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MY CREED ( 2017 ) 2017/08/10

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A little love, a little care

A smile or two for all to share

A kindly word, a firm handshake

A promise that we’ll not forsake

An open heart with willing hands

To aid our friends in foreign lands,

Respect for freedom’s rule of law

With truth for all forever more !



HOORAY, HOORAY ( 2017 ) 2017/07/14

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Hooray, hooray,  I’m home today

This time let’s pray I’m here to stay

The road is long, the hill is steep

And I’ve a rendez-vous to keep.

I’m old and worn on my last leg,

Far too tired to try to beg

I’ve kept my eye upon the ball

Waiting to hear His final call.

The day is here, it’s on its way

But time and place no one can say

I thank you Lord for being there

Reminding me how much You care !





GO BACK AGAIN ( 2017 ) 2017/06/30

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We found our faith, both strong and mild

When most believed in the Christ Child

We sang His hymns and spread His prayer

Because we knew that He was there

Life seemed to be quite simple then

I wish we could go back again !




TENDERFOOT WINGS ( 2017 ) 2017/03/30

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Seems the Lord we love has made it clear

There’s no just cause left for us to fear

We must follow His law and believe

In all the blessings we may receive.

The commandments were written in stone

By His finger for Moses alone

And this is what we’ve been meant to learn

Before our tenderfoot wings are earned !


YULETIDE ( 2016 ) 2016/12/02

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My heart is full of Yuletide dreams

I’m not quite sure what it all means

This year is ending soon it seems

And I’m caught up in winter scenes.

There is a quiver in the trees

My faith endures, my soul perceives

It whispers soft into the breeze

Thank you  dear Lord, my world believes !


RENDEZ-VOUS ( 2016 ) For my friend Alison 2016/09/22

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There is a garden in the sky

I’m sure of that, I’ll tell you why

For heaven is His special place

That mystifies the human race.

Just picture all the pleasures there

God stores His treasures with great care

He tends to all His flocks with love

And grants us peace here and above.

I know that one day you and I

Will rendez-vous somewhere up high

For all I’ll ever want to do

Is hear you laugh and be with you !



CHANCE TO WIN ( 2016 ) 2016/08/18

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There is this whisper that I hear

Sometimes it rumbles in my ear

And slowly as I rise from sleep

Into my mind the words do creep

I’ve learned to listen to that voice

And o’er the years I’ve made my choice.

Each morn becomes another day

A fresh beginning in its way

How wonderful our God has been

To gift us with this chance to win !



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