Claire V. Bogdanos


LATECOMER ( 2015 ) 2015/06/24

Filed under: POEMS.....THOUGHTS.....MEMORIES — bogdanosclaire @ 5:21 am
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As I gaze on assorted flower faces

I’m transported to God’s exotic places

For a world that is crammed with a million dreams

There’s nothing as simple as all truly seems.

While each tiny bud has a life of its own

And breeds healthy seed from genetics unknown,

Can you imagine in a long ago place

Once bloomed some flowers with a daisylike face ?

Or high trellised upon a very tall tree

There clambered up a type of shining ivy

What a happy conclusion and nice surprise

As loving sunflowers did greet each sunrise.

Now I’m sure as I pass through God’s golden gate

There’s lots more to come and I’d hate to be late !


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