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HONEST AND SURE ( 2020 ) 2020/05/22

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When I am gone the same wind will blow

The sun will shine and the stars will glow

It matters not what the night will do

Since I am gone and can’t be with you.

But you must keep on just as you should

With all of your dreams faithful and good

Remembering me if you so choose

Whether you win or whether you lose.

And if you forget, that’s okay too

The world still moves on, that much is true

I want you to be pleased with your life

Happy in love and minus the strife.

May God bless you and keep you secure

Loving and healthy, honest and sure !


RELEASE ( 2020 ) 2020/01/25

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I  hear the words  ringing in my ear

So  soft and sweet and quite  full of cheer

A  great big smile  and a happy face

One  heart  full of love  none may  erase

God  bless us all and bring  each one peace

And  from life’s  burdens  help  grant release

We  need  assistance to keep us free

Please  lead us dear Lord  to  liberty !



MEMORIAM ( 2019 ) 2019/12/07

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Oh  life that  was and  is no more

Has  tiptoed softly  out the  door

And  just as  peaceful  laid  to rest

Amidst  the  ages mongst  the best !


WITHOUT YOU ( 2019 ) 2019/10/18

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Oh  how I’ve dreamt that you and I

Would  be together by and by

Somewhere  upon an island near

Or  in some place that’s free of fear.

We’d chat about  our fav’rite things

Like  love and care and angel wings

I  miss your laugh and your bright smile

Though you’ve been gone a long,  long while.

It’s  been a road with ups and downs

Filled  with wise men,  some fools and clowns

I truly don’t  know  what to do

How shall I manage without you !



NO ALARM ( 2019 ) 2019/10/02

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I  have never found myself depressed

Tis  like facing the world  half-dressed

I  have never understood the term

But  I  suppose I will have to learn.

A  foolish thought that I cannot shake

Oh days to come,  please give me a break

I  can’t  imagine time that is lost

As an exception,  what is the cost ?

I  pledge today I  shall do my best

To  laugh and smile  and pass every test

To keep my spirits  pleasant  and charmed

Present  no reason  to be alarmed!





STRONG OF HEART ( 2019 ) 2019/08/30

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My dearest boy  what can I say

Just how I  miss you every day

Your happy laugh,  your  smiling face

Uneven jog and  rapid pace.

Your energy and  constant chat

A lot of this,  a bit of that,

In all  those years I  never knew

A single thing you  could not do.

Your interest  in those about

Made you a student  most devout

I never  saw you  fall apart

So sure of mind  and strong  of heart !


GRATEFUL PRAISE ( 2019 ) 2019/06/05

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I hear a  warbling  in the brush

And to  my heart it  brings a rush

There is no sound that’s  more complete

Than  nature’s voice ever so sweet.

Our  God communicates with us

In every  way a Parent must

And guides us all to  our best days

Let’s show our  gratitude with praise !





TIS THE SEASON ( 2019 ) 2019/05/04

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There is a sound that fills the air

It seems to well from everywhere

And floods the skies with sweet surprise,

Assails the heart with joyous sighs.

Oh, what great hope new seasons bring

Anticipating  everything

The lure and charm of  “everydays”

That daily sing of God in praise,

The warmth and kindness and the love

Now emanates from God above !


GIANT HEART ( 2019 ) 2019/04/13

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Sometimes the world seems upside down

Sure makes it hard to get around

Sometimes we notice small mistakes

Let’s fix it fast before it breaks

Sometimes we find we’re not that smart

But we possess a giant heart !


ANGELS SING ( 2017 ) 2017/02/05

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Oh tiny babe so full of grace

You’ve a sweet smile upon your face

Because you’ve heard the angels sing

While you are peaceful and sleeping

They whisper loving words to you

To keep you safe the long night through.

Oh how I wish that I could be

A child just out of infancy

And hear those blessed angels sing

Their praise of God who is their King !





NO FEAR ( 2016 ) 2016/03/15

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At peace, a child of God am I,

I yearn to see His banner fly

I’ve followed Him along the way

And have not begged a longer stay.

I know that He is always there

Assured He answers every prayer,

He holds my life in His own hand

With Him I’m sure all will be grand

I close my eyes the time draws near

My heart is full I have no fear !




TRUSTING AND FREE ( 2015 ) 2015/03/04

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Little children small and tall

Our dear Lord does love them all

Babies in their tiny beds

With pleasant dreams in their heads.

Laughing tots play in the park

Scooting home before the dark

How I wish that I could be

Much like them trusting and free !


KISS AND TELL ( 2014 ) 2014/03/02

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It appears to me that the times just fly

And so like the wind, seem to pass us by

With a gentle nudge and a fond farewell

Without as much as a brief kiss and tell !

Thus having spent my last remaining days

Safe in the arms of past forgotten ways

Like memories of a familiar place

Or the lost vision of some cherished face.

Soon we arrive at the departure date

The time grows short and the hour’s grown late

We must say our goodbyes without ado

Knowing I have left all my love for you !


MY NANA ( 1945 ) 2013/06/11


I’ve loved you God since I was small

Because my Nana told me so.

I loved you when I grew quite tall

And heard the stories I now know.

Because she said you did it all

With kindness and a loving heart

And meant the world to heed your call

To love each other from the start.

I wish I’d learned how not to stall

I’ve tried to follow where you go

The path is long most seem to fall

I know, my Nana told me so.


REQUITED ( 1957 ) 2013/02/11

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There is so much to tell to you

I know not where to begin now,

Think only thoughts that can be true

For it will be alright somehow,

Some day, somewhere, I’ll come to you,

And we’ll begin where love did end,

Our ebbing love far stronger grew

As tears their strength did power lend.

Until that day once more we’ll meet,

The long and lonely years forgot,

While life shall seem so incomplete,

I beg of you, forget me not.


This deed of horror and outrage

Remember not that I have done,

As time will heal, all pain assuage,

That grief need not your luck forerun.


To you I’ve willed the hidden plague

That suffers man his whole life through,

I loved you more though manner vague,

Possessed of heart unfaltering true.

I cannot say the why of it,

I only know that time won’t fade

This ache which bides with me unfit,

My heart must walk in loveless shade

Until I share once more with you,

And through this dark and dreary cast

That to my dying day I’ll rue

I’ll need you most, forget you last.

The saddest dream, long gone astray

Would that it might be now undone,

These simple words my will convey,

As I loved you, love I your son.


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