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DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N.J.,USA (2017 ) REPLAY 2017/05/10

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EXCUSE ME but Pinot Grigio and I shall have to postpone our nightly reunion for a few days as I am once again reluctantly detained on 4 North, guest at my favorite Hoboken University Medical Center A/K/A St. Mary’s ! And there I was, full of self congratulatory expressions that I had made it to Mother’s Day without having a stroke in 2017 !  Hence I’m writing to you from my bed in # 418, minus my wonderful view of the Park and the grounds of Our Lady of Grace to the north, as I am on the opposite side of this wing !  After MRIs, Cathscan, Ultrasound, et cetera, I have a positive attitude that I shall once again return to Rehab, hahaha !  Guess that my actual certificate of Graduation in 2016 ( on parchment ) is no longer valid ?  The face of Hoboken certainly has changed these last few years, wonder what Frank would think of his hometown today ?  Looking forward to posting this ASAP and marveling at the expediency of Wi-Fi .  We all need to take a deep breath and another look to understand and appreciate the wonder of this new world in which we exist, and thank our Lord for His love and tolerance of our human faults. Amen ! Sincerely,    Claire B.



DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA ( 2015 ) GET REAL ! 2015/06/16

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EXCUSE ME but next week will mark the 101st anniversary of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophia’s assassination June 28, 1914, the day the world as we knew it died !  Who thought this long simmering catastrophe had its beginnings in interreligious wars between Muslims and Christians ?  Not I, said the duck !  Not I, said the turkey !  What I find confounding is we have here a situation existing not 100 years but 1300 years of which most of us are not cognizant !  So I ask why ?  Certainly a distinctive lack of coherence and understanding.  What is the problem with the world’s educational system so as to leave at least 7 billion inhabitants in darkness ?  I am beside myself in my frustration and 7 billion pairs of deaf ears, veiled eyes and ignorance doesn’t make me feel any better !  How about you ?  Is all this chaos for nought with total annihilation as the only answer left ?  Who is there to tell the world GET REAL !            Sincerely,                      Claire B.


PREJUDICE ( 1954 ) 2013/02/20

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Little children, tan and white,

Helpless infants, black and brown,

Colored skins, from dark to light,

East to west, both up and down,

God’s small creatures, one and all,

Born without a hint of hate,

As they grow, some short, some tall,

Learn too fast, aware too late.


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