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I HAVE NO FEAR ( 2017 ) 2017/07/20

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There is a door, where does it go

The truth is that I do not know

There is a place beyond the stair

I do not care how it got there.

What is it looms behind that door

The one that all are searching for

How will I know what we will share

I have no fear, God will be there !



DO YOUR BEST ( 2017 ) 2017/06/18

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The lonely heart doth patient wait

For those who file past heaven’s gate

There is no cause to cry aloud

For who will hear in such a crowd.

The constant vigil all must wage

Before each earns space on life’s stage

The issue is just do your best

And pray that God supplies the rest !


THIS OR THAT ( 2017 ) 2017/06/03

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There’s often a thought that I have had

That life’s not clearly all good or bad

And sometimes trauma gets in the way

Like visions we’ve had that go astray.

Tis foolish to think we’re of one mind

For this world consists of every kind

The short and tall or the lean and fat

Those who prefer either this or that,

Only time will tell where all this ends

We can be enemies or make friends !



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Be still my heart, I hear your beat

And from my forehead to my feet

The numbness reaches to my toes

Tis strange the way  this feeling grows.

At times my heart seems in my throat

I think that I could almost float

The fear it rises, comes and goes

When will this end, nobody knows.

But God’s here standing by my side

He holds my hand, He is my ride

I know that He is still my strength

However long be my lifes length !



A PRECIOUS GIFT ( 2017 ) 2017/05/22

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A precious gift we each receive

Which all are anxious to believe

A God who’s there to see us through

In all the deeds that we shall do.

We thus are meant to comprehend

That life continues without end

So we must learn that day by day

There is a role that all will play.

Its parts are varied one by one

The task ahead begs to be done

To see  each other as a friend

And pray for peace until the end !




GROWING OLD ( 2017 ) 2017/05/21

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Sometimes I find I cannot speak

My voice grows thin, my limbs are weak

The spirit wanes, my hope grows dim

All I can do is wait for Him !


LISTEN TO HEAR ( 2017 ) 2017/05/16

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We’ve already spent far too much time

With foolish dreams verging on sublime

Tis the moment now to change our ways

Reach out to seek more productive days

For the sand is slipping by too fast

Through an opening in life’s hour glass.

God’s bugle speaks with a mighty sound

It shakes the trees and rattles the ground

The tremors are felt around the world

As heaven’s power to earth is hurled

His day is coming, it’s close and near

Lift up your eyes, then listen to hear !


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