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ANGELS ESCAPED ( 2017 ) 2017/07/13

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I’ve walked among  the shadows that cloud our troubled days

And wondered how the angels escaped our human ways !


I SPY ( 2016 ) 2016/09/18

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Here from my window what do I spy

The clouds o’erhead as they float on by

Can it be the wind that makes them fly

Or our Engineer high in the sky ?


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “PERFECT JOY” ( 2013 ) 2013/12/01

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I woke this morning full of joy and love, so much that I was impelled to share and sharing is what I shall now do !  The words in my head were “My mind to me a kingdom is such perfect joy therein I find, as far exceeds all earthly bliss that God or nature hath assigned”, the poet, Sir  Edward Dyer, died 1607.  I must admit that I cannot recall when or where I encountered those words,  as you must know by now, my long life has been blue-collar, middle American soon approaching its close. Mind and heart, both precious gifts from our creator who gifted us with free will to utilize both, either or none !  Such freedom !  Such joy !  Such love !  One month from now will be the 25th year of my confinement to a wheelchair due to a long ago accident however I continue to live alone and unassisted quite happily among my books and dreams.  Walking is exceedingly difficult and a bit painful at best not to mention the snails pace, sometimes worse than others depending upon divers weather factors.  I am ready to turn another page in life’s book and appreciate your tolerance and input.  I can only hope that you find  my thoughts soothing and may be able to help me uncover information about the “Legend” as in Francis Bacon’s “I had rather believe all the fables in the Legend and the Talmud and the Alcoran than that this universal frame is without a mind”.              Sincerely,                                              Claire B.


CAN IT BE ? ( 2013 ) 2013/11/07

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Can it be that I’m a dreamer who fritters life away

And does not have the sense at least to try another way ?

True I don’t have the answer as to what my life should be

But I hope that God approves if I choose humility.


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