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FAITH DEVOUT ( 2020 ) 2020/05/13

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Out of the quiet of the hour

Tis now the time for peace to flower

When angels rest the air turns still

So hope may shine upon yon hill

Thus power rests in present thought

Of all the lessons life has taught.

We need replace man’s lack of love

With kindness shared from God above,

Take heart and dream what life’s about

And learn to live with faith devout !


HELP NEEDED ( 2020 ) 2020/03/20

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Angels  from heaven  are tapping  on my door

I’m  not  upset  cause  I’ve heard  them tap  before

I  comprehend their  job  and  what must be done

I  sure could  use  hands on   with  some help for fun !


I LOVE ANGELS ( 2019 ) 2019/08/21

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I have  met an angel in  my dreams

Who’s more helpful than an angel seems

All shapes and sizes is how they come

Short and tall, while slim or stout are some.

An  angel is a  child  of the Lord

Whose aim is true and of God’s accord

I’d  love an angel for  my best friend

Cause they’ll be there till the very  end !



IN UNISON ( 2019 ) 2019/06/17

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My hearing has become acute

I hear a flutter on the roof

It sounds like angel wings to me

Accompanied  by symphony

Oh ecstasy, how my heart sings

In unison with angels wings !


MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE ( 2019 ) 2019/05/31

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Hallelujah, here they come, angels beating on their drum

Wishing all a happy day,  waiting for the saints  to play

Hear the voices sweetly sing,  every single note a praise

Bringing joy to everyone, let us now our spirits raise !



AN ANGEL’S PROMISE ( 2019 ) 2019/03/05

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The angels up in heaven cry

For all the babies that will die

Ere all their lives have yet begun

In agony as one by one

They feel the thrust of surgeon’s knife

Before the ending of each life.

Our dearest Lord,  have mercy on

These tiny victims that are gone

Help all who’ve suffered from the crimes

To rise again in kinder times

There find the promise of God’s love

And help from angels up above !



GOD’S COMMAND ( 2018 ) 2018/10/14

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The stars that shine across the sky

All glow so bright when passing by

I wonder if God’s angels see

His patterns and diversity  ?

Do angels go to sleep at night

And waken to the morning’s light

Or do they fall asleep at all

While awaiting God’s beck and call  ?

This universe is God’s command

He rules it all with heart in hand !


MOST GRATEFULLY ( 2018 ) 2018/06/02

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Oh how I wish that there might be

An angel watching over me

To keep my life safe from great harm

Or when I err, sound an alarm.

Perhaps an angel on standby

To comfort me if I should cry

Or if the night is extra bold,

Warm hands to shield me from the cold.

Perchance if I wish hard enough

The path ahead won’t be so rough,

Whatever help God offers me

I shall accept most gratefully !



ALMOST EVERYONE ( 2017 ) 2017/11/22

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This world’s full of magic, I feel it every day

Truth, I wouldn’t change it for any other way

Along with all its beauty, courage and elan

Like the great white egret that wades amongst the swan.

Seems to me the angels are watching all the fun

Sharing laughs in heaven with almost  everyone !


ITS OWN CONTENT ( 2017 ) 2017/09/01

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A little cheer, a soft hooray

Let’s all enjoy another day

Be grateful for the sun and air

And all those joys that we may share .

The Lord does bless all of our deeds

And keeps fulfilling present needs

Wherein we fall asleep each night

Sweet dreams of angels speed our flight.

They shadow us where e’er we’re sent

The morrow brings its own content !



ANGELS ESCAPED ( 2017 ) 2017/07/13

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I’ve walked among  the shadows that cloud our troubled days

And wondered how the angels escaped our human ways !


ANGELS FLY ( 2017 ) 2017/06/01

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There is no way one can explain

Why children love to splash in rain

Or why the mud is so much fun

In which to slide upon one’s bun.

There’s no accounting for the joy

That comes to every girl or boy

To screech as loudly as they may

To frighten every bug away.

Or why each babe will play with you

The game grownups call “peekaboo”

And truly I do not know why

They all believe that angels fly !




ON THE SCENE ( 2017 ) 2017/04/30

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I think that I have always been

A child of God who prays to win

The chance to walk above the clouds

Where angels gather into crowds.

I’d roam around and seek to find

A pathway that must surely wind

Along the road up to the gate

Where Jesus’ own disciples wait.

If I should act just like a lamb

And none would notice who I am

Perhaps that might be ever keen

I could be there right on the scene !





RESPECT ( 2017 ) 2017/03/22

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I’ve told you about my teddy bear

And all of the dreams we two did share

We’ve spoken of my Raggedy Ann

You know I was her favorite fan.

While my mom and dad who loved me so

Taught me my manners and how to show

Kindness and love to all that I greet

How to keep my faith and be discreet.

From my nana dear who was so wise

And my grandpop with those laughing eyes

I learned that life might be a great joy

If simple respect we would employ.

For whom in this world devoid of hope

Could manage to win or learn to cope

Without the aid of the God we know

And all the angels  we’ve met below ?




ANGELS SING ( 2017 ) 2017/02/05

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Oh tiny babe so full of grace

You’ve a sweet smile upon your face

Because you’ve heard the angels sing

While you are peaceful and sleeping

They whisper loving words to you

To keep you safe the long night through.

Oh how I wish that I could be

A child just out of infancy

And hear those blessed angels sing

Their praise of God who is their King !





DREAMCATCHER ( 2016 ) 2016/09/13

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I wish that I could gift to you

A dreamcatcher to get you through

The darkest night or scary day

And carry all your fears away.

To bring you quiet through each night

So your nightmares would all take flight

As angels hovered o’er your bed

To leave you peace and love instead !

.       ( SEE – LAKOTA SIOUX )



BE STILL MY HEART ( 2015 ) 2015/10/31

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Be still my heart nay do not speak

The angels know tis whom I seek

The time is come twill be quite soon

Just keep your eye fixed on the moon

And when the color turns to red

It is the time of which it’s said

Our Lord and Savior will return

To cleanse this earth and evil burn

Thus should I die before His task

Remember me is all I ask !


ANGELS ( 2015 ) 2015/05/08

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If wishes had wings I’d rise and fly

Across the wilderness of the sky

To meet with the angels in the air

And follow them home to tarry there.

Now angels appear to be quite strong

I am guessing that their lives are long,

Perhaps thousands of years more or less

A great mystery I must confess.

If I have to wait too long to see

I pray they’ll keep their watch over me !


GOD’S WATCHDOGS ( 2015 ) 2015/04/29

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Sometimes I think I hear the angels sing

Quite like the sound of gentle whispering

I’ve never heard the flutter of their wings

Though it might add to our imaginings !

I do not think I’ll ever get to see

Those angel faces watching over me

There in the shadow of our ecstasy

Where they are veiled in anonimity.

I am prepared to trust they are all here,

God’s helpful watchdogs with their mission clear

To seek and find as each last path appears

The journey follows without mortal fears !


ANGELSONG ( 2014 ) 2014/12/22

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The angels who abide above

Our guardians of peace and love

Wise messengers who keep the watch

They check the list and make a notch.

They are the voices in our ear

And thoughts that wing us happy cheer

I do not think they’re all the same

Who knows if each one has a name.

Do angels come in girl and boy

I’d like to learn what they enjoy

The angels sing they save the day

I pray they never go away !


TO TOUCH THE STARS ( 2014 ) 2014/11/24

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The wind moves gently through the trees

And strums a tune sweet as you please

Some melody the angels sing

When joining in a gathering.

The heart can hear what ears cannot

Remembering what’s been forgot

Sweet memories long lasting are

They reach from earth to touch the stars !


I COULD SHARE ( 2014 ) 2014/10/11

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Have you heard the angels sing

Their voices bear angelic ring

I know their choir is ultrafine

The chills run up and down my spine

I wish that I might join their ranks

So I could share my grateful thanks !



OUTREACH ( 2014 ) 2014/09/21

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It suddenly occurred to me

God’s outreach plan is truly free

Since angels do not charge a fee

While caring for humanity !


FALLEN ANGELS ( 2013 ) 2013/09/15

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I’ve known an angel here and there

They’ve helped me in my deep despair

Some angels did get left behind

Another goal they chose to find.

They fell from grace in record time

Their wings were clipped and edged with grime

Their deeds of good did fade away

Their faces bright turned dull and gray.

I’ve seen a few and touched their wings

But shy away from evil things

God saw their work and turned His face

He would not help those in disgrace.

They lost their good and all their mirth

And fell from heaven to the earth

Their tales of weakness followed here

Too soon they will all disappear !


SWEET ANGELS ( 2013 ) 2013/09/04

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My mom quite often spoke of angels

Blessing us from their holy bethels

As if they’d been her life’s truest friends

Possessing great skills making amends.

Truly she loved their heavenly ways

Frequently singing hymns in their praise

And speaking with God, as I recall

From early rising till even’s fall.

I miss her sweet voice, she loved to sing

Angels can hear her songs echoing !


Just a thought …… 2013/05/17

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Can it be that our dreams

are but the musings of angels

softly whispered whilst we sleep?


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