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WISHING ( 2016 ) 2017/01/31

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I’ve dreamt about that garden where sweet Jesus took His last walk

And wished how I could have been there to witness His farewell talk !


LET’S HURRY UP ( 2017 ) 2017/01/30

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Our world about is full of sin

What kind of mess are we all in

I’d like to know how we got here

Too many people live in fear

This is not by the Lord’s design

When He’s in charge all will be fine.

Recall the walls of Jericho

Or Sodom and Gomorra’s woe,

The lions will lie down with lamb

Do you remember Isaac’s ram ?

It’s time to get right on the track

We need to take our futures back

We’ll say our prayers and sip the cup

Oh please, dear God, let’s hurry up !




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The mornings come, the mornings go

From dawn through dusk and starlight show

The world we know is dying fast

This future now may be our last

For who can say what will come next

A ferv’rent prayer or holy text ?

The seeing eyes of God above

And unrelenting force of love,

I beg Him here on bended knees

Repair the hole in my heart, please !


BENCHED ( 2017 ) 2017/01/29

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The wind it whistles round the bend

And seems to whine “I’m here again”

It travels on to conquer more

With hoary breath and gusty roar

Oh, hear the sound and noisy shout

I sure get tired of striking out !


REPETITION ( 2017 ) 2017/01/28

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I wonder, God, if it’s okay

To ask You for another stay ?

I sure could use a second chance

To search around for life’s romance

I do get, oh, so tired of

A world that seems devoid of love !


EDEN LOST ( 2017 ) 2017/01/27

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Does man get lost in hopes that are not fair

While ever wanting to seek paradise,

As trees lift up their arms to God in prayer

Are men then left alone to their device ?

Life has a vast divide existing there

To reach in darkness feeling no alarm

For man’s oft judged by trappings he may wear

And so has learnt how to evade this harm ?

But still in God’s lost idyllic garden

Where fragrant roses will forever bloom

Lie shadows of those soon forgotten

Not unlike whispers in a silent room !



I HAVE QUESTIONS ( 2017 ) 2017/01/26

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What do I see, where have I been

What kind of world do I live in

Where shall I go when life is done

When will I see both moon and sun

How can I tell why I am there

Who’ll be on hand to help me share ?

So many questions fill my mind

A greater need I cannot find

I’d like a clue what to expect

Which things to want or to neglect

For who may guess where we will go

Since none returned, how shall we know ?


UNDO THE WEB ( 2017 ) 2017/01/25

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I find myself so much confused

Insulted and at times amused

By all the trash that fills our world

With ignorance and anger hurled !

Can you hear all those words they shout

Do you know what they’re wild about,

To be fair do you have a thought

As to this web in which we’re caught ?

I’m saddened by what people think

And understand they’re on the brink,

I beg You God to help them all

Find peace while decency recall !



NOR’EASTER ( 2017 ) 2017/01/24

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The frothy foam that caps the waves

And dredges sand from seashell graves

That long have hidden from our sight

Choose now to face the morn’s veiled light.

The ocean creatures deeper go

Escaping nature’s undertow

While seagulls frantic overhead

Search for a perch that’s safe instead !

Both you and I must reach for breath

As all the air seems sucked to death

The wind whips round with heightened speed

Oh grant us Lord, the strength we need !


ELI ELI LAMA SABACH THANI ? ( 2017 ) 2017/01/23

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There is a song the people sing

That praises God and glories bring

It is a hymn from times long gone

That we have pinned our hopes upon.

A darkened hill, a blood soaked cross

The ugly terror of our loss

A day that one cannot forget

That caused earth’s early sun to set.

It rent the temple’s curtain break

As trembling earth did mighty quake

While God to man anger displayed

Christ’s vow to us had long been made !



REWARD ( 2017 ) 2017/01/22

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The day is coming soon enough

The road’s been rocky, steep and tough

Is this the day that’s still to come

When angels gather only some,

To lead them into fields of gold

Where words of God resound untold

And man may reach his glory road

Where all His wisdom glows and flowed ?

Our Lord shall rule from up above

The air we breathe instilled with love

And so it is and so ’twill be

When all of earth at last is free !




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Isn’t it amazing we are living on the brink

With each and every moment of how we breathe and think

We’ve been taught to earn our keep in the old fashioned way

And we are growing better with what we do each day

The lesson we have learned is that God is always there

While He watches over us and does our burdens share !


OLD MENS’ WAR ( 2017 ) 2017/01/21

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I knew a boy quite long ago

There was a war, he had to go

He was so green, his life was new

How could he guess what he’d go through ?

I did my best, he was my friend

And wrote to him right to the end

How hard is it to turn away

When there is nothing left to say ?

Except you did your extra best

And hoped and prayed bout what came next

The wars will come and wars will go

What is the reason, who can know,

You’ve heard me say these words before

Why must youth die in old mens’ war ?


SPECIAL FORCE ( 2016 ) 2017/01/20

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Oh what a place this nation is

Full of vim, vigor, pep and whiz,

Like bottles of rare bubbly wine

From grapes of joy grown on the vine

Transformed to champagne in our lives

Granting all goodness that revives

Ask that one Special Force  above

To bless us with unending love !



NEVER ENDING COLD ( 2017 ) 2017/01/19

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I’ve trudged among the trees where winter breezes blow

Shuffled through the streets piled high with new fallen snow

Lingered in the shelter of tall buildings nearby

Silent as particles of snowflakes gently fly.

There is certain quiet that I appreciate

Appearing only after the hour has grown late

And so it is in winter we place dreams on hold

All’s impossible in this never ending cold !



THE CIRCUS COMES TO TOWN ( 2017 ) 2017/01/18

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It’s been so very many years

Since the circus came to town

I guess there’ll be a lot of tears

Soon as it’s no longer round.

I worry bout the children’s joys

Watching silly circus clowns

What shall they do, those girls and boys

To help melt away their frowns ?

I wonder if we’ll ever see

A zoo on wheels once again

I can’t imagine it will be

A good plan for now or then.

So we’ll just have to make-believe

With lots of drums and loud noise

And set-up tents you can perceive

Full of fuzzy hairy toys

We could hang photos on the wall

Tell me if that sounds too queer

But this will never do at all

There are no animals here !


LOCKED DOOR ( 2017 ) 2017/01/17

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Sometimes I believe there is no end

To all the troubles fleet time may send

And how can we in good faith respond

As we find ourselves so put upon ?

Where is the justice that we must seek

To save us whether brave, mild or meek

What is it that we’ve been searching for

Or hope to find behind God’s locked door ?



WE ALL BELONG ( 2017 ) 2017/01/16

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I thank you God for life is kind

There always is some good to find

Though painful days will sadness bring

Together with our suffering.

Sometimes we rise beyond the past

To find the calm we dream may last

For life is more than stuff or things

It’s full of joyous happenings

It’s peace and love, laughter and song

God’s world in which we all belong !





THE CANYON ( 2017 ) 2017/01/15

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I think that I have never seen

Mountains so high, so very green

The forests rise up to the skies

Such beauty brings tears to the eyes,

Oh what a sight that greets me still

I see those creatures on the hill

They leap in concert with each breeze

Zigzagging through the maze of trees.

The sunlight shares its specks of dust

While warming all the earth it must

Kaleidoscope of passing sky

Where screaming vultures zoom and fly

Oh what an aspect I do see

God’s beauty waiting there for me !





ANGER ( 2017 ) 2017/01/14

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Of all the evils that exist

That constant are and do persist

The worst of these remain to date

Those filled with unrelenting hate.

Oh what a sadness that must be

The cost of anger’s never free

And leaves an emptiness inside

That sometimes is too hard to hide.

Perhaps these feelings do abate

Oft times occuring far too late

It seems we’ve no solution there

Our only hope is God and prayer !




FREEDOM COME. ( 2017 ) 2017/01/13

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Now I have dreamt a million dreams

And some of them came true

I guess I’m lucky, so it seems

I like to share with you !

For all those times luck has not smiled

Nor been so very kind

When fate did scheme to drive us wild

With joy harder to find,

We still held on with all our might

Small matter what was done

But win we have after the fight

To save our freedom come !


EARLY HOURS ( 2017 ) 2017/01/12

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Tears on my face are nothing more

Than wishes I have hungered for

Like dreams that vanish with the dawn

Before each morn is newly born

It’s time to find some other ways

To help me through these trying days !




GOD’S EXIT DOOR ( 2017 ) 2017/01/11

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We have been friends so many years

We’ve shared the range of joy and fears

We laughed a lot, we also cried

As family and pals have died.

We toughened up and made a choice

We chose to heed the calmer voice

For this scant time we each have left

Perchance to guard against its theft

As all that we’ve been wishing for

May help us reach God’s exit door !


ALL BIDE WITH ME ( 2017 ) 2017/01/10

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The moment that I rise from bed

Old memories do fill my head

I am back home when I was small

And dad is whistling in the hall.


Mom’s hanging clothes upon the line

The wind is crisp, the day is fine

The children shreiking in the yard

Makes hearing conversation hard.


While Nana’s praying in her room

Pop’s sweeping sidewalks with his broom

The smell of onions fills the air

As dinner waits to be prepared.


My world gets smaller day by day

As those I love all pass away

And will to me this legacy

They bide with me in memory !


HARMONY ( 2017 ) 2017/01/09

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I raise my eyes up to the Lord

And praise His grace with true accord

Believing faith begins when we

Accept His laws of harmony !


MY STRENGTHS ( 2017 ) 2017/01/08

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I love You Lord, You are my strengths

I’d follow You to any lengths

You are courage and made me strong

And in Your care I do belong.

I am with You where ere You go

Through summer storm or winter’s snow

And when I die remember this

I beg of You, one parting kiss !



DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA ( 2017 ) HALLELUJAH ! 2017/01/07

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EXCUSE ME but that’s my song they’re playing !  This morning at 5:58 AM, I was astounded by a tasteful display of the Star Spangled Banner, a beautiful panorama of Martin Luther King Jr., a montage of war memorials in D.C. and a moment of silence.  All of this on Fox Cable Network News TV as they commenced morning broadcasting.  I almost jolted out of bed however people my age never jolt anywhere at anytime !  I sat, I rose, I appreciated !  Well now here am I sharing this experience with my world at large, no basket over this light !  It’s like a reveille call.  I do not know if it qualifies, but I’m going to enjoy this show and thank the new incoming administration for reviving our waning patriotism !  Perhaps there is the hope that it is catching.  That would be heartening, thank you !  I already feel 10 pounds lighter, how about you ?     Sincerely,         Claire B.


HAVE A START ( 2017 ) 2017/01/06

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I’d like to think that God is there

And hears our every thought and prayer

For He is privy to our dreams

A part of all our lifetime schemes.

I pray that He does not forget

We’ve all done things that we regret

And dare not hide our many faults

Although it’s He our heart exhalts.

But for our God what have we got

Forsaken goals and empty plot

Without His care and loving heart

No life on earth would have a start !



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