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COME DANCE ( 2019 ) 2019/05/27

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Come dance with me, the moon is bright

Stars are alive, a wond’rous sight

The creatures in the meadows sleep

Filled with the sounds of nature deep

The world is ours for ages past

Let’s pray to God that it will last !



SOLO FLIGHT ( 2016 ) 2016/05/04

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There are those days I wish that I

Could clip-on wings and learn to fly

Think how much fun that task would be

To soar across both land and sea.

I’d spread my wings like eagles bold

And head on south in winter’s cold

There would not be a need to pack

I’d wear a knapsack on my back.

That sure might be a funny sight

One old grandma on her first flight !


OR CHEER ( 2016 ) 2016/01/07

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High on the precipice I left my foolish fears

There silent and alone amidst my falling tears

Vowing not to be that sad soul forever more

Training my eye to focus on God’s open door

For He has said to all that we are welcome here

We’re free to come and go, to laugh and cry or cheer !


WITHOUT DELAY ( 2015 ) 2015/06/07

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I saw an owl perched in a tree

“Whoo, whoo “, he seemed to speak to me

Oh, mister owl you look so grave

Is there a way I should behave ?

I’d like to know what I can do

To ease the course of life for you

Or is this world in such distress

You’re here to bring an S – O – S ?

I’d really like to help you out

Leave me a sign or make a shout

If you’ve a message to relay

I’ll speak to God without delay !


OBSERVATION ( 2001 ) 2013/04/18


The fog slips in like a shroud eclipsing the panorama

of the mountain’s sides

Where life is as a winging that must soar above the pall

or suffer all it hides.

Some context of this vast unchartered wilderness which

is the confines of my heart

And breeches o’er those valleys, there within the depths

of ignorance that was my start,

Has brought to me upon its beaten breast a shallow

consciousness of what I am

That whistles on the winds of plains wherein reside both

king of beasts and gentle lamb.


There time itself will bare the seed that lives with joy

or dies alone in discontent

As it fulfills an aim that is the longing of the soul or

of the mind, intent.

To move with space and wander in its bright expanse

beneath the sky where mood began

There, confirming this great world is an elegant cushion

for the footfalls of man

And as such must cradle his intense wish to dream and

hope and love and laugh and cry,

For man without one dream is a garden that never blooms

and does not wonder why.


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