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OCCUPATION ( 2018 ) 2018/01/29

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Who hears the sound of running feet

Our world reverberates defeat

While strangers view the failing trend

When will this anger ever end ?

How tired have we all become

With vision clear to only some ?

My passion washes down the drain

Promising no, not e’er again

The silence closes in once more

Too soon our Lord may bar the door !


MAKE WARS CEASE ( 2017 ) 2017/04/11

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I have been taught my whole life long

To love my God and to be strong

To help my neighbors and my friends

To pray for peace and make amends.

Yet still I find the world I see

Is rife with much hostility

The days grow old, deep in morass

When will some of this anger pass ?

In all our lives we find no peace

When will God grant our soul’s release,

I don’t know how to fight the beast

Help us, oh Lord, make wars to cease !






LOSE OUR GOAL ( 2017 ) 2017/04/07

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We are a people born to be free

To cherish peace and sweet liberty

Since we  began in seventy-six,

As we fought and died and took our licks

More than two hundred years in the past

A long time now in this world so vast.

We’ve stuck it out and held on so tight

Through coldest days and in darkest night

We’ve fought off each villain we have met

And what this cost we shall not forget

But now the fight’s for our heart and soul

We cannot afford to lose our goal !


POINTLESS ( 2015 ) 2015/06/30

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We have cried and cried

……….shed a million tears

For those boys that died

……….through all of the years

Now the war’s been won

……….but it makes no mind

While their battle’s done

……….there’s no peace to find !

Here we are again

……….on the edge of space

You remember when

……….we could save our face

Well that is no more

……….there is nothing left

None have kept the score

……….we are all bereft !


SENSELESS ( 2013 ) 2013/11/17

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The winds of war blow harsh and shrill

To pierce the heart with their bone chill

Battles fought without thought or care

While wars are waged by those who’d dare.

Fear that’s wrought upon the living

Small time spent in kindness giving

To save the world and aid the meek

The peace of God has none to speak.

There to some end that one can’t name

They kill the young, the old, the game

Both sides lay dying in the street

Finality which tastes defeat,

The sense of it one cannot see

Oh war, where is thy victory ?


THE LOSER ( 1987 ) 2013/04/25

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You shout that life is not complete

That all you try meets with defeat,

That everytime you stand up tall

Somebody pushes and you fall,

And yet whenever I have said,

“Please  try again.” you shake your head

And vow tomorrow’s not the day

For you to find another way.

I wonder if you had the chance

You’d even take a second glance,

I think the problem’s not that fate

Has passed you by or come too late,

I’m now convinced that you don’t care

About the things we give and share.

It’s why you halt and will not see

You can’t accept that failure’s free.


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