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DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA ( 2015 ) “TRUST” 2015/07/31

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EXCUSE ME but have you been searching for the rainbow ?  Did you know that Methuselah of Genesis fame lived 969 years and was the grandfather of Noah, known for his construction of the Ark ?  Wow, a mouthful !  God introduced the rainbow as a reminder to all that He would honor His vow to never again flood the world in perpetuity !  I learned that when I was but a small girl and since then each rainbow I have seen reinforces my belief.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our leaders could instill in us that kind of trust ?  Oh how I wish !  Remember Daniel 2 and his feet of clay, well welcome to reality !  Clay just reminds me of a lot of mud !  How about you ?


AQUA VITA ( 2015 )

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I’ve loved the water all my life

The sounds of water soothe my strife

A river, stream or peaceful lake

Will always be my piece of cake.

The waterfalls take special place

They paste a smile upon my face

Seawater laps in quiet ways

And brings great peace into my days.

But best of all those waves that shout

And call my name invite me out

Oh what I’d give for just once more

To laze upon the ocean’s shore !


I’M NOT LOST ( 2015 ) 2015/07/30

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I have trod a perilous path in my search for the Lord

And have paid a precious price much more than I could afford

I left my old world behind in search of His peace and grace

Knowing well in advance that I can never see His face.

Now the love of the Lord is beside me where ere I go

And the moments that He guides me are what I’ve come to know

The road is longer than I thought, much greater is its cost

It doesn’t matter what it takes without Him I am lost !


ROCKY ROAD ( 2015 ) 2015/07/29

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Sometimes the road is rocky, sometimes it’s dusty too

Sometimes it’s filled with traffic, sometimes there’s but a few

Along life’s road there’s trouble perhaps no happy end

This is no simple matter for each must find a friend

With all the grit and dirt, the rocks, pebbles and each stone

God never meant for us that we travel on alone !


RUNAWAY ( 2015 ) 2015/07/28

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Oh Cinderella are you still there

Is that you hiding beneath the stair

I’m sorry if your life went awry

I know you’ll give it another try

There’s a lesson I have learned from you

To myself I shall remain true blue.

And when my back is against the wall

I won’t be shy I will make that call

One-eight-hundred fairy A-I-D

Won’t you please come and help set me free

I’ve been a grownup for far too long

It’s time I chose to just tag-along !


AT HIS FEET ( 2015 ) 2015/07/27

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My heart is full, my mind is clear

I want to shout to those who’ll hear

There is a God who watches all

He is the power that makes the call.

The sun, the moon, the stars that glow

They are all part of His great show

The wind, the air, the planets too

Are part of His vast retinue.

There is no deed that goes unseen

Though it be ugly or obscene

He notes each act of kindness shown

And from which tree each leaf has blown.

This universe may never know

The depths to which His powers go

There is no wisdom so complete

That does not tremble at His feet !


PERFORMANCE ( 2015 ) 2015/07/26

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Oh blessed Lord I cannot bear

The madness of this world we share

Please help us through these times of need

To vanquish those who will not heed.

Grant us the strength to stand up tall

Declare our choice before the fall

His time is near, He’ll not be late

This world is all His vast estate.

Who are we, only passersby

And on His care we all rely

Please help us Lord to do our best

We know that You’ll perform the rest !


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