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THE ARCHITECT ( 2014 ) 2014/12/28

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Among those many tales I tell

The ones I love and do most well

Are those that are of all God’s works

To show us genius and its perks.

There is no beauty here on earth

That does not owe Him for its birth

His mind has wrought each fragile bit

He made the plan and pieces fit !

I will not tire of God’s true bliss

With Him it’s never hit or miss

He’ll always win and lead the way

Believe, this world is here to stay!



MAKING DO ( 2014 ) 2014/06/01

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Oh my soul, I have fear my heart will break

Oft life takes a toll or makes some mistake

There must be a path one will seek to find

To help bring some peace and a calm of mind.

In days to come one must learn how to grow

There are hopes and plans one may need to show

Like a garden unkempt choking in weeds

Needing great care and some water and seeds.

It’s a casual thought beginning now

Importance depends on our learning how

To implement life here along the way

No matter how short or long is the stay !


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