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HIS ETERNITY ( 2014 ) 2014/12/04

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Sweet Jesus smiled and took my heart

He gave my life a brand new start

There is no way I shall regret

The truth I’ve learned and won’t forget.

His patience lives forever here

He brings me joy and love and cheer

Each morn I wake and greet the day

I cannot wait my thanks to say !

For life is sweet, but sweeter still

Are dreams of hope time will fulfill

In God’s new world that’s yet to be

A world that brings eternity !


VANISHED ( 2014 )

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No flower sweet by any name

Shall diminish the roses’ fame

Her nest of petals circled round

Wherein the heart of love is found.

While velvet touch upon the cheeks

Doth wilt away when silence speaks

These precious words that do not last

Are gone as blooms must fade and pass,

The joy of early rosebuds’s blush

Will vanish with our breath’s last rush !



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