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MIND YOUR BIZ ! ( 2015 ) 2015/06/18

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Now long ago and faraway

Before the sun came out to play

A little mouse peeked out his hole

And wandered off to take a stroll.

“To see the world before I die”

While asking why, ’twas his reply

His aim, to share with other mice

He brought a bag of pilfered rice.

He traveled far, across the street

In hopes that others he would meet

But on the way with this and that

He ran into an alley cat.

The battle left no great surprise

As mousey met his sad demise

I’d like to think the moral is

Enjoy your home and mind your biz !


A NATION LOST ( 2014 ) 2014/08/26

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If honor lies beyond one’s reach

What are the lessons we need teach

Which qualities should we demand

Of one who sits tall in command ?

How much or little should there be

Of sense and sensibility ?

And if we share the mighty seat

What can we do to void defeat ?

Both truth and courage come to mind

Where is the hero we need find ?


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