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FUTURES ( 2015 ) 2015/01/31

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I’m not lonely, how can that be

Since there is no one here but me

I am my own good company !

I’m sure the Lord’s forever there

He always answers every prayer

And whisks away life’s dark despair !

I know His love is there to give

To teach each one how to forgive

And help us all our lives to live.

The lessons learned there at His feet

Become the goals we need complete,

Fulfill our hopes and futures greet !


HEREDITY ( 2015 ) 2015/01/30

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In homage to my dear grandpa,

I know his grave’s not off too far

But going back won’t help at all

My memory is still enthralled

I was a girl of twenty-five

When grandpa he just up and died

With wrinkled face and gentle eyes

Too late for us to say goodbyes.

Who ever thought that I’d recall

Those yesteryears when I was small

When I was young I used to sit

On grandpa’s lap and rock a bit.

I can remember that old chair

It sat beside the fireplace there

Like some carved wooden rocking thing

With all the joy those mem’ries bring

And when my children were so small

That rocking chair could hold us all.

My grandpa built that rocking chair

With his own hands and love to spare

Now that was very long ago

The time has flown but this I know

All that I am or hoped to be

Are part of my heredity !








IT’S PERSONAL ( 2015 ) 2015/01/29

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I am that simple grain of sand

Who tempest tossed waits His command

Sometimes I tire, impatient grown

Where is the fruit of seeds I’ve sown ?

How long must I endure this pain

And when may I relief obtain,

So many questions fill my mind

Where is this peace I yearn to find ?

A gentle voice I seem to hear

It whispers softly in my ear

“This God alone can truly know

He will be there whene’er you go !”




MASTER PLAN ( 2015 ) 2015/01/28

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I search about this world I see

And find so much catastrophe

Life travels down this lonely road

That bares an extra heavy load.

We need some help along the way

If we expect to win the day

We need to dig so very deep

If we have dreams we plan to keep.

We’ll brush the cobwebs from our eyes

Increase our efforts, compromise

And do the job we know we can

As part of God’s great master plan !



THOUGHTS TO SHARE ( 2015 ) 2015/01/27

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A misty morn does greet my eyes

The snow capped rooftops seem surprised

White carpet covers everywhere

The streets appear all stark and bare

This bleak facade that I now see

Lies still in ice cold harmony.

A likely thought that comes to mind

As winter winds have grown unkind

It’s time to host a fireside chat

‘Bout pleasant themes or this and that

There cuddled up in some huge chair

With warm and happy thoughts to share !


DIGNITY ( 2015 ) 2015/01/26

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A lonely man with head cast down

I saw him pass with puzzled frown

His shoulders hunched his step was slow

It seems he had nowhere to go.

I wonder what can be his grief

His burden’s great without relief

How weak the old appear to be

Bowed down by our society.

Perhaps if I could make a wish

That with God’s help their pains vanish

I’d pray so hard that they might be

Allowed to keep their dignity !





THE MAGIC SPINS ( 2015 ) 2015/01/25

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Along the shore the seashell hides

It’s tossed about by feckless tides

There polished by the caustic sands

To fit into small childish hands,

And with each one they will dream on

Imagining some marathon

Of voyages across the seas

In their shell crafts upon the breeze.

Oh what a tale adventure spells

And how much joy the journey tells

As children dream while magic spins

Their seashell ride into the winds !


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