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DANCING SPRINKLES (2020) 2020/05/27

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See all the shining rooftops glistening

While to these raindrops we are listening

For pitter – patter as they splash their way

Across our window panes so grim and gray.

Tis one more wet and windy springtime rain

That’s come today to visit all again

Oh dancing sprinkles will you help us grow

A harvest crop we can be proud to show ?


CLOUDY DAY ( 2018 ) 2018/10/02

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The day is grim, the sky is gray

I wish the clouds would roll away

They are so dark and ominous

Predicting rain will pour on us

I cannot wait until the sun

Shines once again on everyone !


DID NOAH KNOW ? ( 2018 ) 2018/09/29

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The rain just keeps on pouring down

There’s ne’er a dry spot left in town

The water’s rising at my feet

And flowing wild o’er every street.

The curbs are covered, sidewalks too

What else is there that we can do

Oh, such a mess that’s facing me

I feel as though I’m lost asea.

Please don’t complain about the wet

There’s too much water to forget

I wonder if old Noah knew

That job God gave to him to do ?



TEACH SOME MANNERS ( 2018 ) 2018/05/18

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The dampness seeps inside the glass

And seems to weep along the pane

A labyrinth of life’s morass

Attacking all, again, again.

Oh would that we might rule the path

And currents that control the Main

With the power like our God hath

To teach some manners to the rain !


RAINDROPS ( 2018 ) 2018/02/19

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I see the mist of morning glide

Across the window pane outside

It’s frosty glaze has slipt away

To seek another hideaway

Her tiny pellets drift about

They look to scout some other route

I wonder what each journey finds

As through our lives the raindrops wind !


WHISPER GOODBYE ( 2018 ) 2018/01/15

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How often I have wished that I

Could spread my wings and learn to fly

O’er mountain peaks there rising high

Across the meadows whisking by

The waters stretched to touch the sky

While gravity on earth denies.

Along the ridges wide and dry

Where eaglets nest and flight imply

I hear the mighty oceans sigh

And whisper to  this world goodbye !




PRICE OF LIFE ( 2017 ) 2017/03/02

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Oh how I love to hear the rain

It helps me feel so whole again

And when raindrops splash on my face

I think I could win any race.

I’m sure it’s best when all is mist

You feel as though you’re being kissed

Caressed by unseen angels there

Who show us each how much they care.

The rain is like the precious touch

Of all that’s gone we miss so much

I wish that I might just reach out

To give a hug, a squeeze, a shout,

Most rain reminds me what I’ve lost

My Lord You know the price it cost !





LICK-ET-Y-SPLAT ( 2016 ) 2016/09/21

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I’m trying hard to help explain

About the weather and the rain

It seems that moisture from the sea

Is gathered up to shower me.

Most of the fluffy clouds that float

Above my head, land, sea or moat

Are full of water to the brim

That sometimes splashes o’er the rim.

So when those clouds grow ever dark

And cannot find a thirsty park

They open up where e’er they’re at

And flush their cache lick-et-y-splat !


SYMPHONY ( 2016 ) 2016/04/17

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God’s music plays, I hear the sound

Reverberating all around

The rustling of the varied trees

With branches swaying in the breeze,

While birds o’erhead with fluted tone

Keep warning us this is their zone

The insects add their special hum

That covers the entire spectrum.

The ocean’s rush, the thunder’s clash

The drip, drip with each puddle’s splash

These are the notes that we all hear

God’s symphony sweet on the ear !


KEEP THE BEST ( 2016 ) 2016/02/01

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The rain it falls upon the ground

With rivers rising all around

Tree branches laden bend and moan

The body aches and muscles groan.

Torrential rain makes hearing hard

As flooded steeets and muddy yard

Make navigation extra rough

And keeping dry a task quite tough.

What would we be without the rain

Perhaps some desert near Bahrain

Or great Gobi in China’s west

Let’s all agree to keep the best !


STORMY WEATHER ( 2015 ) 2015/05/10

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I had a dream the other night

And woke from slumber with a fright

The late air whined it seemed to say

A storm is due some time today.

The wind rushed through the limbs of trees

And shuddered quickly in the breeze

The darkened clouds did hesitate

While all about were in a state

There in the gloom one ray of light

Did pierce the sky and caught my sight,

Perhaps the storm may change its mind

Now wouldn’t that be super fine ?


RAINSTORM ( 2013 ) 2013/09/22

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Can you imagine how the wind sounds rushing round the bend

Just as though it’s crashing into crystal waves at the end

Don’t you love the pelting beat as the droplets hit the ground

Mid the crushing band of gusts, winds that echo and resound ?

All the noises nature makes with her choral of display

Leaving remnants on the ground, puddles in which children play.

Thus the season slithers by leaving us with quite a mess

But a treasure gladly found, it’s been fun we must confess !


THE DOVE ( 2013 ) 2013/08/13

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I took a long walk in the rain today

Thanking my God as I trudged on the way

Wet feet and all splattered in falling leaves

Dodging the wind as it blew through the trees

The one thing I found that was a surprise

It lifted my heart brought tears to my eyes

Was a pair of mourning doves side by side

Feeding together as if they were tied

Skipping in tandem like steps of a dance

Across sodden grass to capture my glance

And I thought God knows best how to show love

Even when it’s in the heart of a dove.


RAINFALL ( 1963 ) 2013/04/27

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There are no words to help explain

My God, how I do love the rain.

These feelings that surge deep within

Which from the depths inside begin

Are tonic to my ailing verve

And power grant these gods I serve.

The thought occurs often tragic

That life slips by without magic.

Grubbing bird,  hungry chick rejoice

While mist and I till dawn converse.

I could not live in climate dry

With nought to hide the fears I spy,

Impatient thoughts laced with chagrin

That weigh the scope of origin.


This rain that falls in rhythmic beat

Upon each valley, hill and street

And every other breathing thing

Elate that sweet refreshment bring.

Gone the fit of winter rigor

Greet the sudden rainfall’s vigor

Pause while earth accepts the blessing

Needing drink with grace caressing.

To each and every dying thought

Since man to life has hoping brought,

Neglected aims, now wilted grown

Feel with the rain, excitement known

Shall store away resentment’s girth

Believe that time may force rebirth


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