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PRECIOUS DAY ( 2020 ) 2020/02/20

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Seems  today’s  life  has its ups  and downs

In  this world  that’s  full of  smiles and frowns

With  its portion of  both  laughs and tears

Enough  to last  us a  dozen  years.

Thus  we come and  go  and only find

The  path we have chosen  will unwind

So  we’ll take our  chances  come what may

And  praise our  Lord  for each precious day !



JOIN A CAUSE ( 2017 ) 2017/10/05

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The morning sun is on its way

To bring us all another day

A chance that God gives each of us

To join a cause more generous !


HIS SELFLESS LOVE ( 2017 ) 2017/08/31

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As dawn awakes across the land

The sun prepares for her grandstand

Her magic glory wiil be seen

As vision fit for king or queen.

The splendor of  day’s beauty bright

Engenders an unending light

For who will know the value of

God’s benefits and selfless love ?



FROM DAY TO DAY ( 2017 ) 2017/08/28

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Now in the distance you can hear

The chapel bells ring loud and clear

The sound it stretches cross the land

Bringing a joy most understand.

With voices raised the choirs sing

Those words of love from God our King

We hear you Lord and will obey

Please keep us safe from day to day !



THE GLORIOUS ( 2017 ) 2017/08/16

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The steeple bells ring loud and clear

Another Sunday morning’s here

Let’s raise our voices in a song

To show our Lord we do belong.

The choir sings its chosen hymn

With words of glory lauding Him

Please, God on high, rejoice with us

That we may share the Glorious !



FRUITION ( 2017 ) 2017/07/17

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I miss the days of glory old

Where history and myth unfold

With repeat tales now long gone by

Of memories that did not die

When we were young and energized

And all our dreams seemed realised  !



NO RETURN ( 2016 ) 2016/09/07

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We can’t go back, there is no way

To what was once our yesterday

When all we wished or hoped to be

Became forgotten memory.

Tis sad to see our former joys

Discarded there like broken toys

That line the cluttered roads we take

O’ershadowed by dreams we forsake.

Worse to believe that this is all

That’s left for us to chance recall

Those glory days which made us great

They’re gone and now it’s just too late !


YOU ARE ( 2015 ) 2015/02/23

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You are the rain that gently falls

The summer breeze that softly calls

The robin high above the eaves

Playing I-see-you in the leaves.

The gull, the wren, the dove, the lark

All creatures moving in the dark

The water rushing rocks and rills

The wide expanse of fields and hills

This world that is Your vast domain

The gift You’ve promised will remain

You are the stars that shine above

You are the object of our love !


WITH GLORY ( 2014 ) 2014/12/16

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I’ve thought about so many things

The way that love grows giant wings

Those heroes who throughout the years

Engaged our minds, dispelled our fears

With all this joy deep in the heart

Which is, we’re sure our truest part.

While all the mess we leave behind

Like so much fuss that is unkind

And all this madness we now know

Fades into silence as we grow

Our glory showing God respect

And faith that we shall not neglect !


IT’S EVERYWHERE ( 2014 ) 2014/11/19

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There’s so much left for us to see

God’s awesome world and majesty

That it would take a thousand years

To see the sights and fill our ears.

With miracles to smell and feel

Both those hidden and those revealed

From alpine heights to desert sand

Please let me take you by the hand !

The hills that rest beside the sea

The valleys wild and rivers free

Vistas that will amaze your sight

And skies that come alive at night,

These are the gifts which we all share

Everyday beauty, it’s everywhere !



DIVERSITY ( 2014 ) 2014/09/01

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The lions dozing in their den

The deer now grazing in the glen

The sheep who feed on meadow grass

And goats who climb each mountain pass,

Those tame or wild, both great and small

They’re God’s creations one and all !

Forests or fields or highland fife,

Grasslands and hills that teem with life

Camels and lizards on desert sands

Coyotes and wolves in frozen lands,

Imagine what this world would be

Without God’s great diversity !




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