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THE APPLE TREE ( 2018 ) 2018/06/15

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Oh goodness me, what do I see

An errant kite caught in the tree ?

What shall we do, too high to reach

How can we span this giant breach ?

When I was young I used to climb

These twisted branches all the time

Amazing that I never fell

Yet still have loads of tales to tell.

Though apple trees can’t grow too tall

In fact they seem to be quite small

The limbs all jumbled in a bunch

There’s scarcely room to nibble lunch

I’ll settle for just bread and cheese

Beneath the fragrant apple trees !



LAMB OF GOD ( 2016 ) 2016/04/13

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Oh little lamb you are so sweet

With wooly coat and nimble feet

You make me smile, oh cuddly beast

Among God’s creatures, not the least.

I’d heard that Mary was a fan

Together you two played and ran

Though I have never had the time

I can remember childhood’s rhyme.

Maybe one day both you and I

Will meet our Lord in passing by,

He has been called the Lamb of God

Perhaps we’ll bide in His backyard !



CHILDHOOD’S END ( 2016 ) 2016/03/20

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Who knows where we’re going or where we’ve been

“Not I”, said the top who began to spin

While the jacks and the ball started to play

The electric clock tried to run away.

As the toys in the playroom danced about

Tin soldiers awoke and started to shout

Oh such fun it was to play let’s pretend

So sorry childhood must come to an end !


SAFE AND FREE ( 2015 ) 2015/09/27

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Do you recall what it was like

When you were but a tiny tyke

And kids would play out in the rain

Barefooted, zooming like a plane ?

Or hopscotch on a city street

With concrete squares beneath your feet,

What’s happened to those days of joy

When children could be girl or boy ?

A game of tag or hide and seek

Just count to ten and do not peek,

Oh how much fun there used to be

When children were kept safe and free !


KEEP SWINGING ( 2015 ) 2015/06/14

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Oh how I wish that I could fling

My cares away while on a swing

I’d pump the air to get a rise

So I could reach up to the skies.

The wind would whistle through my hair

When I was on the way up there

And I could see high over heads

Above the parks and flower beds.

I miss that comfort I once knew

I’d love to swing the whole day through !


SUNDAY MORN ( 2015 ) 2015/05/30

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The air is cool, the smell is sweet

The sound of children from the street

Now rises on the morning breeze

Like waves upon the stormy seas.

The silence reigns just now and then

As shreiking laughter once again

Cuts through the air this peaceful day

With joyous noise while children play !


GROWING UP ( 2015 ) 2015/03/30

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They’ve walked and talked and played a bit

They’ve tossed and lost, made fun of it

As playmates they have shared a game

They ran about and called each name.

For that is what small children do

Beginning to form friendships true

While all the years that pass between

Hold fast as they become a teen.

Their friendships have a special bond

They cling to those of whom they’re fond

They fill the hours of youthful days

In trying out our grownup ways.

God plays a role for they must grow

Into adults who need to know

Because this task is too intense

Who speaks for them in their defense

The problem is in growing up

One needs to drink from every cup !


A WINTER SONG ( 2015 ) 2015/02/14

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Oh little ones do you hear this song

If you know the words, please sing along

Greetings to you on this brand new day

How I wish that we could meet and play !

Do you think the morning sun will show

Or shall we have one more day of snow ?

Perhaps you might add an extra prayer

Please save us from this chill winter air !

We’ll be so grateful to greet the sun

And free at last as we gaily run,

We can stretch our legs and laugh out loud

And savor the joy of springtime’s cloud

If we are lucky the sun will shine

To leave the cold and our cares behind !


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