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1775 LEXINGTON TO CONCORD ( 2015 ) 2015/11/30

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The men who died on that first day,

Our heroes who did lead the way

They won the field in spite of fear,

Though lack of powder cost them dear.

Those patriots did do their best

And tried to scatter all the rest,

It took five years to end that war

So many lives and too much more.

Now once again we face a fight

To conquer dark, embrace the light,

As evil does lay siege our door

And aims to crush us evermore !


YOUR VOICE ( 2015 )

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There is this message I’d like to send

Across the land to both foe and friend

There is a God and He loves us all

Size matters not, whether great or small

He doesn’t care if we’re fat or thin

It’s the condition our heart is in.

It has to do with the way we think

Are we satisfied or on the brink

It’s the simple things that rate us all

Not the obvious, like short and tall.

It’s the kindness and the depth of love

It’s the hopes that we are dreaming of

It’s the job we do from day to day

To comport ourselves in every way.

There’s a world out there waiting for us

To join our God in His grand chorus

Won’t you stand up now and make a choice

And pledge to Him the power of your voice !


OLD JOYS ( 2015 ) 2015/11/29

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Oh blessed Lord how the heart does sing

With all the bliss of remembering

The sweetest song of each nesting bird

That even angels in heaven heard,

As the hopeful times of yesterday

Merge hearts that are free to laugh and play

Ere the dark descends from up above

To scatter dreams of remembered love !



SEQUENCE ( 2015 ) 2015/11/28

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When the battle’s over and the fighting done

With God’s will the healing process has begun !


THE LIGHT OF WISDOM ( 2015 ) 2015/11/27

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There is a light that burns so bright

Its luminescence floods the night

It is the light that knowledge brings

Into our lives where freedom rings.

The song we hear is incomplete

Its notes sing out both clear and sweet

All promising that we shall learn

How to address one great concern.

Our safety lies within that glow

Where wisdom’s power does constant grow

Else who is left to keep the lights

Forever burning through our nights ?



THANKSGIVING DAY ( 2015 ) 2015/11/26

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While winter winds do snow and blow

And springtime rains make all things grow

While summer sun warms all we’ve got

And autumn crops do fill the pot

We need to say our thanks once more

Before we exit life’s back door.

How marvelous our God must be

He did all this for you and me

There is no way we can repay

What He has done in one short day !


ONE SMALL PRAYER ( 2015 ) 2015/11/25

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There is a garden in the mist

Where hopes and dreams by chance exist

Just close your eyes and be prepared

Perhaps one day you’ll visit there

And if you do, remember me

Say one small prayer in memory !


WINGS OF LOVE ( 2015 ) 2015/11/24

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I thank You Lord for all You’ve done

For everything and everyone,

I beg You please desert us not

For in the end You’re all we’ve got

I cannot bear the pain I see

Your children know such misery.

This world is fighting to survive

Help us to keep our faith alive

Speed love upon its magic wings

And share the joy of life it brings !






REMINDERS ( 2015 ) 2015/11/23

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There are those sounds heard in the fog

That to my mind do give a jog

Returning me to the high cliffs

O’erlooking down upon the ships

When youth did rule my growing years

As World War Two increased my fears.

I heard the buoys’ bells awake

Midst all the noises shipyards make

The fog was thick, the air intense

While all around signs of defense.

It was that time too many knew

When all our hopes seemed overdue

Though in the end our loss was great

Peace came at last and not too late !



RETRIBUTION ( 2015 ) 2015/11/22

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All deeds once hid deep in the dark

Will come to light under the sun

While God sees all and strikes His mark

And patient waits till all has done !


MY TRUE FRIEND ( 2015 ) 2015/11/21

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I have wandered lost near my journey’s end

In the search to find my forever friend

And as time has passed I am sure that I

Have met many that were but passing by.

There is one I’ll miss to my final day

Aft the angels came and took her away

Twas my true buddy, my mom and my friend

All her love bides with me until my end !


THE PRICE OF PEACE ( 2015 ) 2015/11/20

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Now who are we to judgement make

While this whole world does shake and quake

The time has come for all to see

The price of peace is never free !


THE CALL ( 2015 ) 2015/11/19

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For every single tear we’ve shed

Like pools of blood that we have bled

Our God has all His mercy shown

And makes His purpose clearly known.

We are His children one and all

And meant to answer to His call

It matters not if night or day

He summons us, we must obey !



RESTART ( 2015 ) 2015/11/18

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Each dawn awakens with a smile

And bides with us for but awhile

While night does close with leaden heart

To quiet wait for morn’s restart !


MAGIC WORDS ( 2015 ) 2015/11/17

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When we were young and loved so true

The words we whispered were “I do”

To swear the truth or honor still

The vows we’ve pledged is that “I will”.

To do our duty, follow through

The words “I can” belong there too

And when the cause is fair and just

The answer should be this “I must”

Thus those statements we’ve said or heard

Become part of our sacred word !



WHAT IS TRUTH ( 2015 ) 2015/11/16

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To the youth it is invincibility

To the student, academic scrutiny

To the homeless, it’s acceptability

To the wiseman it is probability

To the aged inevitability

And to God, it is infallibility !


IMPETUS ( 2015 ) 2015/11/15

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I hear Your voice in the rhythm of trees

Your smile persists in the sigh of each breeze

The glow of Your love heals the ailing heart

The strength of Your presence gave life its start !


CLOSE BY ( 2015 ) 2015/11/14

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Oh blessed Lord give my heart wings

To fly away above the crowd

To where the sweetest angel sings

With voice that’s been by God endowed.

This tiny star that shines so bright

It’s luminescence fills the sky

No matter if it’s day or night

We know that He will be close by !


LOOKING GLASS ( 2015 ) 2015/11/13

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I feel the mist that covers all

While winding through the shades of fall

Seems life survives beneath this tent

Of autumn days that God has sent.

The leaves that fly along the street

Now dog the foosteps of our feet,

Ambitious winds that heave and sigh

Impatient now await goodbye.

The seasons come, the seasons go

This is the pattern that we know

So little changes as we pass

Our lives before God’s looking glass !


IN MEMORY OF OUR HEROES ( 2015 ) 2015/11/12

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To all the men who fought that day

And those that have since passed away

The thanks of us all should convey

Tales of your sacrifice, we pray

God bless us all and vow to say

We’ll never fight again that way !


THE AMERICAN CEMETERY ( 2015 ) 2015/11/11

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On the cliffs above that sandy beach

Learn a lesson only sight can teach

It’s a vast stretch of a foreign land

That belongs to us, in our command

And each time I’m there my heart does cry

For buried men who cannot reply.

Ten thousand erect markers still stand

So faraway from their own homeland

On American soil by that beach

That’s as far as they would ever reach !


THE BATTLE ( 2015 )

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Oh those men who took the hill that day

In a foreign land so far away,

Too many died as they gained the beach

A thousand drowned weighted in the breach.

Who knew what strengths would fill all these men

When courage chose to inspire again

And charge the hill filled with fire and brim

Like hell’s front gate at volcano rim ?

While the memories still haunt their nights

With death’s dark vision midst blinding lights,

What’s wrong with this world in which we live

When is time ripe to learn to forgive ?


UNKNOWN ( 2015 ) 2015/11/10

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There was a boy twas just a youth

Who in his life did honor truth

Integrity was his true bag

He loved his country and its flag.

They told him he was needed so

It’s off to war that he must go

And there was he, he went to war

He’d never held a gun before.

Since neither kith nor kin had he

The service was his family

His honor served him through those years

He did his duty without fears.

In one last charge as lives were lost

These men all shared the final cost

Broken bones in a tomb of stone

Engraved thereon one word, unknown !


THROUGH ETERNITY ( 2015 ) 2015/11/09

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Let us take the time to thank God above

For His constant care and abiding love

For the stars that shine and the winds that blow

For the rains that fall and those things that grow

For the oceans’ roar and the fish that swim

Are the gifts to us that come straight from Him.

There is no time left for us to conceive

Any other way except to believe

For however long our time mayhaps be

I know He is there through eternity !


GENTLE GIANT ( 2015 ) 2015/11/08

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There is a magic genie that I’ve never seen

His spirit works quite hard and all behind the scene

Though we have not yet met I’m sure that He exists

Else how do we explain why our belief persists ?

In spite of all our setbacks, chaos on the way

We’ll manage to get through if only day by day

It’s amazing how much help we’ve found everywhere

Thank you Gentle Giant for all Your love and care !


A FROSTY MORN ( 2015 ) 2015/11/07

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The dampness slips beneath my sheet

From hips on down to icy feet

The chill pervades the very air

I can no longer linger there

Tis time to rise begin the day

And try to wish the cold away.

I look beyond my window glass

To watch the cold of morning pass

It’s not that I don’t favor snow

The warmth just seems to please me so !


4 LETTER WORD ( 2015 ) 2015/11/06

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Love is a word I use a lot

For without love what have I got,

A lonely world all to myself

I’d be there wasting on some shelf.

I’d rather be a loving soul

Than searching for an empty goal

Whatever joy that life may bear

It’s so much greater when we share !


WAR NO MORE ( 2015 ) 2015/11/05

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I hear the sound of marching feet

The drums of war do loudly beat

The peal of bells does emanate

While throngs distressed paticipate.

I hear the sound of ramparts roar

There bides no glory in a war

Mass explosions and missiles flare

While cries of sorrow fill the air.

I hear the sound of shuffling feet

The muted call of last retreat

What good was all this killing for

I pray we go to war no more !


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