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REPEAT SHOW ( 2020 ) 2020/06/18

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I  hear  the  whistle  of  the  train

It  keeps  on  calling  out  my  name

And  sings  to  me  its  lonesome  tune

From  morning’s  rise  till  afternoon.

It  brings  to  me  the  memory

Of  days  gone  by  that  used  to  be

Filled  with  excitement  that  suggests

Times  were  when  we shared  happiness.

The  chance  has  come  and  now  has  gone

For  hooks  to  hang  our  dreams  upon

We’ll  transport  them  where  e’er  we  go

And  pray  there’ll  be  a  repeat  show  !



THANK YOU ( 2020 ) 2020/05/20

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Each day begins with shades of gray

Before sky blue decides to stay

The clouds are neat all in a row

They start to gather, come and go

And fill the heavens with their fluff

We never seem to get enough.

Oh how I wish that I might see

Angels hop-scotching over me

I’d laugh and giggle right out loud

I do believe we’d have a crowd.

But just for now I promise you

I’d offer God a huge ” thank You ” !


ALL I POSSESS ( 2020 ) 2020/05/14

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Oh blessed Lord, accept my plea

Grant me the strength to set me free

Open my eyes that I may see

The love and care You’ve offered me.

I am Your servant meek and mild

Your aged and obedient child

I give to You all I possess

My dreams and hopes, my happiness !


A PERFECT FIT ( 2019 ) 2019/12/10

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I  waken to the  light  outside

It’s  pale and dull,  on the flat side

The  sun’s smile  has been hid away

By clouds above,  some sad and  grey.

Tomorrow  brings a better  chance

Of  love and joy  mixed with romance,

Our  lives are full of  ups and downs

With happy  smiles and  miles of frowns.

Let’s  spice it up,  just  for a bit

Perhaps,   we’ll  find  a perfect  fit !





OUR GOOD FRIEND ( 2019 ) 2019/07/28

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Seems life has been a timeless one

So full of gladness, joy and fun

Along the way there’s been some pain

T’was part of lifetime’s  growth and gain

Oft I’ve  wondered  what it’s about

If I should laugh or cry or shout

It is a choice that we’ve all made

With circumstance let’s pray won’t fade

Now here we are at this road’s end

At last with God who’s our good friend !


A NARRATIVE ( 2019 ) 2019/07/12

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When I was young and words were few

Seems that I knew just what to do

I’d  “ape” the sounds  that I had heard

Turned out that each was but a word.

Soon I was there upon the stage

At rather quite an early age

With words and syllables to speak

Like some enchanted childhood freak.

I never thought  back in those days

That I’d wind up in high school  plays

I learned to sing and tap dance too

With  lessons from  the age of two.

Quite  long  I’d been an only child

Forever  charming and  beguiled

With discipline supplied on call

And kisses shared with every fall.

Today we miss what used to be

Safe childhood and security

Our faith is  great it’s  taught us this

All  lives were  meant to share God’s  bliss !






I THANK YOU ( 2019 ) 2019/05/15

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Oh robin red, in your best suit

You loudly sing and look so cute

I wish I knew how to convey

The joy I’ve felt with you today.

You bring me hope the gloom can’t hide

The warmth I feel for you inside

Your perky song and boldened ways

Bring happiness to all my days !



AN EARFUL OF CHEER (2019) 2019/02/26

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Mocking bird, mocking bird, sing me your song

Help keep me amused through all the day long

Sing me a garrulous tune with your notes

Including for me, your mocking bird quotes,

Love your clear whistle each morning I hear

Wishing me well with an earful of cheer !


COMRADERY ( 2018 ) 2018/06/04

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As I awake to morning’s sound

The dawn’s exploding all around

I hear bees hum and cats meow

The birds all sing while dogs bow-wow.

The noise of traffic fills the air

While beeping horns annoy and blare

The sidewalks soon begin to crowd

Street vendors hawking goods aloud.

Oh what delight each daylight brings,

A joyous heart that hums and sings,

Along with happiness and glee

Contributes to comradery !



FILL THE VOID ( 2018 ) 2018/05/24

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I’ve shared my bit of tragedy

As all the emptiness I see

Became a vital part of me

Impacting my philosophy.

The strength I knew that I possessed

Has helped me triumph over stress

I’ve tried to learn to find success

And fill each space with happiness !


THE WINTER WIND ( 2018 ) 2018/02/19

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The wind comes rustlng through the trees

And whistles wildly mongst the breeze

It echoes up and down the streets

Embracing everyone it meets

The cool night air is muscling in

Tis time to take it on the chin

The Ides of March will soon be here

Lets try to keep our options clear

The winter wind must fade away

Before the spring will come to play !



I LOVE HAPPY ENDINGS ( 2017 ) 2017/11/17

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I do love happy endings, yes I truly do

That is when our dreams really could be coming true

It is the time for joy and happiness replete

The stars begin to shine and all the world seems sweet

I like to work with others, help them feel the same

Try to be realistic, manipulate no game.

Sometimes we cannot help if dreams do go astray

We simply need to pause to cast our fears away

For God will still be there,  He knows how much we care

He feels our deepest pain when no one’s left to share

He helps us to remember what life’s all about

Seeking our happy ending ere time should run out !



TO SAY GOODBYE ( 2017 ) 2017/11/01

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I never thought I’d rue the day

Once that I gave my heart away,

I stored my dreams upon the shelf

With no reserve about myself.

This life I planned of magic theme

Would ne’er become idyllic scheme

It didn’t take too long to see

True happiness is never free

No matter how we try and try

There’s no kind way to say goodbye !



REMAINING FEW ( 2016 ) 2016/11/10

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For all of the joy that the holidays bring

There is this bit reminding us of one thing

That through all the pleasures each season may bear

Sometimes there’s a reason that we daren’t share.

The heart’s just a muscle that rises and falls

Yet treasures the moment and often recalls

Those times that were real, much before used to be

When some had to leave for a new destiny

Wherever they’ve gone, we have bid them adieu

As we must carry on, the remaining few !


HAPPY ENDINGS ( 2015 ) 2015/12/28

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We need to be careful along life’s weary way

So that we do not waste one solitary day

For days are short and lives are somewhat shorter too

Before we are aware our time is overdue

I think that life is so full of varied blendings

Though I prefer to wish for more happy endings !


GOD’S TREASURE ( 2015 ) 2015/04/07

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I can remember days long gone

When we had trails to hike upon

That wound through forests clad in green

Up wooded hillsides by a stream

Along the bend where moss rose grew,

Look up you’ll catch a patch of blue.

Hundreds of trees of every size

Parade before your very eyes

Oh such a sight it was to see

What I would give once more to be

Alive upon those mountainsides

Where bits of God’s true wealth resides !


ONE MORE TIME ( 2014 ) 2014/01/01

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I’ve seen the little children play

Around the park along the way

I’ve heard their jumbled shrieks of glee

While hiding there behind a tree !

They laugh and skip and jump and run

It’s heart warming to see such fun.

Sometimes I feel the strongest yearn

To be a child who can return

I’d put my grownup cares away

Just to be young for one last day !


RECOLLECTION ( 2013 ) 2013/12/13

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Where do all of our memories go

Recalling things we knew long ago

To remember when I was so small

And my world about seemed ever tall.

These remembrances still fill my mind

Days sometimes glad and sometimes unkind

Some days when I felt lost or confused

Others as we laughed and were amused.

Plain and simple joys that used to be

Committed now to each  memory

That won’t be lost and keeps flowering

With its virtues overpowering.


A ROMANCE ( 2013 ) 2013/09/24

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I’d often thought when I was young

Of all the songs that children sung

As in the morn they’d skip to school

And chant about the golden rule.

These songs were full of magic things

And bursting with imaginings,

Like fairy wings, angelic bells

And pirates gold that time foretells !

A scary bit ’bout Halloween

And “little” folk we have not seen

Or frogs that speak and brooms that fly

A dish and spoon that dance on high !

Oh, how much fun childhood has seen

One might pretend to be a queen

And I could wish for one more chance

To meet my prince and find romance !


CONDITIONS ( 2000 ) 2013/07/06

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Happiness is a state of mind and

love a condition of the heart

Without which man is an empty shell

awaiting life’s meaning to start.


HEROES ( 2013 ) 2013/04/21

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There are times the sadness of this life is overbearing

While our days are spent without the hope of ever sharing

Such a painful thought of never truly comprehending

Why and if there is to be a simpler happy ending.

Those cherished values scorned by raving heretics amused

Hold faithful to a code that waits discarded and abused.


These unsung heroes thus having forged our destiny

Awaken from the sleep that took them to eternity

Engaging in a task so powerful it never ceases

Leaving us employed in scooping up the tattered pieces.

Waves of all the talents that marked our yesterdays

By those who earned the right to claim a share of glory’s praise,

“ Fidelity” a word once hopeless lost among the rules

Now challenged by this useless cadre of important fools !


EACH CHRISTMAS ( 1989 ) 2013/02/06

The candles in the window, the frost clings to each bough

The holly climbs the lamppost, the weather’s colder now

Tis time for sweaters, muffs and gloves and season’s merry glee

Yet with each falling snowflake my thoughts drift back to thee.

I hear the Christmas carol they sang that Christmas Day

And all of this it happened to someone far away.

This season brings to many a hope of untold joy

To me it means a memory time refuses to destroy.

I saw you first that Christmas Day and knew it had to be

That I should fall in love with you and you in love with me.

Fate seemed to speak to both of us the selfsame words we heard

I saw the laughter in your eyes my heart held every word.

Though slow to speak as then you were, I waited one long year

My hopes began to crumble as that Christmas time drew near.

This time you did not fail me, my dream at last came true

You loved me my beloved as much as I loved you.


The joy we knew that Christmas will never come again

In vanished in the springtime in the mist and foggy rain.

And so again  each Christmas when the snowflakes gently fall

It’s the time of sweet remember not the parting I recall

And I say to you my darling, wherever you may be

That you think of me at Christmas if you ever think of me.

I should hope that you remember not the springtime and its rain

But the love and tender kindness not the sadness and the pain

Not the years of endless waiting and the promises untold

But the laughter and the happiness that remembering doth hold.



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