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FUTURES ( 2015 ) 2015/01/31

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I’m not lonely, how can that be

Since there is no one here but me

I am my own good company !

I’m sure the Lord’s forever there

He always answers every prayer

And whisks away life’s dark despair !

I know His love is there to give

To teach each one how to forgive

And help us all our lives to live.

The lessons learned there at His feet

Become the goals we need complete,

Fulfill our hopes and futures greet !


HEREDITY ( 2015 ) 2015/01/30

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In homage to my dear grandpa,

I know his grave’s not off too far

But going back won’t help at all

My memory is still enthralled

I was a girl of twenty-five

When grandpa he just up and died

With wrinkled face and gentle eyes

Too late for us to say goodbyes.

Who ever thought that I’d recall

Those yesteryears when I was small

When I was young I used to sit

On grandpa’s lap and rock a bit.

I can remember that old chair

It sat beside the fireplace there

Like some carved wooden rocking thing

With all the joy those mem’ries bring

And when my children were so small

That rocking chair could hold us all.

My grandpa built that rocking chair

With his own hands and love to spare

Now that was very long ago

The time has flown but this I know

All that I am or hoped to be

Are part of my heredity !








IT’S PERSONAL ( 2015 ) 2015/01/29

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I am that simple grain of sand

Who tempest tossed waits His command

Sometimes I tire, impatient grown

Where is the fruit of seeds I’ve sown ?

How long must I endure this pain

And when may I relief obtain,

So many questions fill my mind

Where is this peace I yearn to find ?

A gentle voice I seem to hear

It whispers softly in my ear

“This God alone can truly know

He will be there whene’er you go !”




MASTER PLAN ( 2015 ) 2015/01/28

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I search about this world I see

And find so much catastrophe

Life travels down this lonely road

That bares an extra heavy load.

We need some help along the way

If we expect to win the day

We need to dig so very deep

If we have dreams we plan to keep.

We’ll brush the cobwebs from our eyes

Increase our efforts, compromise

And do the job we know we can

As part of God’s great master plan !



THOUGHTS TO SHARE ( 2015 ) 2015/01/27

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A misty morn does greet my eyes

The snow capped rooftops seem surprised

White carpet covers everywhere

The streets appear all stark and bare

This bleak facade that I now see

Lies still in ice cold harmony.

A likely thought that comes to mind

As winter winds have grown unkind

It’s time to host a fireside chat

‘Bout pleasant themes or this and that

There cuddled up in some huge chair

With warm and happy thoughts to share !


DIGNITY ( 2015 ) 2015/01/26

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A lonely man with head cast down

I saw him pass with puzzled frown

His shoulders hunched his step was slow

It seems he had nowhere to go.

I wonder what can be his grief

His burden’s great without relief

How weak the old appear to be

Bowed down by our society.

Perhaps if I could make a wish

That with God’s help their pains vanish

I’d pray so hard that they might be

Allowed to keep their dignity !





THE MAGIC SPINS ( 2015 ) 2015/01/25

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Along the shore the seashell hides

It’s tossed about by feckless tides

There polished by the caustic sands

To fit into small childish hands,

And with each one they will dream on

Imagining some marathon

Of voyages across the seas

In their shell crafts upon the breeze.

Oh what a tale adventure spells

And how much joy the journey tells

As children dream while magic spins

Their seashell ride into the winds !


BROKEN WINGS ( 2015 ) 2015/01/24

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I spied a nest there in a tree

It seemed to be a mystery

What migrant pair did flee so fast

To travel cross this land so vast ?

The winter came and stayed awhile

Denying us sun’s warmth and smile

The limbs were bare the wind blew hard

And skirted through each empty yard.

I felt a chill and thought a bit

Of all the creatures born in it

Just how they struggled to survive

And with God’s help most stayed alive !

There is a question piques my mind

While caution should some value find

For in our hearts where truth still rings

One cannot fly with broken wings !





THE PROMISED LAND ( 2015 ) 2015/01/23

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As I see how my life is spent

My prayers rise up, they’re heaven-bent

I speak to God from day to day

And beg Him please to light my way.

Perhaps to lead me by the hand

One day into the Promised Land

These lofty thoughts give rise to fear

What happens if He does not hear ?

I’ll do my best to carry on

He is my hope when all is gone

No matter what, I love Him still

He is my heart, my soul, my will !


THE HOSPITAL ( 2015 ) 2015/01/22

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I’m home at last quite grateful too

And none the worse for black and blue

The odd fact is I’ve had no fear

Reminding me I’m glad I’m here.

When looking back I always find

The nurses are both swift and kind

I’d like to say a true thank you

To docs and staff and workers too !

I do not think that they can know

The miracles that they bestow

Upon the old, disabled too

Thank God they’re here for me and you !


REFLECTION ( 2015 ) 2015/01/21

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The pigeon perched upon my sill

He saw his image in the pane

And for a moment stood quite still

He preened and turned around again.

I wonder if he questioned why

There was a fellow in the glass

And who could be that handsome guy

He didn’t look like second class !

Oh silly bird, what thoughts we keep

I really think you are a dear

You close your eyes, are you asleep

I pray you stay forever near !


SHADES OF GRAY ( 2015 ) 2015/01/20

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The colors of the rainbow bright

They run amuck from dark to light

No shades of gray for us to find

For who of us is color blind ?

The madness of the world about

Has tendencies to rage and shout

They cannot see or do not note

What color to us each connotes.

I’d like to think my world could be

Bathed in true colored harmony !


RULES ( 2015 ) 2015/01/19

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To fill the world with gentle thought

To teach the lessons you’ve been taught

To guide your heart along life’s way

To silence anger and display,

To keep alive your fondest dream

To live with hope and peace redeem

To mix with all and be discreet

To stay your course without defeat,

To love your God, to Him be true

Respect yourself and follow through

Observe the rules to self instruct

Embrace the world with good conduct !



THE FOG ( 2015 ) 2015/01/18

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The foggy harbor’s in despair

Red lights are flashing everywhere

You hear the foghorn’s muffled call

The mist slips in to hide it all.

Seems there’s no space twixt fog and ground

The thickened air swims all around

Tis such a sight with naught to see

Except the fog that covers me !


AGREEMENT ( 2015 )

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My humble heart

Craves a new start

My God heals all

He hears my call.

His grateful child

I’m meek and mild

I stand and wait

At His front gate.

I need to know

He loves me so

I will be here

When He is near !



PROMISE ME ( 2015 ) 2015/01/17

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Blessed Lord Jesus hear my plea

Blessed Lord Jesus watch o’er me

Help me to do the things I must

Help me to live both honest and just.

Grant me strength to follow your way

Grant me peace to value each day

Handle my heart with extra care

Promise me You’ll always be there !



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I hear the Angelus, it rings

Its doleful sound with glory sings

Here from my perch so very high

The mother and her child I spy !

So peaceful in the corner there

Some portion of the garden share

I wish that I might join them too

But it’s too late, quite overdue

The time is past to make amends

I sure would like to be best friends !


CAPACITY ( 2015 ) 2015/01/16

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The lonely night envelopes me

In magic arms I cannot flee

While darkness keeps me company

My thoughts are at capacity !

The silence echoes in my room

Invading its pervasive gloom

That wears the dolour of a tomb

Be gone, thou wicked silent doom !

Though life is never always grim

There are those climes some wallow in

When all we are does fade and dim

Our prayer must be, do not give in !


END OF OUR DREAMS ( 2015 ) 2015/01/15

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Have you wondered where your life has gone

Have you heard the peal of time’s alarm

Resounding loudly in its own way

When days are lost and all gone astray ?

For those of you who remember how

Let us speak with God right here and now

Asking Him in the kindest of ways

To help us through these difficult days.

Tell us again about what we face

When we meet at the end of the race

Help us to understand what it means

As we all reach the end of our dreams !


CITY LIGHTS ( 2015 ) 2015/01/14

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I’m standing by the window here

The city lights so seeming near

The sky above all black and grays

Now changing with the dawn’s first rays.

Her light moves slowly in the skies

Revealing morning’s bright surprise

Another day has come to stay

Don’t worry she’ll soon go away.

The city lights forever are

Like wind and rain and moon and star

These gifts of God from up above

Insuring His eternal love !




ENDEAVOR ( 2015 ) 2015/01/13

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The night has not been kind to me

I cannot wait till dawn I see

The darkness seems to o’erpower me

I feel my faith and courage flee.

The demons charge my aching heart

I need to seek a brand new start

One I may join and take some part

To help the gloom and fear depart.

Today I hope to try once more

I’ll gather strength for my encore

I’ll pick myself up off the floor

I’ll try to open that last door !


ONE BIG KISS ( 2015 )

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The raindrops trickle down the pane

Small rivulets of falling rain

They gather on the window sill

And tremble with a magic trill.

The song they sing is pitter-pat

Sometimes it’s sharp and sometimes flat

It flutters like a fairy’s wings

And to my heart a love song sings.

I’d like to know who thought of this

And give Him one enormous kiss!


CHAPEL BELLS ( 2015 ) 2015/01/12

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The chapel bells ring out so sweet

From here up high above the sound

I see the people in the street

Parishioners all flock around.

Tis Sunday morn and bitter cold

The snow is hard and crunches loud

I see them all both young and old

Laughing hustling in a crowd.

Quite suddenly the quiet falls

The silence seems so full of calm

The chimes o’erhead toll out and call

It is God’s love that is our balm !



NIGHTSWEATS ( 2015 ) 2015/01/11

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The terror of the night draws near

Keep still my heart it may not hear

A drama that each life endured

While hour to hour we are inured.

The smallest sound becomes a threat

We have not found our solace yet

Elusive peace where have you gone

Into the land that lies beyond ?

Say can you tell me what is there

Or will you guess how I shall fare

It matters not for who can know

What lies beyond each new shadow ?


PERFECT DAYS ( 2015 ) 2015/01/10

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The trees are bare their limbs are shorn

The clouds above seem quite forlorn

They slowly drift across the sky

This panoramic view on high !

The chilly air pervades it all

An early night begins to fall

The moon it rises on the wane

Too soon it will be full again !

The shadows length becomes surreal

Encompassing each snowy field

While we take flight into our dreams

Of perfect days and happy schemes !


GRATITUDE ( 2015 ) 2015/01/09

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For all the gifts You’ve given me

My heart will ever grateful be

Much thanks for joys You’ve brought to me

It is all there, the world may see !

I’ll not complain when troubles call

For there are days the rain must fall

I’ll rise above the misty pall

To whisper thanks to God et al.

Sometimes I waken with a fright

And pray I make it through the night

The morning brings its sweet delight

Wings bearing hope now in my sight !



THE NIGHTTIME THIEF ( 2015 ) 2015/01/08

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The sun doth rise the day begins

Who makes the choice of loss and wins

The battle wages on it seems

And opts between nightmares or dreams.

The air is clear it makes no sound

A world of silence circles round

How still it is with bated breath

One listens for the knell of death,

It enters like a nighttime thief

And brings to some welcome relief !



INTENSIVE CARE ( 2015 ) 2015/01/07

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The walls are white, the trim is steel

There is no warmth in what you feel

The sounds are muted and unreal

No clicks are heard from some high heel.

The quiet force moves fast and fleet

Seems this world creeps on slippered feet

The silence fills the void complete

While others will their maker meet !

Who hopes to lie abed in fear

Hear angel voices in their ear

Without some gentle ray of cheer

To know that God draws ever near ?


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