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LIFE’S SYMPHONY (2019) 2019/03/01

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I hear the music in my head

With words not always quite as clear

Since I arise from my small bed

All full of love and void of fear.

The world around us is a joy

Its grandeur overwhelms me so

Like all the comforts we employ

With all the treasure God may show.

The length of time and how we knew

However long, His mystery

No matter now what e’er we do

None may escape life’s symphony !



“WHOO” ARE YOU ( 2018 ) 2018/11/10

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The night arrives so swiftly now

The moon too soon will make its bow

Hurrah,  say we, but what is there

Beyond yon tree, a blinking stare ?

Who is it there, who hides from me

Reveal yourself, so I may see

Who thinks to play a game or two

Let’s wait to see if I catch you !

Oh my,  oh my,  you brazen guy

You have escaped into the sky

And left me wishing that I might

Join you one day in magic flight !




AMERICA ( 2016 ) 2016/10/16

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The beauty of this nation that grows and flows and shows

From the heights of all its mountains o’er which our sun glows

To the depth of each valley and green of all the hills

That the heart may surely treasure as part of God’s thrills

Brings to us joyous pleasure with promises untold

Teaching simple lessons how life’s mysteries unfold !



I SPY ( 2016 ) 2016/09/18

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Here from my window what do I spy

The clouds o’erhead as they float on by

Can it be the wind that makes them fly

Or our Engineer high in the sky ?


BLUE SKY ( 2016 ) 2016/09/17

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So many questions I’d like to ask

It truly is a cumbersome task

There’s too many things I need to know

Like trees and plants and flowers that grow

Or fruits and berries, all types of beans,

About life and death and what it means

There’s one more question I’ll put to you

Can you tell me why the sky is blue ?


REALITY ( 2016 ) 2016/06/16

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Repeated for hundreds of years or more amongst ourselves

Are stories of the jinn and little folk, fairies and elves

Reminding us that the mystery of life is just that

Charming and enchanted tales recovered from life’s magic hat

Teaching us morals and lessons of what our lives could be

Without losing attachment to our God’s reality !


A LONELY PATH ( 2016 ) 2016/01/03

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I have walked along a lonely path that leads I know not where

And found myself adrift upon a deserted thoroughfare

I have wandered in the empty fields abandoned by the flock

And trudged the way where bales of hay were stored for the winter’s stock

Now here I am alone at last close to my true destiny

And all I’ve learned and thought about is a mystery to me !


MYSTERY ( 2015 ) 2015/12/28

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Oh Lancelot, dear Lancelot, where is it you have gone

What lost and lonely metaphor may we depend upon

Oh Lancelot, kind Lancelot, please help to make me smile

I would love to be a maiden for just a little while

And when my life is over and my fate has been resolved

I’d rise above the madness with no mystery unsolved !


OLD IMAGES ( 2015 ) 2015/12/11

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There was a stranger that I’d met

I’ve often found hard to forget

A chubby chap with ruddy cheek

Whose laughing eyes through glasses peeked.

His outfit of bright red and white

Somehow escaped true fashion’s height

His wide black belt was extra length

His speech displayed great vocal strength.

I knew we’d met some place before

Perhaps in Macy’s New York store

Now that was long ago I’d bet

Some images you can’t forget !


SHERLOCK OF THE SEA ( 2015 ) 2015/06/04

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When I stroll down beside the sea

The empty shells call out to me

I’ve wondered where their owners are

I know they could not travel far.

Were they the victims of a crime

Perhaps some mollusks from the slime

Or maybe hungry octopi

Reached out to grab them passing by.

Their homes seem to be, oh, so clean

No fingerprints left on the scene

Whatever reasons may be true

I’m glad it wasn’t me or you.

There will be danger in the waves

But who is left to do life saves,

We need a Sherlock of the sea

To solve this deep dark mystery !


ANGELS ( 2015 ) 2015/05/08

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If wishes had wings I’d rise and fly

Across the wilderness of the sky

To meet with the angels in the air

And follow them home to tarry there.

Now angels appear to be quite strong

I am guessing that their lives are long,

Perhaps thousands of years more or less

A great mystery I must confess.

If I have to wait too long to see

I pray they’ll keep their watch over me !


NEXT STOP ( 2014 ) 2014/08/17

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I’m not so sure that I know where

My next stop is till I get there

How will I travel I can’t say

Will it be night or early day ?

Too many questions on my mind

Who has the answers I must find,

How can I seek my destiny

If I don’t know what will it be ?

I seem quite lost and cast adrift

In need of hugs, a smile, a lift,

And question if it’s right for me

To keep chasing life’s long journey ?



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For some strange reason I awoke this AM with the name NORMANDIE in my head and began a mental odyssey of a cold and windy day in February 1942.  It was quite personal because the husband of my old Aunt Rose was the chief engineer of that incredible former French great lady, his name was George Clow. He left his home, his mom and sisters in Glascow, Scotland at age 14 to join the Royal Navy in the 1800’s to see the world ! Which he truly did until he retired at age 75, hash marks on his uniform clear up to his elbows ! He looked quite heroic with a chest full of medals.  His tanned leathery face with laughing green eyes and rugged chiseled profile, mouth full of gold and ivory teeth, cut an impressive figure of a man not quite 5′ 6″, not to mention those colorful tattoos that wiggled !  A lovable pixie was he ! Times he would be gone for 2 years, but oh, the ecstasy as he returned laden with gifts for all, from darkest Africa to the mysterious Orient.  He enthralled us with the tales of his adventures with that heavy Scottish brogue he never did lose.  By the time I was 12 he had traveled the entire world nine times, sending cards from each port including Fiji and the Pitcairn Isles !  It was the 9th day of the month that this noble ship, rechristened  the Lafayette, met her fate, sinking on the 10th, the death of an era and tragedy beyond belief !  We watched that NY harbor blaze from the Heights cliffs above HOBOKEN for hours, believing it was sabotage ! Today I still wonder why no one has ever attempted to tell the whole story of her life and death !  Aren’t you curious ?  I am !      Sincerely,                     Claire B.


QUESTION ( 2014 ) 2014/01/10

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I looked out o’er the rooftops nigh

And spied a shining star on high

It shone so bright the whole night through

And challenged all the lore I knew.

If I had been so ever smart

It might have quelled an anxious heart

But as it is I question why

This star above is in my sky ?

Perhaps the Lord wants us to know

This universe does grow and grow

Thus pose to us this mystery

What else is there for us to see ?


JUDGEMENT ( 2013 ) 2013/04/23

The swiftly graying darkly coursing sky

Does play upon my fickle inner eye

And bares a mystery both stark and bold

That speaks to me of long lost dreams untold.

These dreams I thought had flown so far away.

Yet seeming near, had somehow lost their way.


Some fringed and faded shadows left behind

Shedding aged reflection as they unwind

What had once been I recognised anew

And purpose wrought with aim and course so true.

The passion in my heart that won’t decline

A hungry yearning that I can’t define

The dreaming in my mind that cannot fade

A hard decision that I have not made

The longing in my soul that will not wane

A quest for meaning that I’ve failed to gain.


And there among the past that wastes away

Find sad remains of yet another day

One unknown force that placed the founding stone

Has willed this legacy to us alone.

There in the night with truth possessed and sown

Who by their fruits at last shall they be known.


SHADOW OF THE MIND ( 2005 ) 2013/02/11

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The journey of a sunlight’s ray dancing on the blind

Highlights the vast spectrum of crisis crowding the air

That which the naked eye at each twilight does not find

And never in its search would reason that such were there.

Much mystery, we cannot perceive as it unwinds.

Myriads of flecks emerging from we know not where

One mixed and tossed residue of varied sorts and kinds

That time in all its aspects will neither show nor share.



Somewhere beyond that haze of clouded sky

There thrive these elements that must deny

Man’s conscious drive to aimful lifetime plan

As countless hopes that drift and float and fan.

Seems useless waste within the space of time

That’s known to be the total of man’s prime,

I pause and wonder how my years are spent

Within the shadow of a life well meant.



Six billion other souls must breathe and grow

And labor same as I, yet never know

Why life is played in shadows and in shades,

All memory leaves nought as desire fades

Then move to greet the end as we all must

And join at last that final earthbound dust.


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