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OUR FRIENDS ( 2018 ) 2018/07/22

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Here am I wrapt within the tide

Of where all hopes and fears reside

As surging life and death are found

Beneath, above and all around

While time bides with us to the end

And God and angels all befriend !


JUDGEMENT TIME ( 2015 ) 2015/06/16

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The winds of war rage at the gate

And tell us now our time is late

We’ll know no peace until it’s done

For we have reached our kingdom come !


CONCLUSION ( 2013 ) 2013/04/28


Fearful and crushed are those saddened lives

Whose trembling hope pale agony survives

While those I know I cannot change or cure

Must forge their path along some way secure.

I find my life’s been challenged by the lights

And winnowed by the shades of shallow nights

Nights spent alone there wrapt in reverie

Midst lights of wisdom, shades of destiny.

Regarding this I pray my faith’s been sealed

Since many a lost promise has been healed.

While I may grasp this chance of happiness

And conquer all the woes which bar success

I find myself adrift upon a sea

Of senseless waste and hapless energy.


I’m weary of the endless battle now

I long for rest to garner strength somehow

And pray that God will shelter me once more

Ere I shall haste to latch one final door.


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