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SUICIDE ( 2018 ) 2018/07/31

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We have seen the soldiers marching

And have heard all the cannons roar

In the distance, rockets launching

There in the middle of this war

To find ourselves thus encompassed

In a battle we cannot win

Where the madness is upon us

And the world’s drowning in chagrin !


OCCUPATION ( 2018 ) 2018/01/29

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Who hears the sound of running feet

Our world reverberates defeat

While strangers view the failing trend

When will this anger ever end ?

How tired have we all become

With vision clear to only some ?

My passion washes down the drain

Promising no, not e’er again

The silence closes in once more

Too soon our Lord may bar the door !


THE COST ( 2015 ) 2015/12/13

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The serpent slithers on the ground

And waits in crevises around

Sometimes he slips his skin aside

To cloak his strike or presence hide.

Oh evil spirit, this we know

Who spoke to Eve so long ago

For it was he inspired the pair

To disregard God’s warning there.

And thus man’s paradise was lost

There is no way to count the cost !


CHAMELEON ( 2015 ) 2015/07/18

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The sky is clear the sun so bright

A welcome change and sheer delight

The wind caresses all the trees

There’s salted breath upon the leaves

The water washes on the shores

The river hums the ocean roars.

Think back to times long gone away

When stalwart ships entered the bay

Folks came with baggage sparse and lean

Unknowing what the trip would mean

To greet this new world of their dreams

This foreign land where freedom gleam’d.

For most it was a great success

Each garnered something to possess

Those lessons learned seem long forgot

Replaced by greed and unctuous rot

Our government the gross suspect

Has changed our land by forced neglect !


OBSCENE ? ( 2015 ) 2015/06/02

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Oh how this world has changed since I

Was young and only stood knee high

The universe has grown much more

So many went there to explore.

We’ve learned how to communicate

With sound and vision up-to-date

Our satellites now fill the skies

All are results of enterprise.

Midst all the challenges we face

Like limbs and organs to replace

With all the changes we have seen

Has faith become an act obscene ?


GODLESS ( 2014 ) 2014/08/21

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The days are charged with fiery speech

But soon we shall an ending reach

What do we need that can’t be sought

With weakness and our wealth be bought ?

The time for courage has emerged

Though we are bankrupt and submerged,

Our ruling class is self-embraced

And few are left without disgrace !

So this is how our story ends

There’s little left, not even friends !


CALLOUS ( 2014 ) 2014/07/30

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Where sounds of silence fill the air

And winds of time do memory spare

The depth of emptiness will stare

Into a crowd that does not care !


ENDLESS WARS ( 2014 ) 2014/05/27

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When will these endless wars be done

So man may freely greet the sun

And close his eyes in peace each night

Assured he’ll wake to morning light ?

The simple truth is we can’t wait

The time grows short the hour late

And anger that bursts into flame

Claiming to be in God’s own name

Is truly  Satan’s fight to live

Beyond the scope God will forgive !

The time is near, it soon will die

What can we do to speed goodbye ?



GROWING CHAOS ( 2014 ) 2014/04/15

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A growing chill pervades the room

I sense the angst of spreading gloom

How sad that we must victims be

Of anger and anxiety !

What is it that has power to rule

Converts us each into some fool

And robs us of our humankind

To leave us weak and false and blind ?

A lack of faith and knowledge too

Our schooling with a perverse view

Rejecting that which made us great

Replaced with laws of fear and hate !


HOPELESS ( 2013 ) 2013/12/19

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Do you often think

We’re perched on the brink

In a world insane

With values inane

An outcome preset

The most godless yet ?


TYRANTS ( 2013 ) 2013/10/09

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It’s  in times as these that we thank our star

And are grateful for blessings near and far

When this world collides with truths we believe

We come face to face with those who deceive.

We learn once again how evil can win

By the use of false words and spin, spin, spin.

Without conscience or trust they pursue gain

Discounting the ill and those in great pain

Pretending to be defending the weak

Proud of themselves and the lies that they speak.

Sincerity’s lost in what we have heard

Far from the teaching of God’s Holy Word

The Wisdom above will true judgement call,

Tyrants and egos together will fall.


FALLEN ANGELS ( 2013 ) 2013/09/15

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I’ve known an angel here and there

They’ve helped me in my deep despair

Some angels did get left behind

Another goal they chose to find.

They fell from grace in record time

Their wings were clipped and edged with grime

Their deeds of good did fade away

Their faces bright turned dull and gray.

I’ve seen a few and touched their wings

But shy away from evil things

God saw their work and turned His face

He would not help those in disgrace.

They lost their good and all their mirth

And fell from heaven to the earth

Their tales of weakness followed here

Too soon they will all disappear !


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