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IT’S FUN ( 2020 ) 2020/04/27

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I hear the whistle of the train

Its echo seems to fill my brain

My heart, it races o’er the track

My toes tap out ” clickety – clack ” .

How I do love the chugging sound

As each train covers so much ground

It’ s fun to carry on this race

From town to town and place to place !


I’LL TAKE A CHANCE ( 2019 ) 2019/10/12

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I  hear the  whistle on  the  track

It  seems to shout,  come back,  come back

But  I have  been  this way  before

Not  once,  but  twice or maybe more

And  cannot bear  the lonesome sound

Of  emptiness  which  I  have found.

My  bags are packed  all set to go

I’m  ready for  another  show

I  do not have a  backup  plan

And  may  become  an ” also  ran ”

God  with Your  help,  I’ll  take a chance

Tis  time to  try  to learn  to dance !


AND WORSHIP GOD ( 2018 ) 2018/05/02

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If I could sail across the waves

Upon the seas and pass the caves

Where stories speak of mystery

Oh, what a sight that one might see !

A world exists outside our mind

Where legend and adventure wind

I’d be a traveler at best

Who roams the oceans without rest.

Oh what adventure that would be

Escaping time’s reality

To follow where the birds dare fly

And worship God in His own sky !


LEGENDS ( 2016 ) 2016/06/08

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Now I have trod thouands of miles

From the Highlands to the low

And wandered o’er its paths and stiles

Threading through the fields that grow.

I’ve hiked so many mountain peaks

And clambered over rough stone

I’m bored by shopping and boutiques

I prefer to trek alone.

It’s ancient times that intrigue me

With stories that I have known,

What’s captured me is history

And the legends it has sown !



TRAVELER ( 1974 ) 2013/02/20

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It’s a hazy colored sky I see,

longing to be home, once more freely

To bathe again in the warm sunlight

and in our horizon  blue delight.

Far borders call as distant shore sings,

“Come fly away on light fairy wings.”

Then scan magic coasts of foreign lands,

enjoy subtle tides with shifting sands,

Share bold sights of untold magnitude,

traverse worlds that dwell in solitude!

Oh, weary traveler, why so pale?

Seek yet other scenes with mount and vale,

Trek many a mile with lonely heart,

to find each end akin to the start.

Yonder we search and hither we go,

floss on the breeze, the winds do us blow.

In our quest for the wisdom we seek,

truths that exist have not power to speak,

When this wayward wanderer needs rest,

remember, home remains still the best.


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