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HE RODE AWAY ( 2018 ) 2018/12/11

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Oh how I love those old time songs

Especially when ” she done him wrong “,

” Play it again Sam, just one more time “,

Or maybe a simple  ” Old Lang Syne ” ?

Never unkind or edgy or terse

Those pleasant tunes with their simple verse

True, most of it’s bush league, guaranteed,

As the dark stranger mounted his steed

” I’ll be back ma’am on another day “,

Turned his horse around and rode away !





REAL LIFE IS HARD ( 2018 ) 2018/12/10

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My life moves on, I’m still alive

And plan to think, react and thrive

I’m no fading bud on the vine

Nor am I some sweet valentine !

What e’er I am, there’s no mistake

I’m flexible, I will not break

The power in me comes from my God

Whose taught me this,  real life is hard !


I’VE CRIED AND CRIED ( 2018 ) 2018/12/09

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It’s been awhile since you’ve been gone

I find it hard to carry on

My days are long, the hours unwind

To seek the peace I cannot find.

A part of me has lost its way

The rest seems to have gone astray

I heard those last words that you said

They are imbedded in my head

O’er every word, I’ve cried and cried

My son, for you, I would have died !





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Old winter is around the bend

Not long before the year does end

The weather seems much colder now

Sure it will be alright somehow

We’ll bundle up and drink some cheer

And beg of God a great new year !




HUMAN DIGNITY ( 2018 ) 2018/12/08

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So many words are ever sweet

And rest in bundles at my feet

Syllables echoed on my ear

The sound of which I yearn to hear.

I do enjoy the accolades

Of ages past, forgotten days,

When men of words would have their sway

And you and I might nod “hooray”

For those of old much braver be

To speak for human dignity !



THE RECIPE OF WAR ( 2018 ) 2018/12/07

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There was a war long time ago

In places that we did not know

So many years now in our past

Proof of length that memories last.

Both young and old were forced to fight

Across the globe or out of sight

A war that simply parried on

Left none untouched here or beyond.

Now I am old but can recall

Those shadows cast upon my wall

With forgotten names that I’d known

Redemptions’ chance all but unknown.

Oh, someone should research this tale

Ere soon we shall completely fail !






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The sound of early morning cheer

Weighs lightly on my waiting ear

There is such comfort I receive

From faith in God whom I believe

And all the birds that sing along

Are part of every morning song

I love You Lord, what joy You bring

You are the Best of Everything !


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