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NECESSITY ( 1975 ) 2013/05/31

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There’s a time in life that needs a resting space,

There’s a space in time that needs a quiet place,

There’s a dream in life that withstands blinding test,

There’s a time in dreams that requires peaceful rest.



CRITIQUE ( 2013 ) 2013/05/30

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My sense of humor is so typically Gallic,

Simple sarcasm gently blended with Teutonic

Arrogance, however it appears to work well,

Or have I been deluding myself once again?


DATELINE: Hoboken, New Jersey, USA”OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES” ( 2013 )

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May I share with you one of my favorite American poets, a man of versatility and ” exquisite ” sensitivity ?  Born in 1809, he was a doctor during the Civil War and the father of a Union Soldier who served 30 years as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes ( the younger ).  The senior Holmes wrote volumes including ” The Last Leaf”, ” Old Ironsides ” and the creme de la creme,  ” The Chambered Nautilus “.  Who can forget “Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul,” concluding with ” Leaving thine outgrown shell by life’s unresting sea! “?  Father and son, men of honor, confirming an old adage ”  the apple doesn’t fall far from the apple tree “.  Please take the time to research and perhaps ” find ” another hero!


Claire B.


THE COLORS ( 2013 ) 2013/05/29

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Her colors flying proud and straight up high

So like some banner stretched across the sky

Within the fields of stars marching around

Intent upon one purpose to surround,

Display broad stripes of white and red so bold

Their legend in each battle will be told

Instilling courage with pure lack of fear

While in the corner of one’s eye, a tear

Soon gathers gently on the summer winds,

Its now the need for greater strength begins!


IN MEMORY OF ( 2013 ) 2013/05/28

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The life I knew that now has flown

Into the clutch of bleak unknown

And left me here to query why

All that I loved did bid goodbye

Without a nod or brief farewell

To ease the pain wherein I dwell.

Thus force my heart to comprehend

I can’t control each journey’s end

Although convinced I thought I could

I realized I never would.


CONTINUITY ( 1970 ) 2013/05/26

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Oh, still and peaceful starlit night,

With not a whispered breeze in sight,

Those rustic arms that reach too bare,

Oblique, into the sky now stare,

And seeming wait, for some small gift

Falling from space and earthward drift.


Now stark and graceless awkward tree

Like autumn wind reminding me

Years fall one upon another,

Swiftly reason to discover,

These arms that long to grasp and lift

Embrace the wind cast time adrift.


Thus ageless trees with patience stand

Their vast retinue in command,

Through darkest night or brightest morn,

This faceless wonder earth adorn.


INTROSPECTION ( 1979 ) 2013/05/25

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As I ponder those emotions past with feeling

Unto my thoughts a certain wisdom appealing,

It’s the sentiment I recall though not the love

Which fleeting time did somehow wither lust above,

Wherefore have I been, what lucid thoughts have I held

The pressing loss that truth indeed for lack compelled,

The stress did seem unreal and reason query why,

An ending to my passion, for this need imply.

Our lifespan covers a limited time, ought more,

And wanton waste, the seasons of our life deplore,

There are nought other worlds to conquer in our quest

To seek, enjoy, fulfill and leave behind the rest

Hence, can we not to live content with who we are,

For love as such, may curry favor near or far.


LUNATION ( 1969 )

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Thou mournful moon  that shines so distant clear with innocence,

Belies a history that cradled weeds of decadence

Yet glows with ancient tales of lords and kings and mighty  things,

An eloquence which speaks through space and time forbearance brings

And moves the mind to dwell on deeds and wisdom circumspect,

Now seeing not believing, this strange power shall wills direct.

Night sister to the sun, the sailor’s tool that bares the soul

Though man may probe this parent to the tides exceeds control.

Thus mighty force indulging man’s wildest inclination

Give credence to a thought that consumes with dedication,

And here one learns through willful ignorance to tine the test,

That orb which swells with deep intensity, observes the rest,

Abounds with manifold myths and legends no time destroys

And in its strength doth twist and blend both countless tears and joys.


SAILS ( 1982 )

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In the distance I  can spy

Colored sails against the sky

Rainbowed hues so bright and clear

Seeming far, yet very near.

Small triangles in the breeze

Guileless gliding on blue seas.

Some that turn from north to west

Others skimming on the crest,

Masts so tall, they groan and sigh,

I can see their pennants fly.


Brave little craft beckons me

To a life that’s bold and free

In the harbor or adrift

Let me share your journey swift,

Cast upon the water’s wave

To become your fearless slave.



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My little men are playing hard

their jumbled shrieks of glee

Will prove an ever constant source

of wonderment to me.

It is not meet that we should know

of all the words they speak

For half the joy of their long day

are secrets they need keep.

And in their world of little men

where adults cannot be

All men are brave and strong and good

in faith, they’re not yet three.


ON GRADUATION DAY ( 1945 ) 2013/05/24

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Out of the stillness of the hour

It seems to me that

I can hear the crying

Of the quiet times

That still must be… now dying.

Where laughter once

Full filled the halls with glee

There is but only a dream

Reminding me.

Would that I might achieve

That day of youth’s bright joy

Would that I might retain

For everyday this buoyancy of living

Somehow I’ve outgrown that joy.

Will I relive it ever?

Listening close

I hear the answer echoing

Throughout the silent halls,

It seems to whisper . . . “Never”.


LANDSCAPE ( 1987 )

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A rocky wall, a crumbling fence

A dried-up brook, a withered vine

A fallen bough held in suspense

That rests upon a clementine,

Unkempt yew side a tumbled post

A grim reminder of neglect

While lamp to spider’s web played host

Its use long past one would suspect.

This sentry by a garden gate

With primrose path and weeds profuse

Makes statement that fair shouts “Ingrate”,

To focus thought on life’s abuse.

We’ve seen the waste misfortune brings

And many styles that pruning need

Applied not just to vernal things

All spreading hopes crave care to breed.


TIMING (1968 ) 2013/05/23

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When I have watched ten thousand clouds pass

overhead and seen

Them pass again this way no more in

splendor’s show serene,

When I have held the dearest heart close

to my breast once more

And known a love without a fear I

never knew before,

When I have filled my wildest dreams and

spent my sweetest day,

When there is nothing left to learn and

nothing left to say,

When all of time continues on as

if it faced no end

And I have told my last farewell to

lover and to friend,

When all my tears and hopes are gone and

life wills no delay

Then may I close my eyes in sleep and

blow my breath away.


DARK SHADOWS ( 2001 ) 2013/05/22

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The shadows dark do cloud my mind

And as a serpent slowly wind

Into a river rife with fear

Where floats one vision most unclear,

Too strange that as I wend my way

My feet seem slow and mired in clay.

From dusk till dawn these shadows keep

My restless self foreign to sleep,

Then with the wakeful hours of morn

My eyelids shut in careless scorn

Upon this world which might just be

A lesson in civility.


DATELINE: Hoboken, New Jersey, USA” HOBOKENITES ” ( 2013 ) 2013/05/21

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Did you know that besides Frank Sinatra, Hoboken was home to Stephen Foster AND Edgar Allan Poe?  Lillian Russell was married here in the 1800’s, and my family arrived from Germany in 1846.  My grandpa George Eugene Sipple played for the Knickerbocker baseball team.  Remember this town is only one mile square!  Can you imagine?  So much history!


Claire B.


PEACE ( 2013 )

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I don’t know what you are thinking

And if it affects my life

Only God knows where your heart is

If it’s filled with peace or strife.

I can pray that you’ll remember

To uplift and aid the weak

Most are the Lord’s helpless children

Lacking voice to beg or speak.

In this life we are mistaken

To believe we’re all alone

No one knows our destination

Is the path of grass or stone?

I can wait another lifetime

Hoping soon to find release

In pursuit of God and wisdom

Seeking His eternal peace.


DATELINE : Hoboken, New Jersey, USA ” HERO ” ( 2013 )

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Am I correct in believing that Brokaw called my era the “ Greatest Generation” ?  ( My mother bought me that book.)  I spent more than 76 years of my life in “ incredibly “ close proximity to my mom, she was my “hero” !  I miss her everyday and live by the simple rules she valued.  In German it was : Kirche, Kinder, Kochin, “loosely”  translated into … God, family, duty !  Not a bad goal.


Claire B.


LOVE ( 2013 )

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I’m mesmerized by falling rain

It splatters on my window pane

And sings a tune I need to hear

It sounds like music on my ear,

It means my garden now can thrive

And soon God’s blessings will arrive.

You cannot know the joy I feel

Or how much ache this show will heal,

The beauty that a garden brings

With scented breath on fragile wings,

In truth this vision states somehow

God loves me, thats enough for now!


ANTICIPATION ( 1983 ) 2013/05/20

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A wretched mass we lonely be

We draw our lots of destiny

And fearful though our days may seem

We’ll not forsake the growing dream

That time has furrowed on our brow

And hope can only but allow

To breathe and swell within our soul

And make it seem but one more goal

For man to grasp the will to live

And every moment courage give.

The wind blows wild across the plain

Another soul to seek acclaim

Like shipwrecks shoaled on foreign shore

Their voices raised, God’s grace implore.

As trees their arms do upward sway

The whole world kneels , her prayer to say

Where ancient Moorish castles rise

Their towers reaching for the skies.


This prayer of man that heaven sent

Begs only for his heart’s content,

Bold edifice of legendry

Now stirs the soul to poetry

And wills the weak to stronger be

And make fast friends of you and me.


HYPOTHESIS ( 1977 ) 2013/05/19

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Oh, foolish dreamer, you lonely child,

They gave you a hope, and you ran wild

In fields of joy and gardens of laughter,

Simple girl, you forgot what comes after

The rain of a late summer’s discontent,

However much meaningful or well meant

He will return to the world of his past,

Deserting you first, remembering last

That you held his hand through the troubled days

And you kissed his tears, through your misted gaze,

But in their flight, most men are little boys,

And gentle girls become discarded toys.


THE CLOWN ( 1946 ) 2013/05/18

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Ah, Pierrot, what pale tear doth rest upon thy cheek

And lingers there while thou hast not the tongue to speak

To quell this agony within thy breast that swells

Not either strength to leave nor voice to thy love tell?

Hence thou dost act each night a role that hath no end

To veil thy life without one lover or one friend.

T’would be the love for whom you’ve pined yet been denied

Dost sense not hour , day nor year through which thou hast cried.

Thus as this force continued on in weary grief

Thou garnered not the halting grace it must to leave.

But made thyself a servant silent to her will

And like some mindless fool forever loved her still.


ENGLAND ( 1950 )

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This delicate jewel that reigns across the sea

Still clouded by the mist and slightly faded shade

Rules with repute amid fame of greater glory

While the events of years her impotence betrayed.

Basking in the shadow of one bright diadem

Views stolen from another end of the rainbow

Lending character to this aged waning gem

That here exists with honor and respect in tow.


Noble crescent from whence came seeds of our beginnings

Once hidden by the tiresome toss and chance of time

In retrospect with pride that contemplation brings

See truth and in that single act, dower confine.


SUNDOWN ( 1949 )

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The tide has gone, how cool the night

It’s ebb has passed, now dims the light

Drift wood alone remains for me

The single task which must now be

To build again this life to share

With splintered fragments of repair.

Lost memories like shattered dreams

Fill water into running streams

Receding tides, crumbling castles

Consuming waves leave only ashes. 


HOLLOW ( 1949 ) 2013/05/17

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A star has brushed my heart

and left it maime

A wind rushed past my ear

 whis’pring you name.


FAITH ( 2013 )

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I’d gather up the courage to stand so very tall

And pray that God would be there to catch me if I fall,

And if I can’t remember exactly every word

I’m sure that He will see my unspoken thoughts are heard.


Just a thought ……

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Can it be that our dreams

are but the musings of angels

softly whispered whilst we sleep?


LEGACY ( 2006 )

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If today should be my last to keep

I’d deed to you, before I sleep

Those treasures which I’ll leave behind

To seek the rest that I will find.

There are these gifts to give away,

One is the peace youth will delay.

While I have many dreams to share

I also have some love to spare,

I’d pledge that love to fill your heart

Next to the wish your fears depart.

I’d bid you learn to live like me,

With courage, truth and dignity.


If this day were my last to spend

I’d will to you before its end,

The glow of joy and calm of mind

That through our destinies must wind,

And pray then as we say goodbye

There will be ventures you will try,

Perhaps a mountain you will dare

Because your future may be there

And if you fail, shed not a tear,

I leave you cause and faith sincere.

I can but beg your grief will see

The wisdom in my legacy.


OUTGROWN ( 1979 ) 2013/05/16

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What is there above stripped limbs that I can spy

Wedged between those spiny arms that reach too high?

One browned and muddy shelter grown obsolete

That time ago, to some bird, was world complete,

With its leafy covert fallen to the ground

Where it lies in lifeless and decaying mound.

Now empty and deserted this wasting nest

That in prime, to brooding chicks gave healthy rest.

Poor lonely home of use no more, bleak and bare,

Lost legacy of one transient flying pair

Struggling in that tangled sea of life’s morass.

Thus observed, swiftly it is, through age we pass,

To leave behind this remnant of what had been

Some message of deep concern to kith and kin.


Consider lessons now sealed within those walls,

In its girth, did gift the heart and cushion falls.

Then build our nests for each youth, both sleek and trim,

Though we guide them well, the rest is left to Him.


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