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EXCUSE me, is there anyone out there who can remember “Myrt and Marge”, a soap vintage 30’s ? My early days were filled with these incredible programs;  Helen Trent, Our Gal Sunday, When A Girl Marries, David Harum and of course The Shadow !  My dad and I were Shadow trekkies !  Oh, Lamont Cranston AKA the Shadow “knows what evil lurks in the heart of men”.  HaHa, it didn’t take me long to learn that one, I guarantee !  The old wooden Philco with its static and truly lousy reception forced me to learn to fill in the empty spaces and I still do !  I loved my life all those years ago, we were family, we ate together, we sang together, we played together.  We lived together !  Lots of joy not much stuff !  And that antiquated Philco on the side table reminds me of a searing memory of a day too many years past when a familiar voice began, “December 7th, 1941, a day that will live in infamy……..and it still does !           Sincerely,          Claire B.


TO MY READERS ( 2014 )

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To those of you who read my stuff

I’ve no way to thank you enough

It makes me glad to think you care

It’s such a fragile world out there

So filled with loss and grief and pain

I will not come this way again !

Unless of course we have a change,

The present management is strange

I’d like to ask for their recall

Remembering I love you all !




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The children that we leave behind

Aft we are gone away to find

That final place wherein we rest

There wait for those who ace the test

Thus be prepared to take the helm

Into their care within their realm !

We need the young to learn the task

And seek restraint within their grasp

To value faith keep God in mind

With open heart and bias blind

Reach out to those who hunger much

Receive God’s care and gentle touch !


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