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NECESSITY ( 1975 ) 2013/05/31

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There’s a time in life that needs a resting space,

There’s a space in time that needs a quiet place,

There’s a dream in life that withstands blinding test,

There’s a time in dreams that requires peaceful rest.



CRITIQUE ( 2013 ) 2013/05/30

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My sense of humor is so typically Gallic,

Simple sarcasm gently blended with Teutonic

Arrogance, however it appears to work well,

Or have I been deluding myself once again?


DATELINE: Hoboken, New Jersey, USA”OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES” ( 2013 )

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May I share with you one of my favorite American poets, a man of versatility and ” exquisite ” sensitivity ?  Born in 1809, he was a doctor during the Civil War and the father of a Union Soldier who served 30 years as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes ( the younger ).  The senior Holmes wrote volumes including ” The Last Leaf”, ” Old Ironsides ” and the creme de la creme,  ” The Chambered Nautilus “.  Who can forget “Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul,” concluding with ” Leaving thine outgrown shell by life’s unresting sea! “?  Father and son, men of honor, confirming an old adage ”  the apple doesn’t fall far from the apple tree “.  Please take the time to research and perhaps ” find ” another hero!


Claire B.


THE COLORS ( 2013 ) 2013/05/29

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Her colors flying proud and straight up high

So like some banner stretched across the sky

Within the fields of stars marching around

Intent upon one purpose to surround,

Display broad stripes of white and red so bold

Their legend in each battle will be told

Instilling courage with pure lack of fear

While in the corner of one’s eye, a tear

Soon gathers gently on the summer winds,

Its now the need for greater strength begins!


IN MEMORY OF ( 2013 ) 2013/05/28

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The life I knew that now has flown

Into the clutch of bleak unknown

And left me here to query why

All that I loved did bid goodbye

Without a nod or brief farewell

To ease the pain wherein I dwell.

Thus force my heart to comprehend

I can’t control each journey’s end

Although convinced I thought I could

I realized I never would.


CONTINUITY ( 1970 ) 2013/05/26

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Oh, still and peaceful starlit night,

With not a whispered breeze in sight,

Those rustic arms that reach too bare,

Oblique, into the sky now stare,

And seeming wait, for some small gift

Falling from space and earthward drift.


Now stark and graceless awkward tree

Like autumn wind reminding me

Years fall one upon another,

Swiftly reason to discover,

These arms that long to grasp and lift

Embrace the wind cast time adrift.


Thus ageless trees with patience stand

Their vast retinue in command,

Through darkest night or brightest morn,

This faceless wonder earth adorn.


INTROSPECTION ( 1979 ) 2013/05/25

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As I ponder those emotions past with feeling

Unto my thoughts a certain wisdom appealing,

It’s the sentiment I recall though not the love

Which fleeting time did somehow wither lust above,

Wherefore have I been, what lucid thoughts have I held

The pressing loss that truth indeed for lack compelled,

The stress did seem unreal and reason query why,

An ending to my passion, for this need imply.

Our lifespan covers a limited time, ought more,

And wanton waste, the seasons of our life deplore,

There are nought other worlds to conquer in our quest

To seek, enjoy, fulfill and leave behind the rest

Hence, can we not to live content with who we are,

For love as such, may curry favor near or far.


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