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I HAVE NO FEAR ( 2018 ) 2018/11/03

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There is a knocking on the gate

Is this the Someone I await

I keep expecting Him to call

The time has flown, tis after fall !

The leaves are gone, impatient they

It seems they too have missed the day

Perhaps another took my place

It’s not such youth I shall embrace.

Oh tell me Sir, why am I here

Unlike the young, I have no fear

But You and I have much to share

Because I know You really care !


OUR REMEMBER WHEN ( 2017 ) 2017/11/25

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Oh Santa Claus, dear Santa Claus

I’m writing to you just because

Christmas is coming round the bend

It’s time to share it with a friend

Though not so simple as it seems

As Christmas nears it fosters dreams.

It is a season to feel young

With Yuletide carols to be sung

It would be nice if we’d return

To days when candles would be burned

When children small were told the tales

Of magic sleighs that had no sails.


The reindeer were believed to fly

Across the reaches of the sky

But let’s pretend a moment more

That elves may work in Santa’s store

It’s true I’ve never seen an elf

Except ceramic on a shelf.

Well never mind, this too shall pass

Like Alice through her looking glass

Until next year, same time, same place

Anticipating your embrace

I pray I’m not too old by then

Forgetting our remember when !






YOU WILL BE THERE ( 2017 ) 2017/07/06

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Of late the days all seem to fly

As leaves of time keep flashing by

There is so little I can grasp

I need a halt to take a gasp.

Sometimes I’m deaf and sometimes blind

I’m never sure what I shall find

How can my life just melt away

Without my having any say ?

I trust You Lord and know You care

That in my pain You will be there !



THE CLARION’S CALL ( 2017 ) 2017/05/31

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We shall not run out of values at stake

That is an action that we will not take

For the facts are what this is all about

Either spoken gently or with a shout,

Only time can tell as each day rolls on

There is this thought that we depend upon.

When the winter’s young and the cold is new

We own the courage to make this come true

That as we age and experience mounts

There is the moment when true wisdom counts.

You may do your best making fools of all,

But who will stand at last clarion’s call ?




NOUGHT TO SAY ( 2017 ) 2017/05/25

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There was a tree that I had seen

Quite lush and large and oh so green

When I was young and not so tall

The tree had barely grown at all.

I’ve watched it age through all the years

Some good, some bad, some full of fears

But always spreading out each limb

As if in thanks offered to Him.

The tree is old, well I am too

If truth be told, we’ve shared a view

Times are long past, we’ve had our day

So like that tree nought left to say !


REPRISE ( 2016 ) 2016/08/17

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I now have dreamt a thousand dreams

Not one of them came true

For they were naught but crazy schemes

And foolishness we knew.

Our dreams are meant to give us hope

Perhaps a brand new chance

No matter what the age or scope

Reprise is our last dance !



THE MESSAGE ( 2016 ) 2016/06/09

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I can’t foretell the story of what each life may hold

Because all are different, some timid, some are bold

We’re sure throughout the years that truth is bound to unfold

Pray we’ll accept this message before we are too old !


FATALITY ( 2016 ) 2016/05/05

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The fog slips in and hugs the ground

The air is still there’s ne’er a sound

I feel the damp inside my bones

My feet can’t grasp the slipp’ry stones.

I sense the chill invade my space

Oh how I need escape this place,

Before my mind grows dim and old

And all I’ve known wanes dread and cold !


To Edward Pavlovich, an old friend who painted

my portrait in 1951,  I remember you ! Thanks !




EXTRA STUFF ( 2016 ) 2016/01/13

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The walls about familiar be

They are a comfort here to me

The air I breathe is full of scents

And gathers round as my defense.

I find the years have winnowed down

The items I now keep around

Perhaps with time we all abuse

The many things we fail to use.

Some dear old friends remain intact

A cherished book that’s eared exact

A box of photos on the shelf

Mementos of my younger self.

Whoever thought I’d live so long

I would declare that they were wrong

Four score and five is time enough

To gather tons of extra stuff !



FIREFLIES ( 2015 ) 2015/06/26

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I can see fireflies they’re all aglow

It’s curtain time for their magic show

Soon the stars up high begin to light

They flicker and dance and shimmer bright.

When I was small and not yet grown tall

I’d play outside by the garden wall

To catch them buzz and flitter about

Quite a happy sight without a doubt.

As I have aged my memory brings

Pictures that pull upon old heartstrings

It’s too late now to remember when

No one can ever go back again !


MOVE ON ( 2015 ) 2015/06/11

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To those days that were and are no more

With youth and beauty flown out the door

To leave us dreaming what used to be

When times were young and our lives carefree.

Oh to relive those elusive days

Where we thrived on love and hope and praise

Since all’s now past, chances diminished

The road is done, we’re almost finished !


LEARN TO SHARE ( 2015 ) 2015/05/16

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When I was young and meek and mild

I knew the manners of a child

But as I grew and aged a bit

My ways improved I learned to fit.

It seems to me that age must share

Abilities of love and care

Yet caution all to patience earn

As one by one each takes a turn !


MALADY OF AGE ( 2015 ) 2015/04/22

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The maladies of age are such

They rend us tender to the touch

How difficult our days become

This is not some great prize we’ve won.

Perhaps tis just we’re wearing out

Old bones begin to creak and shout

As like some aged trees we sight

We hold the dampness of the night.

The cold repelling off our skin

Is like a thief who slithers in

It seems the comfort age requires

Comes with the warmth of old hearth fires !


OUR END ( 2015 ) 2015/04/09

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The morn arrives both bright and new

With fragile hope soon overdue

The day awakes midst tender light

Seems we’ve just bid the world goodnight.

How fleet the time does pass us by

As youth to age will quickly fly

We barely touch what might been

Then wander off into the wind !


GOD’S SURPRISE ( 2014 ) 2014/09/07

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I thought I was alone last night

The sky was still the moon so bright

A fragile silence filled the air

Almost as though someone were there !

Deep in the shadows of my room

I shivered in the subtle gloom

And whispered softly in my prayers

When all else fails I know God cares !

Now as I close my eyes with ease

To slowly sink upon my knees

I’m not quite sure how I shall rise

But when I do tis God’s surprise!


TIME’S LAST RACE ( 2014 ) 2014/06/29

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Can’t find the words to speak of things

Like cats and dogs or queens and kings

Toy sailboats on a bathtub sea,

Or old old friends like you and me.

The words get lost along the way

And syllables have gone astray

As hopes and dreams that we’ve forgot

Are memories that linger not.

The slow process of growing old

When hands and feet and hearts turn cold

Are but the facts we need embrace

Before life’s end and time’s last race !


THE WAY IT IS ( 2014 ) 2014/06/18

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I’d love to skip down to the sea

With salty air caressing me

The shifting sands under my feet

Were soft and warm and wet and sweet !

There was a day when I could run

Along that beach under the sun

Though age and time have had their price

Reclaiming youth would be quite nice !

It’s hard to keep my balance now

I try and try and wonder how

If there’s a way I might restore

My strength to where it was before !

But you and I are realists

We know these acts do not exist

And as our lives are winding down

Let no one dare embrace a frown !


WEARY ( 2013 ) 2013/09/30

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I feel bereft and left alone

My limbs are heavy, made of stone

My strength is gone, I’m lost in space

My mind seems weary, out of pace.

I won’t contend with simple things

I know not what tomorrow brings

I’ve floundered for the umpteenth time

I’m sure my life’s long past it’s prime.

But I will rise above this strife

I need no piper, drum and fife

I often think I’ve lived too long

I’ve had my chance, I’ve sung my song.

The time has come to turn the page

Let other players take the stage

To finish all the plans life made

That they may find their accolade.


GETTING OLD ( 2013 ) 2013/06/11

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As I scurry about my daily plan

Rapidly rushing as fast as I can

A miraculous thing for one so old

It’s a job to warm my bones in the cold.

And if you don’t think that’s a chore itself

With a grunt and a groan, reach for a shelf

When your body’s progressed to this late stage

Folks give you a seat because of your age.


I laugh when I think that’s where I am at

I recall the days when men tipped their hat

Now they raise their hand ’til you cross the way

And wish you a greeting, ” Have a safe day ! ”

Whoever thought that I’d wind up like this

Just an old lady surviving with bliss?


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