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DANCING SPRINKLES (2020) 2020/05/27

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See all the shining rooftops glistening

While to these raindrops we are listening

For pitter – patter as they splash their way

Across our window panes so grim and gray.

Tis one more wet and windy springtime rain

That’s come today to visit all again

Oh dancing sprinkles will you help us grow

A harvest crop we can be proud to show ?


TIME IS FLEET ( 2019 ) 2019/07/16

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I  hear the sound of  running  feet

It fills my heart with pride  replete

Midst noise  of children in the  street

And all  their  antics with  each  feat

They’ve  not yet  learned to be  discreet

Reminding  all  how  time is  fleet !


AFT I AM DEAD ( 2019 ) 2019/04/27

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I see the flag, it flies on high

Its standards reaching for the sky

The wind whips round its colors bright

Tis true it is an awesome sight.

There is a chill runs down my spine

Convincing me that we’ll be fine

Quite sure each time I fall asleep

I have these promises to keep.

And if I die before I wake

There is a vow you must not break

Command  my ashes to be spread

Along the shore aft I am dead !









IN HONOR OF ( 2018 ) 2018/09/09

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See our blest flag at half staff flown

Whence seeds of valor there were grown

To honor heroes who have died

For God and man and nation’s pride !




SAVE OUR DREAMS ( 2017 ) 2017/11/08

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There is a place where I can see

This nation’s flag wave over me

The flag it flies with colors bright

It is an oh so wondrous sight

And promises this great surprise

To open every stranger’s eyes

Instilling confidence and pride

With love that wells up deep inside

Old Glory may she ever wave

And all our dreams, help us to save !




AMERICAN PRIDE ( 2017 ) 2017/09/08

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It seems to me this world is strange

From ocean’s edge to mountain range

With valleys lower than the sea

And plains as far as eyes can see.

A land of forests, hills with ruins

Lakes, rivers, streams and desert dunes

A coastline full of coves and bays

With swamps and marshes in a maze,

Mass spectacles of God’s delights

This place of dreams and hope incites

Such passion in her people here

They shall not dare to live in  fear !




GOD’S EXIT DOOR ( 2017 ) 2017/01/11

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We have been friends so many years

We’ve shared the range of joy and fears

We laughed a lot, we also cried

As family and pals have died.

We toughened up and made a choice

We chose to heed the calmer voice

For this scant time we each have left

Perchance to guard against its theft

As all that we’ve been wishing for

May help us reach God’s exit door !


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA ( 2017 ) HALLELUJAH ! 2017/01/07

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EXCUSE ME but that’s my song they’re playing !  This morning at 5:58 AM, I was astounded by a tasteful display of the Star Spangled Banner, a beautiful panorama of Martin Luther King Jr., a montage of war memorials in D.C. and a moment of silence.  All of this on Fox Cable Network News TV as they commenced morning broadcasting.  I almost jolted out of bed however people my age never jolt anywhere at anytime !  I sat, I rose, I appreciated !  Well now here am I sharing this experience with my world at large, no basket over this light !  It’s like a reveille call.  I do not know if it qualifies, but I’m going to enjoy this show and thank the new incoming administration for reviving our waning patriotism !  Perhaps there is the hope that it is catching.  That would be heartening, thank you !  I already feel 10 pounds lighter, how about you ?     Sincerely,         Claire B.


A TOAST ( 2015 ) 2015/07/04

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Here’s to the Statue of Liberty

And to this place called land of the free

Despite the crack in Liberty’s bell,

Honor the tale historians tell

Of Revere and his steed’s late night ride

Through this great land of the Pilgrim’s pride,

To patriots who fought in the wars

And gave their lives for this country’s cause

To the young, the feeble and the old

The quick and dead, the brave and the bold

And to our Lord who resides above

For His constant care, enduring love !


AN AMERICAN ( 2014 ) 2014/07/06

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A lifetime promise I shall keep

To speak with God before I sleep

This vow I took when I was small

The reason now I don’t recall !

It had to do with truth and lies

Seeming foolish and being wise

I can’t be false while pledging true

I’m partial to red, white and blue !

About me here I spy the face

Of many that have earned disgrace

They have small faith in who we are

And won’t enhance our rising star !



FASHION ( 2013 ) 2013/08/27

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When I was a child in a polka dot dress

I’d sashay around all my aunts to impress

When I was a girl in a blue gingham gown

I’d swoop and turn and spin to feel upside-down

When I was a lass in my first going out

I wore that costume with not one single doubt

When I fell in love and was dressed as a bride

I wore that garment with a heart full of pride

Now I’m quite old and my figure’s past showing

I’ve learned this one lesson as I’ve been growing

That God loves me best whatever I’m wearing

It’s all about giving, helping and caring !


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “CAMELOT” ( 2013 ) 2013/08/06

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There are some days that I simply cannot recall without a sprinkling of tears, however of late the occasions are multiplying faster than my tissue supply !  Can you relate at all ?  And these words run through my head in confirmation, “The world is too much with us: late and soon,  Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers:  Little we see in Nature that is ours;” this  compliments of the master, William Wordsworth.  Does anyone find the name suspicious or apropos ?  “Words worth” remembering and we have for ages !  I fault this poet with my adoration of the “misty isles” as it was his “Lines Composed A Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey”. that brought me as a young woman to his country for the first time and has kept me enchanted  for far more than half of my life.  Frankly, Wales sings to me with its moods and passion while England appeals to my sense of being !  Scotland is all strength and courage and the Channel Isles are contentment.  Ireland is a world apart, fantasy and dreams completing the cycle of life.  It is two years now I’m unable to return and memories must do, like the ancient Hebrew wish,  “Next year in Jerusalem”,  as I reach for the kleenex.   What do you think ?


Claire B.



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Do you know the story of Mary Hays McCauley nee Ludwig?  Born 1754, Trenton, NJ, more commonly known as “Molly Pitcher” the heroine of the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse June 28, 1778.  Last time I was there, more than 60 years ago, she was memorialized with a monument, a plaque and the famous cannon she manned when her husband fell !  In the “good old days”, children revered the brave deeds of those who”purchased” our freedom and rights as the youth of today idolize sports figures.  That June day was unusually hot, 100°F, it could be called the “World Series of Battles” as it included all the major players, all the stars of both TEAMS !  Washington, von Steuben, Marquis de Lafayette and Gen. Charles Lee ( who really struck OUT ) for the home team.  With Clinton and Cornwallis battling for the visitors !!  Americans, 12,000 men, British 11,000.  The cannon required water to cool down the barrel after each shot and a ramrod swab out !  Water girls were kept busy carrying water throughout each battle , most were wives.  Almost half of the casualties were due to heat stroke.  In 1822, Molly ( nickname for Mary ) was awarded a lifetime pension for her valor by the Pennsylvania assembly.  The victory at  Monmouth coming after the crossing at Trenton, ended the larger effort to win in the north and resulted in British retreat to the south, after their escape from Sandy Hook, New Jersey.  Molly Pitcher’s Well can still be visited !  How’s that for another homerun for our side ?  P.S. General Lee was court martialed as a coward, his “contract” was not renewed, but you guessed that !


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