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FUTURES ( 2016 ) 2016/12/31

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And so it is that what we seek

To calm the poor, the mild, the meek

Are promises we all must keep

Before we to great futures leap !


THE JOY OF HOPE ( 2016 ) 2016/12/30

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A gentle man was He who came

To save our lives and heal the lame

He brought us sight and gave us grace

To make this world a better place.

He taught us to be kind and fair

And all His blessings learn to share

But best of all, the larger scope

He brought to all the joy of hope !




TEARS ( 2016 ) 2016/12/29

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My tears all tumble down I cannot halt their flow

I’ve tried so very hard they’ve nowhere else to go

I weep for the lost, the forgotten, broken, bruised

Those children who have been discarded or abused

Teardrops like summer rain keep getting in the way

How I wish I could find one tearless sunny day.

I see that times are hard for those upon the road

Though even in that past when God had shared the load

I’m sure He is still there along that rugged trail

All we can do is pray His efforts will not fail !


PLEASURES ( 2016 ) 2016/12/28

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I’d often thought how great ‘twould be

If all God’s children could feel free

And how improved our lives would seem

With each endowed  to chase their dream

Another chance to reach the goal

Which is the anchor of one’s soul

While God to us His treasures bare

In hopes that all may pleasures share !



CURTAIN FALL ( 2016 ) 2016/12/27

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Seems I don’t know what will  come next

I cannot read the hidden text

Some days I’m sure ’twill be my last

And others when the surge has passed.

I find it most confusing now

When shall I take my closing bow

It’s difficult to get a grip

There are no lessons, how to ship !

Well, God and me are on one page

Though surely not upon the stage

And when I make that final call

I’m ready for His curtain fall !







INSECT FREE ( 2016 ) 2016/12/26

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All those noxious gnats, flies, ticks and fleas

Harmful, quite unlike our bumblebees

They do not help the flowers to grow

Or wild fields about to bloom and show,

Their value is but to birds and frogs

Supplying snacks in vast  marsh and bogs.

Now we’d  be fine if they were inclined

To spread  their germs among their own kind !



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I love the spring I love the fall

I love God’s word above else all,

The mountains that do rise so high

With many that reach for the sky


The valleys that engender rain

The hills that stretch across the plain,

The oceans and the seas so deep

These are provisions we need keep


A sultry storm, the desert heat

Fields that produce the food we eat,

The forests that protect the home

Where creatures live and breed and roam


This is the world we can’t replace

God gifts to us our lives to grace,

Tis strange how oft we lose our way

Yet manage still to greet the day !










A MERRY VOICE ( 2016 ) 2016/12/25

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Who’s that knocking at my front door

What do you think he’s looking for

He is all dressed in red and white

Looks like he has been up all night,

Can you guess what  has brought him here

It must be all that Christmas cheer

Well let him in we have no choice

It’s time to hear his merry voice !



RUTH TO NAOMI ( 2016 ) 2016/12/24

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A brand new day dawns bright and clear

What can there be for us to fear

As we are strong and know the truth

For  we have had the faith of Ruth.

“Whither thou goest, Naomi,”

Did save our faith and set us free

Who could have known so long ago

From these few words our blessings flow ?




DAYDREAMER ( 2016 ) 2016/12/23

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If only I could reach the sky

To count the stars all passing by

Or urge each cloud to weep or cry

O’er arid lands that are too dry,

A lonely eagle up so high

That sails on wind with wings that sigh

Perhaps to dream this will not die

While other hopes may multiply,

To live a life time won’t deny

And praise this land we occupy !





CHOIRBELLS ( 2016 ) 2016/12/22

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Oh how I wish that I could sing

Another happy feel good song

Where all the choirbells will ring

And those nearby may  join along !


TIME TO CARE ( 2016 ) 2016/12/21

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We know the holidays are here

The streets are full of joy and cheer

There is a feeling all about

One cannot wait to laugh and shout.

Our hopes are running high today

Do not let fear get in the way

Keep up your spirits, don’t be sad

Fill the stockings try to be glad.

It’s Christmastime, let’s celebrate

Just get on board and don’t be late

We’ve got a lot of dreams to share

Open your hearts it’s time to care !





LOVE AND CARE ( 2016 ) 2016/12/20

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I ‘ve often wondered what is in store

As we daily walk out our front door

What shall we see or happen upon

What can we find, perhaps stumble on ?

I’d like to think that there is a chance

To seal a great deal or find romance

Or maybe to make a brand new friend

That we each may keep until life’s end.

Whatever it is let’s pray we win

As bon chance begs us to enter in

Remember God will always be there

To guide us to hope and love and care !








INTO THE AIR ( 2016 ) 2016/12/19

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When I was young I fell in love

What was it I was thinking of

New fallen snow and frosty air

What did I see that wasn’t there ?


I was in love with winter’s spell

Cozy firesides if truth can tell

And as it happened I was lost

In passion strong that took its course.


I really thought our dreams came true

That you and I shared the same view

The winter once more brought the snow

Those fields of white began to grow.


But snow like life does fade away

To make room for another day

So like that snowman shrinking there

Some love just melts into the air !












CALAMITY ( 2016 ) 2016/12/18

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Now here it is, tis come at last

That cold and windy winter’s  blast

With ice and snow and crippling sleet

For who can manage on his feet ?

The chill invades most everywhere

How will the birds take to the air,

The squirrels nestled in their dens

Will shiver much before this ends.

While all God’s creatures in the yard

Must find the going rather hard

Dear Lord above, please hear our plea

And save us from calamity !



FAITH AND HOPE ( 2016 ) 2016/12/17

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The world is full of fluff and stuff

You’d think that we’d have had enough

But no, we shop and shop too much

And buy nonsense and other such

When what we need is love and care

And happiness most everywhere

A cup of kindness spiced with joy

To share with every girl and boy,

One bowl of pleasure, gladness too

To bring true faith and hope to you !




GREAT VICTORY ( 2016 ) 2016/12/16

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In many dreams that I recall

I’ve seen the writings on the wall

Those simple words a judgement were

And caused the fall of Belshazzar !

Now Daniel was a man of God

Much suffered as his life was hard

But win he did as we all know

And latter days, his writings show.

So much that we have all been told

Of visions from those days of old

He brought us truth that we will see

God’s ultimate great victory !



GOD IS LOVE ( 2016 ) 2016/12/15

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The years just seem to whiz on by

The days are short, the nighttimes fly

Hang on, hang on, don’t get upset

There’s no time left to do regret !

So hoist your sails and carry on

Oh captain, we depend upon

A little kindness here and there

Pickup your spirits, learn to share.

Show God that you will never shirk

Please let Him know that you can work

There’s so much more that needs be done

Let’s spread the word, enjoy the fun !


THANKFUL ( 2016 ) 2016/12/14

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To all my friends across the miles

You must believe my dearest wish

To one day see all of your smiles

And possibly to share a kiss.

Now since that act can never be

Perhaps you all may grant me this

Accept the thanks from me to thee

Please know you fill my life with bliss !




NECESSITIES ( 2016 ) 2016/12/13

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Oh Santa Claus, dear Santa Claus, what is it that you seek

A fireplace, a warm embrace and a floor that does not creak

A rocking chair just waiting there to help you rest your feet

One glass of milk to help wash down those cookies that you’ll eat ?


GOD’S LOVE AND CARE ( 2016 ) 2016/12/12

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A child once in a manger lay

His bedding made of straw and hay

And as He lay there sound asleep

We knew the promise He would keep.

The life He lived was shortened by

The truth that He knew He must die

In doing so he gave to us

A glimpse of days too glorious,

The dream of all that we may share

With beauty of God’s love and care !



MY TURN ( 2016 ) 2016/12/11

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One thing I’ve learned and must never forget

That here in my path is a challenge yet

There is too much to see and much to do

Before my turn here on this earth is through !


NO AVAIL ( 2016 ) 2016/12/10

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There is a road that leads somewhere

But I don’t know if I’ll get there

Its pathway is so long and bleak

Yet will it hold the aim I seek ?

I cannot find a moment’s rest

Seems life is just one endless quest

As on and on this weary trail

I struggle but to no avail !




ALL THINGS LARGE ( 2016 ) 2016/12/09

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I’ve heard large dragons are not real

They do not fly nor do they squeal

And if you think that I am wrong

Please come with me and ride along

We’ll travel to some nearby place

Where dragons take up too much space !

The only fantasies I’ve found

Are lies that persons spread around

With evil deeds that evil does

To damage all the good that was,

I must believe God’ s now in charge

Of all things small and all things large !



A SON ( 2016 ) 2016/12/08

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A finer lad I’ve never seen

With nose quite straight and brain so keen

One tall boy with a manner sweet

All dressed and pressed and rather neat.

His smile lights up the dreary room

His laugh disposes doom and gloom

I love to listen to his chat

He knows so much of this and that.

A nice young man, his mother’s boy

And daddy’s handsome  pride and joy !



SIMPLISTIC ( 2016 ) 2016/12/07

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One cannot know just how I feel

About a war that was so real

There is no way I  will forget

All those sad days that haunt me yet

And sometimes when I’m in sleep land

The visions seem too close at hand.

I pray to God we’ll never know

The ugliness that from wars flow

Quite often when I’m at my ease

I beg of God, end all wars please !



COUNT ON ME ( 2016 ) 2016/12/06

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Oh my dearest love what shall I do

To make sure that I am there for you

I’d like to think that you would rely

On my best efforts to get you by

In spite of my fallibility

I promise you, you can count on me !


ANGELS FLY ( 2016 )

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At times I am reminded of

Those days now gone we all did love

When God and man true partners were

Aligned against old Lucifer.

Seems he has gained the upper hand

And trashed all that we thought was grand

Our honor and integrity

The truths we knew and liberty.

Well, God’s on call and standing by

And I can’t wait till angels fly !




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