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TO SUCCEED ( 2018 ) 2018/01/14

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There is one joy each day may bring

Your choice to laugh or dance and sing

To smile, enjoy or to correct

Some error made  or to expect

Perhaps a chance to walk with God

And tread the path our forebears trod.

To share a bit of helping hand

Pick up the pieces or expand

Then comprehend the value of

Undaunted courage laced with love

A time to aid when there is need

Or teach another to succeed !





NO REGRETS ( 2017 ) 2017/06/09

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There are some days I still recall

When all my babies were quite small

They laughed a lot and cried some too

Midst pillows, quilts, scissors and glue.

The kitchen floor, their happy place

With lessons and great playing space

It was the classroom served them best

That through the years withstood each test.

I relish now the times we had

When all were young, not yet a lad

So full of hope who could forget

And nothing left to hold regret !




LICK-ET-Y-SPLAT ( 2016 ) 2016/09/21

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I’m trying hard to help explain

About the weather and the rain

It seems that moisture from the sea

Is gathered up to shower me.

Most of the fluffy clouds that float

Above my head, land, sea or moat

Are full of water to the brim

That sometimes splashes o’er the rim.

So when those clouds grow ever dark

And cannot find a thirsty park

They open up where e’er they’re at

And flush their cache lick-et-y-splat !


IF I WERE AN ELEPHANT ( 2015 ) 2015/06/27

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I wish I were an elephant

With rugged trunk so long and thick

T’would be my speaking instrument

The trumpet sounds both loud and quick.

I grunt and growl and rumble too

Traveling with the herd for miles

My hooves send messages to you

While trunks curve down for friendly smiles.

I’m told that I am very smart

My memory so ever long

Seems I’ve an extra loving heart

Among all beasts I’m the most strong.

Now I’ve been here since mammoth days

And that is like forever time

By now you should respect my ways

And help me to survive decline !


THERE’S HOPE ( 2015 ) 2015/06/22

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I hear the voices in my brain

They always chant the same refrain,

“When you fall down get up again”.

I do try hard to close my ears

And banish all my childish fears

One gets so bored of silly tears !

I wish I knew which way to turn

When plans I’ve made get trashed and burn

There’s so much left for me to learn.

I have a long way yet to go

There is a lot that I don’t know

But with God’s help I hope to grow !


FOOTSTEPS ( 2015 ) 2015/05/26

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I sense the world writhes in defeat

As danger lurks on every street

What else is there for us to fear

The day of judgement drawing near ?

Tis now that we must all align

Our actions into God’s design

We’ll use His words to seek the way

And trace His footsteps every day !


GROWING UP ( 2015 ) 2015/03/30

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They’ve walked and talked and played a bit

They’ve tossed and lost, made fun of it

As playmates they have shared a game

They ran about and called each name.

For that is what small children do

Beginning to form friendships true

While all the years that pass between

Hold fast as they become a teen.

Their friendships have a special bond

They cling to those of whom they’re fond

They fill the hours of youthful days

In trying out our grownup ways.

God plays a role for they must grow

Into adults who need to know

Because this task is too intense

Who speaks for them in their defense

The problem is in growing up

One needs to drink from every cup !


LIFE’S LESSONS ( 2014 ) 2014/06/03

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The wind that rushes through the trees

May saunter with the ocean’s breeze

And lift the waves upon the seas

Or flutter flakes before the freeze.

The wings of birds that urgent fly

Across the currents of the sky

May reach so far and aim so high

Suggesting time is rushing by.

The sand that scatters on the beach

Reminds us what is out of reach

Those lessons learned one cannot teach

Pray God will not our faith impeach.


SYMPLISTIC ( 2013 ) 2013/10/02

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I looked out o’er my roof today

And caught the wind and leaves at play

They pranced about in tribal dance

I could not help avert my glance.

A crescent moon hung in the sky

Leftover from sleeptime gone by

There glowing in the early light

Late vestige of the fleeing night.

How strange to note natures reply

That sun and moon can share the sky

Great wonder that this truth may be

Strong lesson for both you and me !



DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA “CHICKEN OR EGG” ( 2013 ) 2013/08/27

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Which came first ?  You’ve heard the rhetorical question a thousand times over the years.  I think the answer is more complex  than it appears !  However it was answered for us many  millennia ago by the recorder of  the book of Genesis in the very first chapter.  One of the secrets of the Bible as a literary work is a “colophon” the signature or mark of the author of a chapter, section or verses.  It is never missing but one must learn to discern each writer’s  grammatical mark of ownership.  I am inclined to believe that we are the generation of the  “feet of clay” spoken of in Daniel,  chapter 2.  My favorite part has to be the handwriting on the wall,  MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN;  thrilling,  TEKEL; PERES;  if I were forced to choose,  Daniel would be my favorite after Ecclesiastes !  I think !  But you can ask me again tomorrow.

Sincerely,                                            Claire B.


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