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BE ALWAYS THERE ( 2019 ) 2019/03/13

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There is a God, I know He lives

With all the blessings that He gives

He is my Saviour and my Friend

Who’ll stick with me until the end.

I have no fear, He’ll be with me

Until I reach Eternity

I often wonder how He knows

About my fingers and my toes,

My every thought and every deed

My hopes, my dreams and every need

God is the answer to each prayer

I beg You Lord, be always there !




TURN INTO STONE ( 2018 ) 2018/11/13

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I am afraid to take a peek

My heart’s been playing hide and seek

I do not know what I can do

Or when the time to mourn is through !

Tis all I pray, help me think straight

Perhaps, remember if I ate,

But more than that it’s quite extreme

Life has become a vacant dream.

However much the time may take

I beg You  God, give me a break

Teach me to standup on my own

Don’t let my heart turn into stone !



CHARITY ( 2017 ) 2017/03/25

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A little care, a little love

What is it we are dreaming of

A little hope tinged with a smile

Will carry us for quite awhile.

The way is long, the road is steep

We have a rendez-vous to keep

There are those jobs that we must do

With obstacles we need get through.

To aid the lost their strength to find

The weary to seek peace of mind

And help the indigent ensure

A future with their lives secure !


FINAL JUDGEMENT ( 2015 ) 2015/10/01

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I have small fears I must confess

With smaller issues to redress

I’ve reached that time of laissez-faire

The world seems wrapt in dark despair,

But who am I, what can I do

Except to turn my heart to You.

From that high perch up in the sky

I beg our Lord this last reply

All judgement lies in Your domain

Pray let the response be humane !


LOSE MY WAY ( 2015 ) 2015/05/23

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An angel rapped upon my door

And asked what I was waiting for

I answered with a mild restraint,

“To use my words to pictures paint

And beg God’s help to loose my heart

That I may in His world take part

Tis not a simple task,” said I,

“But what I wish ere I should die,

I think about this every day

And do not wish to lose my way,

I am no longer young you see

My faith means everything to me !”


IMAGINE ( 2013 ) 2013/12/10

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The snowflakes flutter to the ground

They do not make a single sound

But rushing down they seem to crowd

Our world with joy more than allowed.

Their swirl of white a veil intense

That covers errors with defense

And makes this place a wond’rous sight

Bedecked in every shade of light

As God envisions all the while

Perhaps the view evokes His smile !


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