Claire V. Bogdanos


OUR FRONT DOOR ( 2019 ) 2019/05/03

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The dawn’s slow rolling o’er the hill

The air is tense, silent and still

This scene is quiet, fast asleep

While we’ve this mission we need keep

The world about is tossed amiss

And chaos rules instead of bliss

When will this peace we’re searching for

Arrive at last at our front door ?



MOST UNREAL ( 2018 ) 2018/12/18

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Sometimes I waken in the night

To find there’s no one else in sight

And I am torn to ponder why

The bright lit stars desert the sky

Or why the valleys lose their glow

When meteors do fail to show !

Instead we face a blackened sky

Unveiled before our darkened eye

To note the lonliness we feel

And pray that it is most unreal ?


WITHOUT DELAY ( 2015 ) 2015/06/07

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I saw an owl perched in a tree

“Whoo, whoo “, he seemed to speak to me

Oh, mister owl you look so grave

Is there a way I should behave ?

I’d like to know what I can do

To ease the course of life for you

Or is this world in such distress

You’re here to bring an S – O – S ?

I’d really like to help you out

Leave me a sign or make a shout

If you’ve a message to relay

I’ll speak to God without delay !


GOD’S JUSTICE ( 2014 ) 2014/12/09

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The night is father to the dream

And sanctity to those who scheme

Why is it that it must be so

That in the dark doth evil grow ?

The eyes of God see day and night

Where naught may hide from His keen sight

Thus Adam hid behind the tree

And covered his iniquity

But he was found and paid the price

Hence we have all lost paradise !


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