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REPEAT SHOW ( 2020 ) 2020/06/18

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I  hear  the  whistle  of  the  train

It  keeps  on  calling  out  my  name

And  sings  to  me  its  lonesome  tune

From  morning’s  rise  till  afternoon.

It  brings  to  me  the  memory

Of  days  gone  by  that  used  to  be

Filled  with  excitement  that  suggests

Times  were  when  we shared  happiness.

The  chance  has  come  and  now  has  gone

For  hooks  to  hang  our  dreams  upon

We’ll  transport  them  where  e’er  we  go

And  pray  there’ll  be  a  repeat  show  !



IT’S FUN ( 2020 ) 2020/04/27

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I hear the whistle of the train

Its echo seems to fill my brain

My heart, it races o’er the track

My toes tap out ” clickety – clack ” .

How I do love the chugging sound

As each train covers so much ground

It’ s fun to carry on this race

From town to town and place to place !


I LOVE TRAINS ( 2016 ) 2016/05/20

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I love to travel by the train

Note, I don’t mind if plush or plain

Railroad cars are the finest way

If truly seeking getaway.

There’s much to see along the track

On every side, both front and back

Oh such great joy a trip can be

Each ride filled with frivolity !

Sometimes there’s food, sometimes there’s not

But dining cars sure feed a lot

If on your trip you’re going far

There is an observation car.

It’s so much fun to go by train

I can’t wait to do it again !



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