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LOFTY THOUGHTS ( 2019 ) 2019/12/04

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Now  I  have climbed  the mountain high

And  struggled there to touch  the sky

I  dreamt of  visions I  had  seen

Somewhere  above and  in between

But  all that  time I  found instead

These  lofty thoughts  lived  in my  head !



GO WITH YOUR HEART ( 2019 ) 2019/10/01

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Long time ago, I remember well

There was a tale the old timers tell

Of a man  who rode this way one day

Just  passing through not meaning to stay

When a shy young beauty he did see

A sweet  image for his fantasy.

Well the story goes, they got on great

While the rest of it was left to fate

The two young folks seemed to fall in love

Quite like the wish each was  dreaming of

Remember when love has a good start

Most times it pays to follow the heart !





BY WAKING TIME ( 2019 ) 2019/02/06

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Oh sandman, sandman what shall we see

In tonight’s sleepy time fantasy

While each evening I prepare for bed

I pray I’ll have pleasant dreams ahead

If  I’m honest I cannot recall

Any of my dreams of old  at all

They seemed to disappear ere came dawn

And by waking time they were all gone !


EYES OF FANTASY ( 2019 ) 2019/01/24

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Oh how I wish that I might spy

A comet streaking cross the sky

Or sight a rainbow shining through

When clouds appear misted with dew.

I want to know which way to go

As evening stars commence their show

Or what it takes to reach the moon

By rocket ship or space balloon.

How wonderful this world would be

If seen  with eyes of fantasy !


PEPPERMINT ( 2018 ) 2018/07/21

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Oh how I wish that I could be

Those candy canes upon each tree

All shiny and so red and white

Delicious tasting, bite by bite.

While peppermint is full of zest

Let’s put each flavor to the test

I’m sure that chocolate is great

For other celebration dates.

Since Christmas comes but once a year

A time of joy, a time of cheer

I’d like to think that you and I

Will share these pleasures by and by !



MERMAID’S DREAM ( 2015 ) 2015/12/20

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I’d like to be a shiny fish in life’s great big sea

I’d splash and swim all around my seaside fantasy

I’d nibble at the feast with tuna or some cod

Who knows, because I might digest scraps that they discard

Oh how much fun it would be to travel in their stream

And realise even I may share a mermaid’s dream !


CELEBRATION ( 2015 ) 2015/12/16

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My thoughts do turn to silly things

Like hugs and kisses and brass rings

Like elephants and tiger eyes

A world chock full of wild surprise

A heart that’s packed with joy and peace

And music that will never cease.

Ballet shoes made of satin white

That keep on dancing through the night,

The love of God and angels sweet

Who choose to walk with unclad feet

Chocolates and marshmallows too

To help our sweetest dreams come true !


ZOMBIES ( 2015 ) 2015/08/01

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I look around what do I see

A world that’s built on fantasy

It’s all about the vampire’s touch

Super heroes, witches and such.

While Spiderman or rich Bruce Wayne

Are concepts both wild and insane

Star Wars, Aliens and Doctor Who

Bewitched, Bedazzled, through and through.

I find my world is quite enough

I’m not yet ready for this stuff

I fear for what may be in store

Seems true, nothing’s real any more !


RUNAWAY ( 2015 ) 2015/07/28

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Oh Cinderella are you still there

Is that you hiding beneath the stair

I’m sorry if your life went awry

I know you’ll give it another try

There’s a lesson I have learned from you

To myself I shall remain true blue.

And when my back is against the wall

I won’t be shy I will make that call

One-eight-hundred fairy A-I-D

Won’t you please come and help set me free

I’ve been a grownup for far too long

It’s time I chose to just tag-along !


CAROUSEL ( 2015 ) 2015/06/17

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Lions and tigers in a row

And when they move where do they go

Into the jungles of the mind

Midst fantasies we yearn to find.

Camels and horses are there too

Waiting faithful for me and you

With rainbowed colors they all wear

In their wild flowing sculpted hair.

Seems right for us to ride away

When organ music pipes to play

As round in circles we must go

Until it’s time for life’s next show !


MERMAIDS ( 2015 ) 2015/04/14

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Have you ever seen a mermaid when you’ve been out to sea

I’m sure that I have not nor anyone that’s known to me

Seems mermaids were a help to men at least a thousand years

There is a place on the Rhine I’ve been told that one appears,

Unlike the Disney creatures who know all the rights from wrongs,

The sailors call them Lorelei they sing enchanted songs.

Like Homer’s Sirens tempted those from Troy who homeward bound

Did flounder on the rocks about on hearing their sweet sound,

I’m sad that I might have to spend another thousand years

To hear a mermaid chant her song into my waiting ears !


LET’S PRETEND ( 2015 ) 2015/03/27

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Flying carpets where have you gone

I need a rug to ride upon

Perhaps a shell like Venus had

Or dolphin’s back, like Alan Ladd.

We should recall those olden days

When fantasy was all the rage

And films and books and fables old

Like fairy tales were stories told.

Today the truth is all we’ve got

Accepting that, I’d rather not

While Ali Baba was his name

Those forty thieves brought him his fame

Arabia was mystic too

I liked it then, well didn’t you ?

Today tis sad, this world to think

It seems we’ve reached the final brink

There’s no time left for let’s pretend

The world we knew has met its end !


THE SNOW FAIRY ( 2015 ) 2015/02/16

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I’d like to think that there might be

A creature known as snow fairy

With streaming silver hair aglow

That blows and flows mid winter snow

And sails the clouds above the wind

Where storms and flurries do begin !

While frost that edges all around

And permeates most of the ground

Can have no mercy till the spring

When warming winds do comfort bring !

I must admit that I’ve not seen

Some cold and heartless icy queen

Clad in her cloak of ermine hue

It is no sight I’m psyched to view !


THE MAGIC SPINS ( 2015 ) 2015/01/25

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Along the shore the seashell hides

It’s tossed about by feckless tides

There polished by the caustic sands

To fit into small childish hands,

And with each one they will dream on

Imagining some marathon

Of voyages across the seas

In their shell crafts upon the breeze.

Oh what a tale adventure spells

And how much joy the journey tells

As children dream while magic spins

Their seashell ride into the winds !


IMAGINATION ( 2014) 2014/12/30

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I wish I were a lily pond

With fronds so large frogs sun upon

Where bees that buzz and zap about

Do forage there to find a spout

Of honey dip where they may sup

Like queens who nip from golden cup.

Or fragile birds who’ll take a sip

And clean themselves or have a dip

Like magic faun who deign to hide

From human eye by waterside,

Oh such sweet paradise is there

Let’s all rejoice and choose to share !


FAIRY TALES ( 2014 ) 2014/12/03

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The trouble with us all I think

Is that we’re standing on the brink

Perched above precariously

Without knowledge of history.

Those stories that we have been told

Are simply that, just tales of old

Sometimes I find myself entranced

With mysticism so enhanced !


Oh how I wish that I’d been there

When Rapunzel let down her hair,

Or hiding in the robber’s cave

Where Ali Baba was a knave.

Now Cinderella had it hard

To clean that house and tend the yard

Or do you think Snow White had worse

With all those dwarfs and witch’s curse ?


Today I find the world’s not changed

Some tales I hear are quite deranged

The problem is we’re told they’re true

What do you think, it’s up to you ?





HEROINE ( 2014 ) 2014/09/09

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Once was I thought that I would be

Some heroine in history

One must be brave and noble too

With sacrifice for quite a few !

It took so long to understand

That life’s not always great or grand

And sometimes it just pays to be

A simple sort with piety !

It’s strange the way dreams disappear

To leave us all quite baffled here

How much more fun if we could be

Included in God’s next story !


IN MY DREAMS ( 2014 ) 2014/06/10

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In the hours before the breaking of dawn

The time when stars take a moment to yawn

Just before the sun rises o’er the hill

The leaves in the trees are ever so still.

It’s the quiet that sighs passing us by

Leaving us wishing we knew how to fly

The clouds in the sky seem to beckon me

Calling my name just as though I were free.

My freedom has strings you know what that means

The one place to fly is left in my dreams !


IRONY ( 2013 ) 2013/10/17

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Oh Romeo, Romeo where have you gone

Seems there’s no love left to wish upon

Romance has fled its fate is unknown

While its  happiness has all but flown.

Does this mean we’ve lost our chance at love

What hope is left to be dreaming of ?

You’ll text and tweet and speak on the phone

Yet after this you’re still home alone

The instant has passed and gone astray

You’ll have to wait for another day.

Would you rather live without surprise

Or find passion deep in someones eyes ?

You really don’t have a choice you’ll see

Finding love appears lost fantasy !


NIRVANA PART 3 ( 1949 ) 2013/08/24

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While chiding thus I know my will

To live and have my life fair full

Man cannot reach the world beyond

Until he’s served his turn here on

And serving still that he may know

What fortune be before he’ll go

To sup upon Olymphia’s heights

And dwell amidst Elysian nights

So be it that untutored man

Shall feast among the days of Pan

There frolic in Calypsos glow

When God alone shall deem it so


NIRVANA PART 2 ( 1949 )

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Light be the reach of the heavens as I strive to touch some eternal place

Let me find the quarters of the gods let me bask in the warmth of their fates

Let me dream of their nectar a sacred ambrosia with delicate taste

Give me leave to pursue the immortal and gaze on their heavenly gates.

Permit me to stroll in their pastures free with hope to entwine in their grace

What I seek is sought after with peace in my heart and a smile on my face.

Life has been far more than full may its cup abound forever in this state

Of pleasure and laughter I need ought more than an occasional taste

To sustain the desire for living in this simple gracious human race,

Thus having dwelt among the gods let me return to outer mortal space

And so resign myself to that one fact which either cannot change nor pace

That life as it exists is for the living there’s not one small bit to waste.


NIRVANA PART 1 ( 1949 )

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Ah that I might fly with the wings of freedom into the light of the sun

Nevermore to return again to the deepest dark of the realm unknown

To fly as with the fleetest wings of an angel untethered and unstrung

Swiftly straight as the line of an arrow with its purpose as deadly clung.

Mild be the wind that wafts me to the end my journey thus over and done

Let there be none to feel the loss or question why once after I’ve begun

Be it done in the silent midst of their slumber far long before their sun

Rises in the shadowed sky to awake the ungodly din which could come

Soon in the wake of my dangerous flight as all regrets and hopes are flung

To the nymphs of the heavens above in the thunder of their cries belong

The tears of the ungodly and the damned the pittance of their grief now gone

To serve another master and seek another world whence to dwell upon.


THE MERMAID ( 2013 ) 2013/08/17

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Innocent mermaid with her seaweed hair

As she suns herself in the salty air

On a spacious rock that hides with the tide

She sings a lilt that wells up from inside

And thinks of her life that will never change

Because the ocean’s the depth of her range,

Poor mermaid at sea with no future dream

A victim of fates impossible scheme.


FANTASY ( 1977 ) 2013/04/28

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I have built myself a fortress not made of mortar and stone

Its windows draped in make- believe, doorposts hung with hope unflown.

I’ll dwell in this castle forever that’s built aside a hill

To blanket those sounds of reality lingering cold and chill.

The walls are painted with laughter as mellow as morning light

And the floors are set with marble in various moods of bright.


I’ve cushioned each lonely settle with pillows that sing out loud

And brought in a bit of heaven that rests above like a cloud,

I’ve garnered inside with flowers to bring the outdoors within

Assured when the winds of time blow bold my sunshine will begin.

Each room has a view of a garden with pine trees ever tall

Shutters to bar the sight of the things I refuse to recall.

I may bide in this place till never, safe from the outside pain

Like a child in storybook fashion who yearns to try again.


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