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MY OBSERVATION ( 2019 ) 2019/12/07

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While  Congress  prances all around

Our  troops lay  dying on the ground

But  little care do  they eschew

That  comforts any  other view

There  is a God  we must  believe

Who  soon our honor  will retrieve  !




A FATHER’S LOVE ( 2019 ) 2019/11/26

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Once was a man  that I had known

When  I was young and not full grown

Long time ago  and far away

Another  life,  another  way.


He was a man  of honest pride

Direct  and sweet,  sincere  inside

I  miss him still  and ever will

He holds that place  none else can fill.


And  if I live one  hundred years

Or have to face one  thousand fears

There  is no one  I’ll ever meet

Who  shall my father’s  love unseat  !


VICTORIOUS ( 2019 ) 2019/06/19

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This man reviled by all the press

Who came on board to fix the mess

His name will live in history

He saved this nation  for the free

And time alone shall tell the tale

So many stories to regale

Have faith that in the end we’ll see

His name will mark our victory !




PRINCIPLES ( 2019 ) 2019/05/06

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How I’d like to think we’re all the same

That we all possess the selfsame aim

That our instincts tell us what’s correct

And the principles we must expect,

That we live our lives in manner strong

In a place in which respect belongs,

That we honor truth and liberty

In a world wherein all men are free !


HOMAGE ( 2019 ) 2019/03/17

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The lonesome whistle of the train

Keeps singing to my tired brain

The trip is long and nears its end

I’m ever weary, oh my friend

And what if we should never die

How could we then embrace goodbye ?


TRUST IS A VIRTUE (2019) 2019/03/14

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When I was but a little child 

And life was newer, sweeter, mild 

My mother taught me many things 

About the joy that kindness brings 

And why respect’s a two way street 

When often strangers chance to meet 

The earth is precious needing care 

With trust the virtue all must share ! 


“IF I BE ALIVE” ( 2019 ) 2019/02/28

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There was a man that I used to know

He was my gardener long ago

A man of honor and good intent

Who said exactly just what he meant.

True, I knew he was a man of God

And back in those days that was not odd

He went about his work with great ease

His goal in life was to help and please.

A kindly man full of deep respect

Not an inch of ground did he neglect

His parting words I can still recall

They never changed, no not once at all.

He taught me a lesson that does survive

” See you tomorrow, if I be alive ” !






FIND SOME HAPPY END ( 2019 ) 2019/02/02

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Have we remembered to say “Thank You”

For all of the kindness that You do

And for the blessings that we receive

Like words of wisdom which we believe.

At times this old world is harsh and crude

And by action, arrogant and rude

Somehow folks assume they make the rules

While the balance of us are all fools.

How sad to think that this is the way

That most of our world reacts today

Let us pray that God does comprehend

And helps us to find some happy end !





GOD IS THERE FOR YOU ( 2018 ) 2018/11/02

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I pine for you my precious child

You weathered life both harsh and mild

When you were young you were so sweet

You truly were your mommy’s treat.

An angel child from heaven sent

Where helping others was your bent

Along the way your life it changed

Your ideas all, how far they ranged.

From deep sea diving to the ice

You did it all and made it nice

Good husband, father, brother too

Your great big world was fond of you.

You never lost your faith in God

Especially when life got hard

We’ll pray that God is there for you

And that His love will follow through !




NO SECRETS HERE ( 2018 ) 2018/11/01

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It matters not where you are from

The lower class or high income,

The price has always been the same

A sense of honor, your good name !

Respect for elders, kindly deeds

Concern for others and their needs

The fact that truth is scoring high

Why would another tell a lie ?

If words are all that one has got

What else is there if one is not ?

Tis sad to note that common man

Has more to hide than less to plan

God knows us all and what we do

No secrets here, not me, not you!


WE MUST BELIEVE ( 2018 ) 2018/03/23

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We are the home of heroes, every color, every size

But who are those now making this effort to minimize ?

It’s been our own courageous patriots who’ve built this land

A place where citizens can work together hand in hand

This homeland where the people have the freedom and the choice

To fly the flag, sing the song, say the pledge or raise their voice !


WE MUST BELIEVE ( 2017 ) 2017/12/05

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We are the home of heroes, every color, every size

But who are those now making this effort to minimize ?

It’s been our own courageous patriots who’ve built this land

A place where citizens  can work together hand in hand

This homeland where the people have the freedom and the choice

To fly the flag, sing the song, say the pledge or raise their voice !


I PROMISE YOU ( 2017 ) 2017/08/26

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I love you Mom, you’ll always be

My whole life through, a part of me.

All that I know and learned from you

Those lessons taught honest and true,

A kindly heart and pleasant way

The smile that starts and ends each day

A will to speak with joy and ease

The need to help, an aim to please.

These are the rules you set in place

I promise you, I will embrace !





DOWN TO A MAN ( 2017 ) 2017/03/31

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Our lives are cast in many ways

With results for all of our days

No one may change what has begun

For history’s been set and done.

We hope and pray we do not fail

And of our strengths we shall avail

So each will do the best he can

To fill that role down to a man !



SOTTO – VOCE ( 2016 ) 2016/05/18

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Speak softly now, oh my sweet soul

And we shall make it to our goal

Let kindness be the guide we use

While arrogance must we refuse.

For who is there will bear the pain

Of impudence again, again

The folly of impatient fools

Will put to waste all proper rules.

Beware my dear we have small choice

Tis better far speak sotto voiced !




AMERICAN ( 2016 ) 2016/03/10

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I see the flag that flies o’erhead

Red, white and blue as truth be said

This banner that forever waves

Our dignity and honor saves.

How proudly should we all observe

Respect for truth while valor serve

I’m glad to do all that I can

Because I am American !


DIGNITY ( 2016 ) 2016/01/16

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How sweet life was just years ago

Before we each began to grow

Into the adults we now are

Although a few have gone too far.

Where did our faith and fairness go

And when will truth and justice show,

The coddled mass lacks common sense

How can they share in our defense ?

With hands outstretched await their turn

And ne’er a thought their bread to earn

So foolish they all seem to be

To sacrifice their dignity !


THE CODE ( 2015 ) 2015/12/18

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There is this fact that I have found

To keep my feet upon the ground

We’re all the same from inside out

We think, we feel and move about

There is a code that matches few

To thine ownself be ever true !




HEROES, HEROES EVERYWHERE ( 2015 ) 2015/12/05

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I’m sure we have heroes everywhere

Even if we do not know their names

We’re so positive that they do care

Always ready to preserve our aims.

They have faith and heart and courage too

Belief in all of our true ideals

No matter what others say or do

These are passions that a hero feels !



THE AMERICAN CEMETERY ( 2015 ) 2015/11/11

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On the cliffs above that sandy beach

Learn a lesson only sight can teach

It’s a vast stretch of a foreign land

That belongs to us, in our command

And each time I’m there my heart does cry

For buried men who cannot reply.

Ten thousand erect markers still stand

So faraway from their own homeland

On American soil by that beach

That’s as far as they would ever reach !


VALUES ( 2015 ) 2015/02/23

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One fact I’ve learned

Respect is earned

The truth is just

And builds our trust

Deceit is cruel

And breaks the rule

A lie is worse

And brings a curse.


COURAGE AND HONOR ( 2015 ) ( in honor of ) 2015/01/02

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We’ve lost a man who knew the way

To help the public every day

So smart and kind and honest too

A man of honor tried and true.

He had the courage to speak out

Without the need to rant and shout

He was well loved with great esteem

Perhaps he’s gone to join God’s team !






WITH GLORY ( 2014 ) 2014/12/16

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I’ve thought about so many things

The way that love grows giant wings

Those heroes who throughout the years

Engaged our minds, dispelled our fears

With all this joy deep in the heart

Which is, we’re sure our truest part.

While all the mess we leave behind

Like so much fuss that is unkind

And all this madness we now know

Fades into silence as we grow

Our glory showing God respect

And faith that we shall not neglect !


SIMPLE JOYS ( 2014 ) 2014/11/08

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I try to keep myself quite occupied

And free from traits of vanity and pride

Preferring to embrace those simple joys

Of loving kindness, happiness and poise !

For in my life this is what I have found

Tis best to keep one’s feet upon the ground

Forsake the envy hiding in each heart

And grateful thank the Lord for His new start !



FORGOTTEN FAITH ( 2014 ) 2014/05/10

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How many hopes have gone astray

And lost their dreams along the way

How many lives have come undone

And lost their values one by one ?

How many ways have we forgot

To do the right and worry not

We are bereft and lost and cold

How will our future world unfold ?

This we have lost and must demand

The law of God and faith of man !


TIME TO CHANGE ( 2013 ) 2013/10/07

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I feel like an empty vessel with contents nearly gone

Who rises to each morning and another chance coupon

To bring purpose to our lives that we can’t afford to waste

Forsaking hollow treasures we have gathered in our haste

As our minds collect false wisdom and store it all away

Into some far crevasse where it can crumble and decay.

Time has come at last to place erudition on the plate

Help to change our sad condition ere it would grow too late

Then begin anew once more face the final challenge here

Giving God His due respect with our gratitude sincere.


EMANCIPATION PART 3 ( 1949 ) 2013/08/22

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They left her on the edge of space

To seek another resting place

Avow that sweet is freedoms cry

Yet truer still than words imply

To careless cast off bonds is wrong

For chains of love to life belong.

When caution seals our tongue in cheek

Some prudence tells that pride is weak

Hours and minutes however lost

With wishing can our strengths exhaust.

Small matter from whose lips it’s heard

I’ll never comprehend this word

For freedom simply means to me

To flee responsibility.



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Seeing in the distance clearly

Future bought on terms too dearly

So dismal are hopes that echo

In some shadow of time ago

To free each lover of this care

While nature may that course impair.

Last remnant of deserted whims

When concert played among her limbs

A loud and far too vibrant call

Descending with unwanted pall

Upon one holy truth denied

That scope and mystic need implied

There dealt a blow that carried dread

As all her aging children fled.


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