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ALL THE GRIEF ( 2020 ) 2020/05/12

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What madness has pursued us here

Instilling each one’s greatest fear

Of life and limb or illness known

That by the air is being sown ?

What must we do to save our world

From all this grief that has been hurled ?


TAKE CARE ( 2020 ) 2020/01/17

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The  breaking dawn  moves  through the trees

Snowflakes  do fly on chilling  breeze

It’s  time to bundle up  today

And  find a place  that’s warm to stay.

The winter winds  are brash and buff

And  all  made of  God’s icy stuff

The  season has  turned rough and cold

As  each day  chances  to grow old.

We  all need keep our  feet quite dry

If  we are hoping  to get by

Each  day does  bare it’s  hoary breath

Take  care,  none dare to challenge death !


WE CANNOT MEND ( 2019 ) 2019/01/28

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Of all our days now passing by

That bring us closer to the end

With standards that our faith apply

To witness and to be a friend,

This is the method each must try

To God above, a message send .

What ere Your will, we shall rely

Upon You Lord, we all depend

For all are Yours and as we cry

Without Your love, we cannot mend !




SPECIAL WORDS ( 2018 ) 2018/01/03

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Sometimes the pain is so intense

I cannot aid my own defense

The only drug I wish to find

Is what’s propelling my own mind.

No complicated opioids

Nor any “cillins”  or steroids

I’m so much stronger than that crap

Who needs to fall into the trap ?

There are some words we all should say,

“Please help us Lord get through this day

Grant us the strength to overcome

The evil that this world’s become!”


CLEAR THE VIEW ( 2017 ) 2017/11/28

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I get so tired of all the pain

How I wish that I could start again

What I’d give to have a chance to be

Someone who lives in a world ache free

But that concept will not fly right now

I need learn to struggle through somehow

While faith in the Lord, a prayer or two

May part the clouds and help clear the view !




TAKE CARE ( 2016 ) 2016/10/12

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There is a chill it’s in the air

From tingling toes to face and hair

And warns that winter’s on the way

But doesn’t say how long she’ll stay.

Oh please old crones that rule the wind

Be kind to those who are thin-skinned

Take care they’re safe from all the cold

Though winter’s force be ever bold !


NOT SIN OR STRIFE ( 2015 ) 2015/10/20

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Once was, I wished that I had wings

So I could fly, discover things

Right now I need to find a way

To help me get through day by day.

Just how it happens, I don’t know

I can’t decide, where do we go ?

I’m sure the Lord is always there

I am convinced that I’m prepared !

I seek His strength to follow through

And do the best that I can do,

The impetus of my whole life

Is love of God not sin or strife !


OVERDUE ( 2015 ) 2015/08/18

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Tis harsh to think that all I’ve done

Returns to me as one by one

Each injured ligament or bone

Calls out to me and not by phone

But loud and clear I hear my name

I’d rather do without this fame.

My body creaks, each inch an ache

Sometimes I think I’m gonna’ break

Oh how I wish that I’d been smart

And taken care to do my part

To keep my body free from harm

Protect my shoulders, back and arms.

I wish I hadn’t fallen down

Thank God I managed not to drown

There is no message I can give

I can’t advise you how to live

Except to tell you this today

For what we’ve done we’re bound to pay !


THE WAY IT IS ( 2014 ) 2014/06/18

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I’d love to skip down to the sea

With salty air caressing me

The shifting sands under my feet

Were soft and warm and wet and sweet !

There was a day when I could run

Along that beach under the sun

Though age and time have had their price

Reclaiming youth would be quite nice !

It’s hard to keep my balance now

I try and try and wonder how

If there’s a way I might restore

My strength to where it was before !

But you and I are realists

We know these acts do not exist

And as our lives are winding down

Let no one dare embrace a frown !


ONE DAY ( 2014 ) 2014/02/05

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As danger raps upon the door

To warn me of times settling score

I face the fact that fate won’t wait

Until a more convenient date.

I chuckle now and make a joke

Why must I go, I don’t feel broke ?

A bit of pain just here and there

I won’t complain, I grin and bear.

But time and I have got a date

I know the rules we can’t be late,

To come the day I’ll close my eyes

And it will be one big surprise !


SAFE ( 2013 ) 2013/04/30

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The dark of night envelopes me in clouds of pain I

cannot bear

Pain that’s like an old companion whose ugly fashion

I won’t wear

Or bow beneath its will to tame me or yoke me

in its wide scope

I’m not a hostage in its grasp who’s doomed

to suffer without hope

I’ll fight the way that God has shown

with prayers of faith that my lips sing

While angel arms save and guard me

and carry me upon their wing.


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