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WITH MERCY ( 2020 ) 2020/05/18

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My eyes are full of wonder

My heart so wild with glee

What is this spell I’m under

How does it affect me ?

I’m a child who loves my God

And wishing all I could

That most lives are not that hard

And mercy’s understood !



TO THE LEAST ( 2019 ) 2019/11/03

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All  creatures  lives are full of fear

As  they survive  from year to year

Some lifetimes  that they  share  are cruel

Still  their love  sparkles  like a jewel.

While  all  the legacy  we leave

Are  what we’ve  said or do  believe

The  animals can’t  speak their mind

But  truer love  this world won’t  find.

How  sad that  few may  chance  endure

To  cruelty  there is  no cure

Beg  God  protect each simple beast

From  giant-sized  down to the least !







WHAT IS YOUR GUESS ( 2018 ) 2018/04/16

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At times I’m sure I hear the sound

Of children laughing all around

I hear the patter of their feet

In clitter-clatters from the street.

Oh how I wish that I were there

As joy was rising in the air

Remember how it used to be

When hearts were young and love was free ?

Those days are gone, they won’t come back

Our lives today under attack

Why must we suffer such distress

I do not know, what is your guess ?


EMPTY CANVAS ( 2017 ) 2017/12/18

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Lives are like the canvas all white and clear

That too soon begins to cloud up with fear

Add a hint of ochre as we all grow

With colors God paints into each rainbow

If circles or squares lapse into the breach

May they be beyond lost destinies reach.


As each canvas becomes part of the dream

Of what we’ve reached for or where we have been

Or the brushes get tired or weather worn

Take care we don’t all get tattered or torn !




ANGELS FLY ( 2017 ) 2017/06/01

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There is no way one can explain

Why children love to splash in rain

Or why the mud is so much fun

In which to slide upon one’s bun.

There’s no accounting for the joy

That comes to every girl or boy

To screech as loudly as they may

To frighten every bug away.

Or why each babe will play with you

The game grownups call “peekaboo”

And truly I do not know why

They all believe that angels fly !




HIT OR MISS ( 2017 ) 2017/03/18

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I thought that love had come to stay

One knows true love won’t run away

For you and I were born to be

Two partners through eternity.

I’d always dreamt that this was so

No matter what or where we’d go

Though sometimes I did have a doubt

If this is what all love’s about ?

I tried so hard to stay the course

I didn’t care who was the boss

Since you and I had one intent

That for each other we were meant.

Somehow, somewhere it went astray

While all our hopes did melt away

So much for dreams and plans well made

Like future joys that got mislaid.

I often wondered what went wrong

Was I too weak, were you not strong

After the bliss of that first kiss

Why does love fade to hit or miss ?







PANDORA’S BOX ( 2015 ) 2015/07/21

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The pitter-patter of the rain

Now dancing on my windowpane

Reminds me of that long ago

Forgotten game of tell and show.

Oh what great fun we all had then

I do not think that I was ten

We lived our lives from day to day

Simplicity that was our way.

Depression had not loosed its grip

Our world much like a sinking ship

The war had not yet reached our shore

Though it was gnawing at the door.

And when it came none was prepared

For most believed it wasn’t there

Like all our games of show and tell

In truth it all went straight to hell !


IN THE BEGINNING ( 2014 ) 2014/11/15

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There was a time when man was free

He knew where lay his destiny

The needs were small and simple too

His feelings ran both deep and true !

That empty space now lonely waits

For dreams our hope anticipates

To fill our lives with God’s great joy

Time and patience must needs employ !

What shall we find beyond the bend

Of this long road that has no end

Escape to God’s reality

Reach out for His morality !


CHILDREN ( 2014 ) 2014/07/29

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The tiny child is full of grace

Such sweetness and quite fair of face

This peaceful babe that cuddles so

Does warm the heart with inner glow !

I never thought that I would be

Enchanted by each small baby,

How wonderful that God does show

To all the way our love should grow !



HEAVEN KNOWS ( 2014 ) 2014/06/19

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The little babe with smile so sweet

Whose tiny hands and wiggly feet

Are perfect as they move about

Is pure within and snuggly out !

Imagine what the years may bring

Dreams and hopes are just beginning

But it could take a bit more time

Before each child begins his climb.

Let’s beg that God will be right there

To guide him and to hear his prayer,

Do not forget him as he grows

Life’s hard enough all heaven knows !


LITTLE GIRL ( 2014 ) 2014/04/16

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There is this little girl I know

Who is as sweet as sweet can be

And when her grey eyes smile and glow

She brings great happiness to me.

I need to add she is quite smart

And uses words with charm and grace

She brings much joy to this old heart

Her kindness beams upon her face.

I find her ways are just and true

This gentle child that God has wrought

Her laughter sings and filters through

The wisest lessons we’ve been taught !


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