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I KNEW A MAN ( 2014 ) 2014/12/17

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There was a child born long ago

In time He grew to be a man

He had great qualities you know

He’d help in any way one can.

He never travelled very far

His life was poor and simple then

He rode a donkey not a car

He healed the sick and preached to men.

He turned the water into wine

And spoke to thousands by the sea

He hoped that they would stand in line

To follow Him and baptized be.


His death was truly quite a sight

The trial before the Sadducees,

When on that hill it turned to night

Fulfilling all the prophecies.

He did not live to be so old

He even spent some time in Hell

And to this day His story’s told

His name is called Immanuel !





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There is a world that lives inside

the covers of a book

Where anyone who wants can hide

or peek or sneak a look

For in the world of make-believe

some words can set you free

Where you can stay or take your leave

or learn who you can be !

Now books are truly curious

they teach us many things

Some sad, some glad, some furious

some happiness that sings.

I do believe it would be bad

without a book to read

How could we know if all we’ve had

did fail or did succeed ?






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