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NONE ARE FREE ( 2020 ) 2020/06/08

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How  can  it  be,  the  path  is  clear

Why  should  some  acts  instill  deep  fear

What  crisis  now  hinders  our  ways

And  complicates  too many  days ?

Where  is  the peace  that  we  all  seek

To  get  one  through  each  coming  week

Have  we methods  to  gain  redress

Why  can’t  we  live  without  distress ?

It  simply  seems to  query  why

We  must  suffer  ere  we should  die

For  life  was  never meant  to  be

A  paradise  where  none are  free  !


THE SONG OF BIRDS( 2020 ) 2020/05/25

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There is this joy that mornings bring

The song of birds upon the wing

Their voices calling to their kin

An early morning checking in.

They chirp and croon familiar tunes

From breaking dawn through afternoons

Making each creature here belong

Though some are frail yet others strong

How wonderful that God’s so wise

He’s made His Own Bird Paradise !


IT’S MAGIC ( 2020 ) 2020/01/13

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The  earth is full of  rocks and stones

Of  valleys,  caves,   forgotten bones

The  lakes, the oceans  that  astound

Hillsides  and mountains  all around.

The  wind,  the surf,  the morning  breeze

That  ripples  cross  rivers and seas

This  paradise  of God’s  invent

Are  visions of His heaven sent !






TAKE ME WITH YOU ( 2019 ) 2019/11/10

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Oh  blessed Lord,  please hear my plea

And save a  piece  of sky  for me

A  dusky  eve or starlit  night

Perhaps  a rainbow’s  sweet delight.

And  for  your  pleasure,  I will raise

A  song of love  and joyous praise

Come  join me Lord  and hear me  pray

That  you’ll take  me with  you to stay !




FOR YOU AND ME ( 2019 ) 2019/06/20

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I love You Lord, please take my hand

And lead me to the Promised Land

Show me the path to Latter Days

That I may follow in Your ways

Each child that listens soon will hear

God’s loving Message on his ear

Trust in the Lord, He will not fail

The world is His, each hill and vale

Like every thing the eye can see

Is made by Him for you and me !




EDEN LOST ( 2017 ) 2017/01/27

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Does man get lost in hopes that are not fair

While ever wanting to seek paradise,

As trees lift up their arms to God in prayer

Are men then left alone to their device ?

Life has a vast divide existing there

To reach in darkness feeling no alarm

For man’s oft judged by trappings he may wear

And so has learnt how to evade this harm ?

But still in God’s lost idyllic garden

Where fragrant roses will forever bloom

Lie shadows of those soon forgotten

Not unlike whispers in a silent room !



SACRIFICE ( 2016 ) 2016/03/16

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Oh dearest Lord what were you like

When you were but a tiny tyke

And when you played outside your home

Did you get lost or perchance roam ?

What kind of games did you partake,

There were no windows you could break

I’m sure that you were full of vim

What troubles did you make for Him ?

How much your Father loved us all

To sacrifice what would befall

His only Son conceived for men

To dwell in paradise again !


THE WATCHMAN ( 2016 ) 2016/01/27

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This lonely vigil we need keep

Ere we shall find eternal sleep,

God’s watchman waits for deeds to show

In which direction we each go.

And who is he, this chosen guard

Who watches those who’ve worked so hard

To reach the goal God has in mind

That we perchance may heaven find ?



ESCAPADE ( 2015 ) 2015/09/03

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One feels walled in by steel and concrete

While strolling down a large city street

Confined by noise and lack of fresh air

I believe I choose to not be there.

Show me a field whence wilderness grows

It’s sure to be where godliness flows,

Or by a small stream or riverbed

With a gravel path that’s been well tred.

Nature’s replete with sounds loud and clear

The birds and creatures all seem to cheer

There is great joy in God’s wonderland

Hear it sing aloud and sound so grand !


IMAGINATION ( 2014) 2014/12/30

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I wish I were a lily pond

With fronds so large frogs sun upon

Where bees that buzz and zap about

Do forage there to find a spout

Of honey dip where they may sup

Like queens who nip from golden cup.

Or fragile birds who’ll take a sip

And clean themselves or have a dip

Like magic faun who deign to hide

From human eye by waterside,

Oh such sweet paradise is there

Let’s all rejoice and choose to share !


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