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WHERE AM I ? 2020/04/28

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Help me share this moment of fear

Of chaos, of loss with a tear

I’m caught in a net of sadness

Lost in the spin of its madness

Seeming so empty and tragic

Here in the twist of life’s magic !


ALREADY SAILED ( 2017 ) 2017/02/23

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I do believe man’s lost control

And in this life now plays scant role

No matter what he’ll do or say

I do not think he’ll have his way

He’s handed all of our defense

To those who are devoid of sense.

Just look around what do you see

Blank faces lacking industry

They cannot spell or cursive write

They’re neither smart nor oh so bright

It makes me sad since I’m unsure

How can I help us be secure.

Who ever thought there’d come a day

When all our dreams were flushed away

And we are left alone to grieve

For all those joys we shan’t receive

Oh foolish people weak and frail

Too bad that ship’s already sailed !






NOT FLAT ( 2016 ) 2016/04/18

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When  I was young and very green

There was not much that I had seen

But now I’ve had my fill of war

I still don’t know what war is for !

There’s World War Two, Korea and

That long Cold War, plus Vietnam

Do you remember Lebanon

In eighty-two that fatal bomb ?

Next came Grenada, Panama

This all before the first Gulf War

With Kuwait, Iraq then after

Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia.

From Kosovo, Afghanistan

That’s how War Two Iraq began

I cannot tell how we got here

The world is small, so full of fear,

But I”ll keep praying, hoping that

Our round world won’t wind up flat !



FORGOTTEN DREAMS ( 2016 ) 2016/02/19

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There is a path that each must take before life’s walk is done

A lonely trek devoid of light and only trod by one

It’s filled with fear and saddened thoughts or is that how it seems

For who has not cried in the garden of forgotten dreams ?


ROMANY ( 2015 ) 2015/10/02

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There was a time quite long ago

When I was on a trip, you know

I’m sure it was in Ireland

I saw a gypsy caravan.

It filled a field of great expanse

I stared in awe at happenstance

The travelers were busy there

With tables, chairs and kitchenware.

Each one about seemed occupied

Their washlines full of laundry dried

As children and their pets ran free

Some tended horses I could see.

They gathered wood and were intent

Preparing for some big event

I only saw them that one day

When I returned they’d gone away.

I’ve often thought of their abode

And wondered why they chose the road

To have no base to call their home

And for their lives forever roam !


LOVELESS ( 2015 ) 2015/09/28

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A flower in a garden that’s treated like a weed

And gathers no attention nor garners any heed

It soaks up what is left or can wither in the brush

Or bides its time in silence with ne’er a need to rush.

A hardy sort, of course, that will weather every storm

And seizes on each moment that bides without a form

While there among lost shadows of times we never dreamt

Lie memories forsaken, abandoned or unkempt !


FARAWAY ( 2015 ) 2015/04/12

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Long time ago and faraway

I dreamt a dream one special day

That someone real would come my way

And when it happened that we met

Twas such a thrill much like kismet

I felt we were on track and set !

Dreams may not be all that they seem

Perhaps pure fluff with lots of steam

I hoped we were on the same team,

Who knew what changes would be made

Or if some foolish game was played

Sad in the end when dreams just fade !


HOPELESS ( 2013 ) 2013/12/19

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Do you often think

We’re perched on the brink

In a world insane

With values inane

An outcome preset

The most godless yet ?


RECOLLECTION ( 2013 ) 2013/09/06

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When I remember who I used to be

Before the wealth of years had set me free

I dwell upon the days when we were friends

Those glory days before the story ends

Its tender moments that the heart did find

My memories are pieces left behind.


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