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HONEST AND SURE ( 2020 ) 2020/05/22

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When I am gone the same wind will blow

The sun will shine and the stars will glow

It matters not what the night will do

Since I am gone and can’t be with you.

But you must keep on just as you should

With all of your dreams faithful and good

Remembering me if you so choose

Whether you win or whether you lose.

And if you forget, that’s okay too

The world still moves on, that much is true

I want you to be pleased with your life

Happy in love and minus the strife.

May God bless you and keep you secure

Loving and healthy, honest and sure !


GRATEFUL PRAISE ( 2019 ) 2019/06/05

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I hear a  warbling  in the brush

And to  my heart it  brings a rush

There is no sound that’s  more complete

Than  nature’s voice ever so sweet.

Our  God communicates with us

In every  way a Parent must

And guides us all to  our best days

Let’s show our  gratitude with praise !





TIS THE SEASON ( 2019 ) 2019/05/04

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There is a sound that fills the air

It seems to well from everywhere

And floods the skies with sweet surprise,

Assails the heart with joyous sighs.

Oh, what great hope new seasons bring

Anticipating  everything

The lure and charm of  “everydays”

That daily sing of God in praise,

The warmth and kindness and the love

Now emanates from God above !


THE SNOW SHOW ( 2019 ) 2019/01/30

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This world lies cloaked in veils of white

That floated down all through the night

The morning woke to wond’rous sight

All layered like ice cream delight.

The air so crisp, it filled each room

And chased away old winter’s gloom

Let’s pray the laughter will resume

As happy smiles begin to bloom !




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EXCUSE ME, but for more than 6000  years now, man has been comtemplating the nature of his god with signs, words, pictograms, statues, monuments, theories and various beliefs and practices. And all to no avail !  The mystery is greater today and more confused than ever.  Since no one has yet chanced to return from death to relate any tales of the great beyond, it shall remain a mystery !  However common sense and reason lead us to disregard thoughts of an actual Nirvana or heavenly Eden, eg. Shangri-la.  It may be that what we envision as heaven may be hidden behind the giant curtain of the sky and ethereal in its truest sense !  But who can question that ?  Although many have tried, I dare say many millions through the ages.  Let’s settle on another issue, how to please our God.  The holy books are clear, faith, behavior, deeds and sacrifice !  Considering that this netherworld contains all sorts and ranks of angels plus those who have been chosen to be among the ruling class, you know, the 144,000 saints and elders.  Who does the cooking for this bunch or do they eat at all ?  I’m guessing sex and shopping are on a special no-no list !  My point being, I have wondered why God demands and is pleased by burnt offerings, exotic incense, intensity of prayer, the hallelujahs and Psalms.  Perhaps because this is how the heavenly hosts are enabled to savour the earthly pleasures in their gossamer state.  What better than the voices of many choirs, performers or carolers to evoke both passion and ecstasy in the hearts of those who hear ?  The bible tells us to make a joyful noise unto the Lord.  For now, I intend to follow those instructions !  How about you ?             Sincerely,     Claire B.



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