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PARADISE ( 2019 ) 2019/03/24

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Once was a place called Paradise

It existed longtime ago

We knew it was special and nice

There is this book that told us so.

We often wonder, growing old

If admission there is still free

Or does it take a journey bold

For simple folk like you and me ?

Who knows what is tomorrow’s share

The most we can do is to guess

And beg our Lord to take us there

It’s the key to our happiness !


FAMILY TREE ( 2017 ) 2017/10/18

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In a garden long, long ago

In a special place I don’t know

Lived someone related to me

Long, long ago in history.

Perhaps one day we’ll get to meet

On a corner of heaven’s street

And if we can’t I will not mind

There will be others I shall find

For we are one huge family

And a part of that selfsame tree !



LATECOMER ( 2015 ) 2015/06/24

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As I gaze on assorted flower faces

I’m transported to God’s exotic places

For a world that is crammed with a million dreams

There’s nothing as simple as all truly seems.

While each tiny bud has a life of its own

And breeds healthy seed from genetics unknown,

Can you imagine in a long ago place

Once bloomed some flowers with a daisylike face ?

Or high trellised upon a very tall tree

There clambered up a type of shining ivy

What a happy conclusion and nice surprise

As loving sunflowers did greet each sunrise.

Now I’m sure as I pass through God’s golden gate

There’s lots more to come and I’d hate to be late !


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