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POINTLESS ( 2015 ) 2015/06/30

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We have cried and cried

……….shed a million tears

For those boys that died

……….through all of the years

Now the war’s been won

……….but it makes no mind

While their battle’s done

……….there’s no peace to find !

Here we are again

……….on the edge of space

You remember when

……….we could save our face

Well that is no more

……….there is nothing left

None have kept the score

……….we are all bereft !


1200 MILES AWAY ( 2015 ) 2015/06/29

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I hear the groans from the street below

As awnings crank, tires screech and go

The blare of morning is all around

And crams the air with its frantic sound.

Oh how I miss the silence and peace

That once I knew on a distant beach

But like the mouse in the country bred

I thought I’d try the city instead.

Oh silly goose, what did you not find

You left the calm of your life behind !


I HEARD MY NAME ( 2015 ) 2015/06/28

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A little child called out to me

At least I thought it was my name

I heard the word clear as could be

Though there are many called the same.

I know it seems I reminisce

‘Bout times that were and are no more

When I’d receive a hug and kiss

Before they all stepped out the door.

Strong memories of yesteryear

Still precious, cling within my mind

There is no thought brings greater cheer

That in this world you’ll ever find !


IF I WERE AN ELEPHANT ( 2015 ) 2015/06/27

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I wish I were an elephant

With rugged trunk so long and thick

T’would be my speaking instrument

The trumpet sounds both loud and quick.

I grunt and growl and rumble too

Traveling with the herd for miles

My hooves send messages to you

While trunks curve down for friendly smiles.

I’m told that I am very smart

My memory so ever long

Seems I’ve an extra loving heart

Among all beasts I’m the most strong.

Now I’ve been here since mammoth days

And that is like forever time

By now you should respect my ways

And help me to survive decline !


FIREFLIES ( 2015 ) 2015/06/26

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I can see fireflies they’re all aglow

It’s curtain time for their magic show

Soon the stars up high begin to light

They flicker and dance and shimmer bright.

When I was small and not yet grown tall

I’d play outside by the garden wall

To catch them buzz and flitter about

Quite a happy sight without a doubt.

As I have aged my memory brings

Pictures that pull upon old heartstrings

It’s too late now to remember when

No one can ever go back again !


MY REWARD ( 2015 ) 2015/06/25

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Oh blessed Lord please take my hand

And lead me to the promised land

Help me to leave the pain behind

In this new life that’s mine to find.

The freedoms that await me there

From those who taught me how to care

Are worth the price I need afford

To grant me peace as my reward !


LATECOMER ( 2015 ) 2015/06/24

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As I gaze on assorted flower faces

I’m transported to God’s exotic places

For a world that is crammed with a million dreams

There’s nothing as simple as all truly seems.

While each tiny bud has a life of its own

And breeds healthy seed from genetics unknown,

Can you imagine in a long ago place

Once bloomed some flowers with a daisylike face ?

Or high trellised upon a very tall tree

There clambered up a type of shining ivy

What a happy conclusion and nice surprise

As loving sunflowers did greet each sunrise.

Now I’m sure as I pass through God’s golden gate

There’s lots more to come and I’d hate to be late !


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