Daisies are preparing for their long stay

How marvelous to know with every spring

This place becomes a world of blossoming !


THE SOUND OF POETRY ( 2015 ) 2015/04/25

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The poet paints a picture but not with paint and brush

His words create the image there’s music in his touch

Each has his own conception there are no two the same

Tis an old profession and Shakepeare’s favorite game.

Some think the words are foolish and pale in empty air

Please remember David and his Psalms we all still share

His words were so profound they will live forever here

They brought us close to God they will never disappear !


RED WHITE AND BLUE ( 2015 ) 2015/04/24

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I have walked by the side of the road

As the Lord helped me carry my load

I have treasured the words that He spoke

Though my spirit’s been bent it’s not broke.

I have wandered across this great land

With its vistas all spacious and grand

Like the lady who lives by the sea

Holding the torch of our liberty

And I know in my heart it is true

I adore the old red white and blue !


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